“How can I believe it!” Judgment Video Reading Center’s mixed decisions…Director Kim Tae-hyung of “Decisional Speech” said, “Referee is also on site, and KBO needs to communicate.”

Lotte Giants manager Kim Tae-hyung exploded his anger that he had endured before the 10th game of the season between the Kiwoom Heroes and the team of the 2024 Shinhan Bank SOL Bank KBO League at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 21st. Despite the video reading, the accumulated dissatisfaction with the continued dubious decision was triggered.여우알바

Lotte had a misjudgment in the match against KT Wiz in Suwon on the 20th. Lotte had a regrettable ruling in the first inning in the judgment related to the foul tip, which was rather trivial. In the top of the fourth inning, when the team successfully turned the game around 3-2, Choi Hang’s hit was deflected off the right foot and rolled toward the first base. It was a clear foul hit. However, the referee ruled it as a ground ball to the first base. Lotte had no choice but to feel unfair, but there was no “opportunity” to overturn the judgment.

Since then, there has been a dubious decision regarding the check swing, but there was another big explosion of manager Kim Tae-hyung. It was during the attack in the top of the eighth inning. When Oh Sun-jin drew a walk with one out and no runner, Lotte deployed Kim Dong-hyuk as a pinch runner to increase the number of wins. Then the follow-up batter Seo Dong-wook hit a ground ball to the shortstop, and Kim Dong-hyuk, who was heading to the second base, was out, and Seo Do-wook was declared safe at the first base. However, KT requested to read the video here. It was because there was a “contact” between Kim Dong-hyuk and KT’s second baseman Shin Bon-ki.

Kim Dong-hyuk, who was running so fast, touched the second base with his right foot, but as he couldn’t control the speed, his right foot bounced off the base and came into contact with the machine. Even through the slow-motion picture, the machine showed no intention at all. The referee made a similar decision at the time. Only Kim was out heading to the second base, and Seo Dong-wook, the batter, was safe in the first base. However, the result was reversed in the video reading. Judging that Kim had intentional contact with the machine, the center even declared that the batter was out by applying defense interference. Here, coach Kim Tae-hyung strongly sounded the horn.

After the result of the video review came out, Kim left the dugout, and Kim Kwang-soo stopped the coach. Kim seemed to be going back to the dugout, but he soon shook off Kim Kwang-soo’s pressure and headed to the ground. As if the video review center’s decision was not convincing, Kim strongly protested against the judges. As a result, an automatic exit was declared in protest against the video review. And before the match against Kiwoom in Gocheok on the 21st, he revealed the reason why he became so angry.

It wasn’t just the decision in Suwon that made him angry. In particular, the problem was the video reading center. The first time Kim Tae-hyung was not convinced by the results of the video reading center was against the NC Dinos on the 1st. At the time, the leadoff hitter Hwang Sung-bin succeeded in stealing the second base after getting on base with a hit in the bottom of the third inning. Once again, Hwang Sung-bin ran toward the third base, and he was ruled out. At that time, Hwang Sung-bin sent a signal that NC’s third baseman Seo Ho-cheol blocked the base, and Lotte requested a video reading.

Seoho-cheol’s left foot was clearly blocking Hwang Seong-bin’s arm, which was extended to touch the third base, according to the slow image. Nevertheless, the decision was not reversed. At the time, the judges said that Seo Ho-cheol blocked the third base, but about half of the space was empty, so he was able to touch the third base. Still, a rare scene was created. The judges approached manager Kim Tae-hyung and explained the situation at the time. However, the judgment of the reading center, which is difficult to understand from the head coach’s point of view, came again in the match against the LG Twins in Jamsil on the 15th.

At the time, Lotte deployed Kim Won-joong to tie the game at the bottom of the ninth inning with a 9-8 lead. However, he got a hit by leadoff hitter Ahn Ik-hoon at the start of the inning. LG put in pinch runner Kim Dae-won in place of Ahn Ik-hoon, and Lotte put in Son Sung-bin, who has a good sense in stopping stolen bases, to stage a winning move. At this time, Austin Dean Kim Won-joong, who was at the batter’s box, struck out and Kim Dae-won, the first baseman, ran toward second base. Here, Son Sung-bin tried to spray the ball toward second base, but Austin, who was struck out, passed in front of Son Sung-bin, and a situation occurred in which he could not spray the ball.

Referee Lee Min-ho immediately declared obstruction of the throw and declared a return to the first base toward Kim Dae-won, who stepped on the second base, and second base referee Cha Jung-gu signaled that it was not Austin’s obstruction of the throw. As a result, the fourth trial gathered together, and after conducting an agreement decision, it was concluded that it was not Austin’s obstruction of the throw. Coach Kim Tae-hyung, Kim Kwang-soo, and Kim Min-ho came out of the dugout and made a strong appeal. However, the decision was not reversed, and only coach Kim Tae-hyung, who exceeded the protest time, was sent off. At the time, the referee explained that he “did not judge by the movement of the pitch” regarding the ball not falling from Son Sung-bin’s hand, but Son, who was so close to Austin, had no “space” to spray the ball. As a result, Lotte won, but it was a situation that could affect the outcome of the game.

Once, the reversal came out in the consensus decision, but in the case of the match against NC and KT, head coach Kim Tae-hyung did not hide his anger toward it as he produced dubious results at the video reading center.

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