“I ripped it. Best performance ever.” Why did Hwang Sung-bin bring his Eredia uniform? “I hope you come back soon, after our game.”

Hwang Sung-bin (27) of the Lotte Giants won the Best Performance Award in his first All-Star Game since his debut.

Hwang Sung-bin started as the ninth left fielder of the Dream All-Star in the “2024 Shinhan Bank SOL Bank KBO League” All-Star Game held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 6th and recorded one hit in three at-bats.먹튀검증

Hwang, who had a batting average of 349 (66 hits in 189 at-bats), four homers, 16 RBIs, 57 runs, 34 steals and OPS.883 in 65 games this season, ranked fourth (835,269 fan votes and 52 team votes) in the All Star fan voting and was not selected as an All Star player. However, Guillermo Herredia, one of the best 12 outfielders, was barely selected as a substitute as he failed to play in the All Star game due to injury.

Hwang, who struggled hard to enter the All-Star Game, wowed fans with spectacular performances from his first at-bat. When Hwang returned to the batter’s box with one out in the bottom of the third inning, loud voices rang out that delivery orders were placed at the stadium. Then, a motorcycle was prepared and Hwang dressed as a delivery man appeared in front of the dugout on the first base. Hwang greeted his fans on his motorcycle until his at-bat, and also greeted Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung, who served as the base coach for the first base. Manager Kim Tae-hyung couldn’t hold back his laughter when he saw Hwang’s ceremony.

[OSEN = Incheon, Reporter Choi Kyu-han] The “2024 Shinhan SOL BANK KBO League” All-Star Game was held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the afternoon of the 6th. It is the first time in 16 years that the All-Star Game will be held in Incheon since 2008. Lotte’s Hwang Sung-bin, a one-out All-Star, is happy to land on the first base with a hit in the bottom of the third inning. 2024.07.06 / dreamer@osen.co.kr

Hwang Sung-bin, who faced Nanum All-Star left-hander Kim Young-kyu, hit a ground ball toward the first base, but the ball rolled superbly and pitcher Kim Young-kyu threw to first baseman Austin Dean, but Hwang Sung-bin stepped on the first base first, creating an infield hit. Hwang Sung-bin, who recorded a hit, received loud cheers as he spread the paper reading “Delivery completed” to his fans. Then, on the first base, he made a big motion as if he was stealing, giving fans another laugh.

Hwang’s performance didn’t end there. When Park Se-woong took the mound after the inning, Park made a gesture to ask Hwang to give rosin, and Hwang rushed to the mound with an iron bag reading “fast delivery” to deliver the rosin. Hwang, who showed such a spectacular performance, received the Best Performance award after the All Star game ended. The prize money of 3 million won was awarded.

Hwang Sung-bin said in an interview after the game, “Actually, I was greedy and the fans looked forward to it a lot. I didn’t have enough time, but I prepared hard. I tried not to laugh, but I couldn’t stand it. I just laughed and waved comfortably. At first, I asked the fans if there was a performance they wanted to see in the team’s Instagram post, and I thought this would be the best after consulting with the team’s marketing team. And my younger brother said, “If you’re going to do it now, do it right. Wouldn’t it be better to make it cool and funny than in an awkward way?” so I prepared this.”

On hitting a hit in his first at-bat in the third inning, Hwang said, “I think heaven helped me. I was even a left-handed pitcher. There should be no runner in front of me, and I should get on base, and the opponent should be a left-handed pitcher. Honestly, what are the chances of that? I think I was very lucky. The hit went to the first base so that I could live. I thanked Austin. When I hit the ball, all I had to do was live.”

Regarding the performance of delivering the rosin bag, Hwang said, “I talked to (Park) Se-woong in advance. Since Se-woong said he likes it, he said he will make a gesture to ask for the rosin bag before entering the Play Bowl. I prepared an iron bag and asked him to write “express delivery” in red. That’s how I delivered it.”

[OSEN = Incheon, Reporter Ji Hyung-joon] The “2024 Shinhan SOL BANK KBO League” All-Star Game was held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the afternoon of the 6th. It is the first time in 16 years that the professional baseball All-Star Game will be held in Incheon since 2008.

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