“If you score 3 points in the ace’s appearance, you have to keep it.”Director Kim Kyung-moon expressed regret

Hanwha Eagles coach Kim Kyung-moon looked back on the last game (against Lotte on the 28th) ahead of the second game of the three consecutive weekend series against the Lotte Giants of the “2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League” at Sajik Stadium on the 29th.업소알바

Hanwha lost 4-6 against Lotte in the last game. Starting pitcher Jaime Barria was shaken up by allowing eight hits, eight strikeouts, three walks, and four runs in four ⅔ innings. The batters took a 3-0 lead by scoring three runs in the top of the second inning against opponent team starter Aaron Wilkerson, but failed to keep the lead and suffered a come-from-behind defeat.

“In fact, if you score three points in the ace’s appearance, you have to keep this score. As a coach, I have a lot of regrets after losing. Still, rather than continuing to talk about our disappointment, we should think that the opponent did a good job and prepare for the next game,” Kim said.

He had high expectations for Barria, but failed to complete the fifth inning. At the same time, he recorded the most earned runs since his KBO league debut with four earned runs. It was an ace-like pitch. “As a coach, I naturally have high expectations, with Barria throwing six innings. However, a player is a player, not a god. There is something unfortunate, but you have to trust him to throw well in the next game. We have to forget yesterday (on the 28th).”

The Hanwha Eagles was scheduled to play its second game of three consecutive games against the Lotte Giants on Wednesday, but due to cancellation of rain, the team will play its last doubleheader in the first half of the year on Tuesday. The Korean team has chosen Ryan Weiss as the starting pitcher in place of Nam Ji-min, who was scheduled to take the mound on the day. When asked about the starting pitcher for two games of the doubleheader, the team remained silent.

“I will think about that (two double-header games, Nam Ji-min’s start). There are left-handed pitchers who are waiting, and there are many options. I will announce them at the end of the first game. We don’t need to take out our cards quickly because the opponent team is also changing starting pitchers,” Kim said.

Weiss, who was tasked with one game of doubleheader, replaced Ricardo Sanchez, who left due to elbow pain, and wore Hanwha’s uniform as a substitute for six weeks. He made his KBO league debut successfully against the Doosan Bears in Daejeon on the 25th. He is revitalizing Hanwha’s starting lineup by allowing four hits, seven strikeouts, and two walks in six innings.

In contrast, Lotte Giants’ Han Hyun-hee (3 wins, two losses, one hold, and an ERA of 3.86 innings in 42 innings) will replace Park Jin in one game of doubleheader. After suffering ups and downs as a starting pitcher, Han Hyun-hee changed his position to a bullpen pitcher, but due to the team’s recent vacancy in the starting lineup, he will take the heavy responsibility of starting pitcher once again. Lotte also failed to announce its starting pitcher for two games of doubleheader.

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