He was a strong candidate for the Rookie of the Year, but director Kim Tae-hyung’s decision…”I have a lot of thoughts”. The meaning of Lotte Super Rookie’s first 2nd Army trip

Felix Peña (34, former Hanwha) packed his bags, and Raul Alcantara (32, Doosan), a “20-win pitcher,” is less powerful than in previous years. Rumors of Casey Kelly’s (35, LG) exit are ongoing, and even William Cuevas (34, KT), who is considered a model foreign pitcher, has recently been hit hard.고수익알바

The 10 KBO clubs started the season with the motto “Ogu is Myeonggwan.” Eleven foreign pitchers, more than half of the 20 foreign pitchers, were contractors. NC and Samsung replaced both foreign pitchers, but the result was not the one they wanted. NC’s Eric Peddy and Samsung’s David Buchanan wanted their players to return to the U.S. Most teams chose to go with proven pitchers for another year rather than taking risks.

However, the results are not good enough. The most noticeable thing is the fall of Kelly, who has been playing for LG for six years. As of Friday, he has posted an ERA of 5.23 over 82.2 innings in 14 starts. He has the worst ERA among both domestic and foreign pitchers based on the stipulated innings. He is definitely the lowest at 0.80 in terms of WAR (contribution to victory compared to substitutes based on statistics).

Doosans rival Doosans foreign ace pitchers are also struggling. Alcantara had to leave the primary league for about a month, complaining of elbow pain. Cheol-wan, who pitched 188 innings on average during the three KBO seasons until last year, pitched only 51.2 innings this year. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to meet the required innings. His fastball speed has dropped, and his forkball power has halved. Rumors have it that Kelly and Alcantara will both be kicked out.

Even Cuevas, who returned during the last season and led KT to a miraculous rebound, recently gave up a large number of runs. He allowed seven runs in five innings against LG on the 8th and eight runs in two innings against KIA on the 14th. The ERA soared from 2.62 before the game against LG to 3.93 in two games. KT decided to give Cuevas a turn off after judging that his performance was a physical problem.

The total number of WARs accumulated by 23 foreign pitchers in each team this season, including those who were kicked out, is 36.26. They account for 33.7 percent of the total 107.64 pitchers in the league. Compared to 39.7 percent in the last season, the drop is significant. Foreign pitchers’ influence declined relatively due to the strong batting and pitching winds, and their contractors suffered even more damage. Among foreign pitchers this season, James Nail (KIA) and Kyle Hart (NC) are all new faces that this season is showing off.

Even foreign pitchers who commanded the KBO league cannot miss the passage of time. Kelly and Peña, who were kicked out, are already in their mid-30s, and Alcantara is also over 30. Kelly’s fastball speed has dropped by more than 3 kilometers on average this season. Alcantara is also unable to throw balls over 150 kilometers on average as in previous years.

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