A few days ago, I was seeing a Japanese truth program, Balcony Home (BALCONY HOME-- OPENING NEW DOORS). While numerous participants were talking in the dining-room, an individual simply stood as well as left the area stating" 厠へ行ってきます (kawaya he ittekimasu)". However resembled twenty-something various other Japanese women really did not obtain what he implied.

厠(kawaya) is an additional name for a toilet in Japanese, as well as it is just one of the earliest expressions suggesting a toilet. Therefore, the man over was simply stating "I'm mosting likely to the washroom" , without being as well straight.


If you are a grown up female, various other choice to" トイレ(toire) is" 化粧室(keshoshitsu) or" お化粧室(okeshoshitsu) , which essentially suggests a lavatory This word seems much more womanly as well as sophisticated than any type of various other words over.

There are likewise a great deal of expressions suggesting "mosting likely to the washroom" , nevertheless, the majority of them are a little tough to think the significance unless you currently recognize the surprise significance. Below are a few of those intriguing Japanese expressions.

化粧を直しに行く(keshou will certainly naoshini iku)

This set is possibly the simplest to think." 化粧(keshou) suggests a cosmetics, and also" 化粧を直しに行く(keshou will certainly naoshini iku) essentially suggests "I'm mosting likely to go refurbish" , which a great deal of women in fact perform in the toilet. This expression is extremely typical for ladies and also you can utilize it at any kind of event without seeming also expensive.


キジを撃ちに行く(kiji will certainly uchini iku)

So for women, we can make use of the expression" お花を摘みに行きます(ohana will certainly tsumini ikimasu) to nicely suggest that you require to visit the bathroom. Then, what concerning people? Some guys could claim" キジを撃ちに行く(kiji will certainly uchini iku) suggesting "I'm mosting likely to the toilet"." キジ(kiji) is a pheasant in English, and also " キジを撃ちに行く(kiji will certainly uchini iku) essentially implies "I'm mosting likely to search a pheasant" We state that this expression began to be utilized for claiming "I'm mosting likely to the washroom" due to the fact that when you being in the Japanese-style washroom( 和式トイレ/ washiki toire , it resembles a pose to quest pheasants.


レコーディングに行く(rekōdhingu ni iku)

This expression is obtaining preferred amongst youths." レコーディング(rekōdhing) is videotaping in English, and also" レコーディングに行く(rekōdhing ni iku) actually implies "I'm mosting likely to go tape-recording" Individuals began utilizing this expression due to the fact that the various other word for videotaping in Japanese is" 音入れ(otoire) , which has the very same enunciation as the bathroom in Japanese" おトイレ(otoire) .


三番入ります(sanban hairimasu)

In Japanese dining establishments, cooks, stewards as well as waitresses think twice to utilize words" トイレ(toire) not to make their clients uneasy while they are consuming. So they usually replace words right into a number." 三番入ります(sanban hairimasu) actually suggests "I'm mosting likely to choose number 3" The number differs depending upon the business, yet this sort of expression" 番入ります(X-ban hairimasu) is commonly made use of in a great deal of services.


Have you ever before listened to any type of various other expressions suggesting "I'm mosting likely to the bathroom" in Japanese? Exists any kind of intriguing expressions suggesting the toilet in your nation? Inform us your tales in the remark area listed below!