“I need it when I have to win.” KIA Kim Do-young’s crazy talent was also caught on Kim Kyung-moon’s radar…’Expectations’ for international use

Hanwha Eagles coach Kim Kyung-moon (66) came to the ground early ahead of the match against the KIA Tigers in Gwangju on Sunday. KIA players were in training, and there was also a coaching staff including Lee Bum-ho. At the moment when he was encouraged by the KIA coaching staff and players one by one, Lee was caught on the radar of manager Kim Kyung-moon.밤알바

It was Kim Do-young (21) who just started batting training. Kim hit his 19th two-run shot of the season in the match against the Hanwha Eagles in Gwangju on Sunday, approaching 20-20 in the fifth first half of the season. Lee Byung-kyu, head coach of the Samsung Lions, failed 20-20 in 1999 (68 matches), but he can try to be second in the minimum game in history.

What would coach Kim think when he saw Kim Do-young from the dugout at the third base? Coach Kim already has an idea of Kim Do-young’s unique cotyledons. He approached Kim Do-young during his batting training and offered words of blessing. Kim bowed his head to such coach Kim and thanked him.

According to Kim Do-young, Kim said to himself, “Handsome. Do well in baseball.” “If you play against Japan (in future international competitions), do well.” Kim said, “I feel good because I feel like I have been recognized by the coach.”

Coach Kim Kyung-moon said, “A player like that is really necessary when he goes to an international competition and wins Japan or other teams.” He said, “That’s why I said good things even though I’m a player from the other team. I’m good.” He didn’t elaborate, but coach Kim Kyung-moon encouraged him with the heart of a baseball senior, not a player from the other team.

Coach Kim Kyung-moon basically prefers a player who plays well. I think it can shake the opponent and it is good for the fans to see. They say that if you are calm on the floor, baseball will not develop and will not be fun. One of the best players in such baseball is Kim Do-young.

Coach Kim Kyung-moon said, “I’m playing well. I still need to supplement my defense if I want to go to the top class.” “But actually, it’s not even been a few years since I graduated from high school, and I’m starting and playing as a main player? This is amazing.”

Kim Do-young, a third-year high school graduate, is amazing just to play as a starting member, and his performance is among the best in the league, so it is not strange to praise any baseball player. With his insane athletic ability, talent, and hard work, he has no choice but to do well. On top of that, manager Kim Kyung-moon instantly recognized that he is for international use. He already made his international debut at the Asian Pro Baseball Championship last year. I wonder how well he would perform if he were to play in the Premier 12 this fall.

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