I feel like I really have the best fan” Lot pride explosion…”Wilkerson” resonated in Gocheok Dome filled with 16,000 seats

Lotte Giants Aaron Wilkerson started the away match of Game 11 of the season between the Kiwoom Heroes of the 2024 Shinhan Bank SOL Bank KBO League at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 22nd, and won his seventh win (six losses) of the season with 97 pitches, six hits (one home run), one walk, five strikeouts and one run (one earned run) in seven innings.밤알바

Wilkerson’s pitch on the day was flawless except that he was hit by a home run by Jang Jae-young. He not only blocked Kiwoom’s lineup by throwing a mixture of fast balls (24 balls), change-up (28), cutter (25 balls), slider (13) and curve (7) but also played the role of an ace at a time when the starting pitcher had to draw as many innings as possible due to the recent loose bullpen.

Wilkerson faced a crisis by giving up a double to Kim Hye-seong from the start of the game in the bottom of the first inning. However, in a critical situation, he struck out Song and gave up no run, and gave up a hit by leadoff hitter Choi Joo-hwan in the bottom of the second inning to strike out Kim Geon-hee and Lee Jae-sang with a grounder to the second base with one out. The perfect pitch on the day had a scratch in the third inning. In the bottom of the third inning, he was hit by a 139-km cutter on the third pitch that he threw to leadoff batter Jang Jae-young, allowing a solo home run over the left wall. However, this loss was the first and last loss.

Wilkerson tied the third inning with three fly balls, then made the first three-out inning against the batters leading to Choi Joo-hwan, Lee Yong-kyu and Kim Gun-hee in the fourth inning. And in the fifth inning, he tied up Kiwoom’s batters without a crisis, and in the sixth inning, despite starting off with a hit by Kim Hye-sung, Kiwoom’s most demanding batter, he scored no runs without a crisis. Wilkerson, who pitched only 81 pitches when he finished pitching in six innings, took the mound again in the seventh inning without fail and completed a quality start+ (less than three earned runs in seven innings) with a double play.

Wilkerson, who had not pitched more than 100 pitches after the seventh inning, also appeared in the eighth inning, and handed the baton to the bullpen after being hit by the first batter, Lee Joo-hyung. At this time, Lotte fans, who filled the third-base stands at Gocheok Dome, shouted Wilkerson’s name and shouted out loud. And after Jin Hae-soo took the mound and blocked Kiwoom’s attack without losing a point, Kim Sang-soo (1 inning) ended the game, Wilkerson’s seventh win was finally made.

Wilkerson, who completely played the role of the ace to end his team’s losing streak, said after the game, “I liked today’s pitching overall. I liked that we provided an opportunity to turn back to winning streaks when our team was in a bad mood,” and added, “I didn’t know that when he said that he exceeded 100 innings the fastest in the KBO League.”

Although Wilkerson was satisfied with his pitching in general, he still had two things to regret. It was the homerun and the walk he allowed to Jang. When he joined the Lotte Giants last year, Wilkerson said, “A 8,000-meter homer is better than a walk. That’s how much I hate sending batters off with walks.” Of course, Wilkerson has outstanding command, but he has only 10 walks in 94 ⅔ innings this season. Rather than allowing a walk, he gets hit by a homer. Therefore, he has 10 homers.

“I didn’t like the walks very much. Actually, I wasn’t as satisfied as a home run,” Wilkerson said. “For hitters to get on base is the beginning of a disaster (from a pitcher’s point of view). It doesn’t matter whether a hit is wrong or a hit is good at a scene where a disaster begins, but I don’t want to allow a runner to get on base for free. I think getting on base is something that hitters have to acquire with their abilities.” Wilkerson also stressed that this belief is still valid.

Then, what about looking back on the home run situation? Jang’s batting was so well hit that the speed of his batting was measured at 178 kilometers. Wilkerson said, “I think it was a mistake. First, the ball count was 2B-0S. That’s why I pushed the ball into the strike zone, and then (from Jang) a good swing came out. That’s the role of the batter, and I think he got hit because he performed well.”

With Charlie Barnes as the “left-wing lion” and Park Se-woong as the “Glasses Ace” sluggish, Wilkerson is no different from a savior from Lotte’s perspective. Wilkerson said, “I’m in very good physical condition right now, and I’m very satisfied mechanically. It’s going according to the game plan. I’ll be in good physical condition tomorrow and in the future,” expressing his gratitude to the fans who cheered enthusiastically on the way down the mound. “I loved it. I think I have the best fan ever.”

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