He won seven games after 116 pitches, and he said, “I felt sorry.” He stands tall as the most winning pitcher in the team

He threw a whopping 116 pitches. Um Sang-baek (28), the native starter of the KT, has become the most winning pitcher in his team along with the number of pitches he has pitched in a single game.

KT won the second game of the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League away game against LG 4-3 at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 23rd. KT, which had previously lost to LG 2-7 in the first game, finished the doubleheader with one win and one loss. The victory marked KT’s second consecutive winning series, with 32 wins, 43 losses, and one draw.유흥알바

In the second game of the doubleheader on the day, KT’s starting pitcher was Um Sang-baek. As the team lost the first game earlier, Um’s shoulders felt heavier. However, Um displayed his fighting spirit. He pitched more than 90 pitches until the fourth inning, but he took the mound again in the fifth inning to win the game.

In the first inning, he allowed a hit to leadoff hitter Hong Chang-ki, but made all three subsequent hitters fall through. In the second inning, he gave up a hit to Kim Bum-suk to the right-center field after one out, but Um Sang-baek threw out Shin Min-jae and Park Hae-min, respectively.

The first loss came in the third inning. With one out, he and Hong Chang-ki both got hit to the right-center field before getting hit. He then threw a change-up at the sixth pitch with a 2-2 ball count against Kim, but it led to a two-run shot over the right-center fence. However, he handled outfield flies to both Moon Bok-kyung and Austin, displaying concentration so that he did not lose any more points.

In the fourth inning, he gave a hit to Shin Min-jae and a walk to Park Hae-min, respectively, with two outs. However, he grounded out Ham after 10 pitches. He pitched 92.

Then he took the mound again in the fifth inning. First, he struck out Hong Chang-ki for the fifth pitch. He pitched 97 pitches. Follow-up Kim Hyun-soo also fouled out the second baseman for the fifth pitch. The next batter is Moon Bok-kyung, who only has one out count to go until he meets the winning pitcher requirement. Still, Moon was persistent. He pitched a total of 111 pitches. The next batter is Austin, but he couldn’t come down to the mound when he only had one out count to go until he met the winning pitcher requirement. Eventually, Um finished pitching on the day by sending Austin out the fifth pitch with a ball count of 1-2 to right field.

Um has broken the record of individual pitches in nine years. The previous record was 114 pitches thrown at the match against KIA in Gwangju on June 19, 2015. This season, the record stands at 106, which was recorded at the match against KIA in Gwangju on June 2.

On the day, Um threw 43 cutters, 42 changeups and 31 fastballs, and the maximum speed of his fastball was 151 kilometers. Ultimately, his team won by a gap of 4-3 to one point, securing Um’s seventh win of this season, which is valuable to him. He ranks first in multiple wins in his team. KT is followed by Park Young-hyun and Benjamin with five wins, Cuevas with four, and Kim Min-soo with three wins.

“Starting pitcher Um Sang-baek held out well by allowing two runs in five innings, laying the groundwork for victory,” coach Lee Kang-chul said after the game. “The pitchers who took the mound also defended their lead well,” in complimenting.

“It was a hot day, and it was a doubleheader game. I felt sorry for the team as they threw a lot of balls and failed to pull out many innings. Because of me, there were many pitchers behind me,” Eom said to his teammates. After Eom went down, KT had a victory group consisting of Park Si-young, Kim Min-soo, Kim Min-hyun, and eventually secured the victory.

“Thanks to the fielders’ defense assistance and good pitching by the pitchers behind despite tough circumstances, I got good results,” Um said. “After all, I feel good that my team overcame tough battles. Even so, I took the mound twice this week, and I have some regrets in each game. I have not lost physical strength, but I need to supplement my ball control a little bit. I want to display good pitching in my next game,” he said.

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