Huh? Why? Samsung’s winning move to reorganize its coaching staff, which I can’t understand easily, will it work

Reorganizing the coaching staff is a card that is used most often when the mood is not good during the season. In most cases, the team demoted major coaches of the first team to the Futures team and summoned the coaches of the Futures team to the first team by holding them accountable for their poor performance. In some cases, the team is leading the team in many cases. In the latter case, a coach must feel heavy pressure.룸알바

The Samsung Lions of professional baseball made changes to their coaching staff on the 5th. Chung Dae-hyun, head coach of the Futures League, will take over as the first team’s head coach and pitching coach, and Tachibana, the third team’s batting coach, has moved to the first team’s batting coach since the second half to strengthen the batting. Futures pitching coach Kang Young-sik and Coporal Chae battery coach are in charge of first-team bullpen coach and battery coach.

Senior coach Lee Byung-kyu will be in charge of Futures, pitching coach Chung Min-tae will be in charge of Futures Pitcher Co., and battery coach Lee Jung-sik will also be in charge of Futures Battery Co., Ltd. In addition, bullpen coach Kwon Oh-joon has moved to the Rehabilitation Team.

Samsung said it has reorganized some of its coaching staff and changed positions to improve its team in the second half of the year, but it is hard to understand why. Samsung finished third with an ERA of 4.49 in the first half of the year, while its batting average was at the bottom with a batting average of 260. When it comes to performance, it generally makes changes in batting parts. However, Samsung changed both of its first-team pitching coaches and left both of its batting coaches unchanged.

Head coach Lee Byung-kyu and pitching coach Chung Min-tae, who were notified of their move to Futures, were brought in by coach Park Jin-man. The reorganization of the coaching staff is interpreted as a move led by the club rather than by the coach’s request. Changes are also detected in the squad due to the reorganization of the coaching staff.

Samsung was ranked at the bottom of the list before the season’s opening, but ended the first half of the year in fourth place with 44 wins, 39 losses and two draws (winning rate .530). Such performance was unexpected by anyone. However, Samsung reorganized its coaching staff in the second half of the year due to the team’s renovation. A baseball veteran who has been with Samsung for a long time expressed concern over the reshuffle, saying, “It could do more harm than good.”

Samsung, which has lost five consecutive games since its game against Suwon KT on April 28, will invite the NC Dinos to its home turf on Wednesday to play three consecutive games during the week. It is good news that Kim Young-woong, a home run co-leader in the team who briefly left the team due to thigh injury, is back. The only way to control the mood is to win.

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