TITLE: I Will Certainly Offer My Love an Apple (I Provided My Love a Cherry)WRITER: unidentifiedGROUP: Typical, Public Domain NameKEYWORD PHRASES: puzzle, love, presentEARLIEST PUBLISHED OR TAPE-RECORDED RECOMMENDATION:c. 1430 (British Collection, Sloane MS. 2593, "I have a yong suster")

* I Offered My Love an Apple , The Puzzle Tune, and also I Offered My Love a Cherry is a lullaby based upon 2 English people tunes: "Kid Ballad no. 1" (additionally referred to as Riddles Sensibly Clarified), as well as "Kid Ballad no. 46." This lullaby is stated to be created in the 15th century.


The Puzzle SongI Have a Young SisterPerri Merri Rule, Domine

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I Will Certainly Offer My Love an Apple

I'll offer my love an applewithout e'er a coreI'll offer my love a dwellingwithout e'er a door, I'll provide my love a palacewherein she might be, However she might open itwithout any kind of key.How can there be an applewithout e'er a coreHow can there be a dwellingwithout e'er a door, Exactly how can there be a palacewhere she might be, Exactly how can she open itwithout e'er a key.My head is the applewithout e'er a core, My mind is the dwellingwithout e'er a door.My heart is the palacewherein she might beAnd she might open itwithout e'er a key.SOURCES: Roud # 330 as well as 36FolkTune Index: A Comprehensive Overview to the Florence E. Brunnings Collection, Florence E. Brunnings, Garland Posting, Inc., New York City and also London 1981-- Amazon.com BooksCountry Songs Resources: A Biblio-Discography of Readily Videotaped Typical Songs, Guthrie T. Meade, Jr. with Penis Spottswood and also Douglas S. Meade, Southern Folklife Collection, the College of North Carolina at Church Hillside Libraries, NC 2002-- Amazon.com BooksFrank C. Brown Collection of North Carolina Mythology (1952 ), Quantity 2: Individual Ballads from North Carolina. Modified by Henry M Beldin and also Arthur Palmer Hudson. Battle Each Other College Press.SONGBOOKS: People TrackEncyclopedia( Jerry Silverman )Hal Leonard 1975Folk Tunes of Center Tennessee: The George Boswell Collection (Charles K. Wolfe) College of Tennessee Press 1997The Individual Tracks of The United States And Canada( in the English Language )( Alan Lomax) Doubleday as well as Firm 1960-- Amazon.com Books