For those that are brand-new to Wow, or those that have actually returned after a considerable break, you might be questioning just how to disable your helm. There's a great deal of factors regarding why you would certainly intend to, as a result of the visual nature of your equipment, or that you just do not like your personality using one. In either case, we have you covered. Whether you're playing timeless or retail, continue reading to find out just how to conceal your helm in WoW. p Retail gamers h2 div p Concealing your helm is a little bit a lot more initiative than it when was if you're a retail WoW gamer. You would certainly bear in mind that there was a pair of alternatives in the setups that would certainly disable your helm and also cape if you played a couple of years back. p Nonetheless, nowadays, those choices are currently connected the transmog NPC. These NPCs are spread throughout the globe, and also are located in a lot of significant cities. For a tiny rate, you can not just conceal your helm as well as cape, yet alter the look of your entire equipment entirely. p When in a significant city, talk to a guard as well as choose the choice for the transmogrifier. A little waypoint will certainly be positioned on your map, leading you to it. The questest means to reach a transmog NPC is to utilize your Myriad Dalaran Hearthstone, as well as see the NPC there, near the Charming instructor. This is what I do directly, specifically as a Crowd gamer. p Nevertheless, if you desire a fast referral for the major transmog NPCs, we have actually put together a checklist of them listed below. Warpweaver Hashom td Stormwind City A tr td Warpweaver Dushar Orgrimmar H td Warpweaver Hayri td Dazar'alor td A H tr td Warpweaver Tuviss td Dalaran td A H Mystic Birdhat td Kun-Lai Top td A H td tr Warpweaver Tuviss Lunarfall td A tr td Warpweaver Ezil Boralus td A td Warpweaver Jasor Warspear td H td Warpweaver Shafiee td Temple of 2 Moons, Vale of Eternal Blossoms H tr Warpweaver Shal td Stormshield td A tr Warpweaver Farshlah td Frostwall td H tr Warpweaver Ramahesh td Temple of 7 Stars, Vale of Eternal Blossoms td A H tr Netherguard Transmogrifier td Telogrus Break td A td If you have a great deal of excess gold, and also desire to have a much easier option than going to the transmog NPC every single time you obtain a brand-new headgear, then take into consideration acquiring the place that has the transmog NPC affixed to it. Timeless gamers how-to-turn-off-helmet-in-wow p For those that use Timeless or Vanilla web servers, you have a lot easier time. Whatever you require to do is right in the setups, as well as can be done at any moment. p solid Just do the following: Press EscInterface OptionsDisplayShow Helm (or Cape as well) record this adClosing ideas p Directly, I frequently disable my safety helmet, as I do not such as the appearance of the majority of them. I such as to see my personalities encounter, as I generally bond with my personalities rather a great deal, and also it makes me really feel a lot more linked to them. I likewise seem like actual heroes do not put on anything to cover their face. The major exemption to this guideline, for me, is if I get a incredible or extremely uncommon looking headgear. For most of the gamer base, I would certainly presume that they disable their helm even if they believe it looks negative. There are rather a great deal of horrible looking designs in WoW, yet there are likewise great deals of extremely legendary looking ones. p For Shadowlands, it appears like the very same transmog system will certainly be made use of to conceal devices, equally as it has actually been for the last couple of years. It's not likely to transform, yet with Snowstorm's record for exchanging points out for no factor, that understands. We will certainly upgrade this post as necessary if the technique to conceal your helm does transform in the future.