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I went to the club one evening (one evening)That'& #x 27; s when I saw some buzz(saw some buzz )She looked kinda tossed to me (she looked kinda tossed yeah)She was all up in my grill (my grill)So I revealed her my large daddy steel (huge daddy steel)I'& #x 27; m simply a pet dog, #x & put on 27; t condemn me (a pet dog #x & wear 27; t condemn me yeah) Moving on a Sunday, with the leading downHit that M-L-K, turned up reveal some roundHeaded to a bitch, that I understood from method backShe usage to be slim, today that butt ain'& #x 27; t flatShe claimed Moe-Yo, I didn'& #x 27; t recognize that you rapI remember you vocal singing, back at the JackYates in a Delta 88, scratching platesAll backwards and forwards 2-88 (8-8)I claimed, woman you bear in mind that shitMe, Herms Tooley, maintain it with the striking licksUse to have young boys unwell, we utilize to avoid schoolActing a damn fool, at Marker and also TSUIt make use of to be you, Kiesha, Bridget as well as TaneshaAnd your entire damn crewTell me what it do, are we clubbing tonightMaxo audio Throwed, yeah we thugging tonight, iight
I entered the Gator, leaving the South ParkOn the method to the baby crib, it was practically darkYou recognize a large man, obtained ta enrich in the showerYou currently understand, it took around a hourI leapt out fresh, and also left cleanHit the fo' & #x 27; for eco-friendly, struck the stock for the leanGrabbed my bling bling, Messed up around my neckGrabbed a technology, for them young boys that fell short to respectAnd the ones with the plex, you will certainly obtain your days darkenedSo walk around, as well as see me strike the whole lot without also vehicle parkingOooh-ooh-ooooh-oh-oooooohBrought up on the whole lot, simply rounded off a sweetDropped a warm twenty, valeted the SUVLong line at the club, it'& #x 27; s decreasing they made us backBut the large manager playa, gon pa-pass all thatThat'& #x 27; s when I observed, you as well as your crewScreaming Big Moe, can we be available in with youHell yeah you desire a G, V.I.PThey obtained the entire area, roped off simply for meThat'& #x 27; s when your pals, began eyeballing meLike she was interested, with the Barre BabyOne thang caused the following, it'& #x 27; s a little bit of some sexI understand I satisfied you initially, didn'& #x 27; t mean to disrespectBut me and also child woman, had a chemistryAnd I understand you listened to, of my historyBig Moe pet, ain'& #x 27; t careless with the lawI'& #x 27; m a fan guy, I can offer both of y'& #x 27; all