He was a strong candidate for the Rookie of the Year, but director Kim Tae-hyung’s decision…”I have a lot of thoughts”. The meaning of Lotte Super Rookie’s first 2nd Army trip

In last year’s rookie draft, Jeon was selected by Lotte as the third overall pick in the first round. As Jeon showed off his extraordinary talent in both pitching and hitting the batter’s box during his high school days in North Gyeongsang Province, Lotte did not give much thought to calling out Jeon’s name. Given his outstanding potential, Lotte originally planned to nurture Jeon as a “double-ditch” player. However, he decided that it would be better to focus on the mound for now ahead of the spring camp in Guam, the U.S., and prepared for this season as a pitcher.고소득알바

Coach Kim Tae-hyung did not spare compliments to Jeon at the spring camp. When he saw Jeon’s first bullpen session, he said, “He’s strong, Jeon Mir!” and added, ” (Former) Jeon Mir is better than I thought. Throwing in fall last year and throwing now are different feelings. Now that I focus only on pitchers, I think I have gotten better. Everything has gotten better, including balance. I think I prepared a lot. I think I will do well no matter what I am entrusted with. He has a good pitching style, and he is fast and aggressive. He is very good on the mound.”

Jeon Mir, who received special praise from the head coach, collapsed with four runs (four earned) in ⅓ innings against the Hanwha Eagles in his last appearance in the exhibition game, but succeeded in joining the opening entry after impressing enough, including a scoreless run in three games. And he certainly impressed when he recorded seven consecutive games, including his debut against SSG Landers on March 24, and Lotte began to take on an “important” role to the promising player little by little when “Trust Man” Koo Seung-min failed to get out of the slump.

Jeon Mir pitched in 12 games during the month of April, leaving an excellent performance with a record of 1-1, 3 holds and an ERA of 4.63, and although he had a little “up and down” in May, he played with a 5.40 ERA with 1 loss, 3 holds and 1 save. However, as Koo Seung-min and Choi Jun-yong, who should serve as the “core” of the bullpen, failed to get on track over time, the management of pitchers who had no choice but to lean on Jeon Mir began to increase little by little, and concerns about Jeon Mir began to pour out, and eventually Jeon Mir’s condition dropped noticeably from June.

Jeon Mir recorded two runs (two earned runs) in one inning against the NC Dinos, which was his first appearance in June, and began to struggle, scoring four consecutive losses from the KIA Tigers to the SSG Landers, Kiwoom Heroes and LG Twins. In particular, there were many cases where the ball combination was properly read because he took the mound often.

In fact, manager Kim Tae-hyung was also aware that Jeon Mir played in many games and that he often took the mound under various circumstances. However, Lotte had no choice. At a time when highly anticipated players such as Koo Seung-min and Choi Jun-yong are suffering from sluggish performances, they have to protect their victory, because there was no player to serve as a bridge leading up to Kim Won-joong. Of course, there was a strong veteran named Kim Sang-soo, but just one player was not enough. Naturally, Jeon Mir’s dependence on him increased.

Having boasted an unrivaled presence in the first team for a short period of time, Jeon was removed from the first team on July 17 in order to pick his body and mind. Manager Kim Tae-hyung decided to cancel his move from the first team so that the top-rated promising players could take a break. What did he tell Jeon Mir- who went down to the second team? “I haven’t talked about it separately. Psychologically, I think it would be better to leave the entry once and find stability in the second team than leave it in the first team,” the head coach said.

Then, how long will Jeon take rest in the second division? When asked whether he will play in the second division, the head coach spared no words, saying, “We should see it,” and explained, “Wouldn’t the second division decide? I will have an interview with Coach Kim Yong-hee.” For now, the head coach has predicted the cause of Jeon’s recent slump as a psychological problem, as he has no problem with his arrest. “I think it should be viewed as a psychological problem,” coach Kim Tae-hyung said. “I have a lot of thoughts (Jeon Mir).”

Up until the spring camp in Guam, the U.S., Lotte did not have much concerns about its mound. In the case of the rotation for starters, Charlie Barnes, Aaron Wilkerson, Park Se-woong and Na Kyun-an only had to select five starters, while the winning team also had Choi Jun-yong, Koo Seung-min and closing pitcher Kim Won-joong set up a stable structure. However, the Lotte mound is in a much more difficult situation than manager Kim Tae-hyung had expected in both starting pitcher and bullpen sessions.

There is a big difference between the presence and absence of a super rookie in the first-team entry, even though Jeon Mir’s condition is not good. However, it cannot change the team’s performance and the future of prospects. From Lotte’s point of view, we just wait for Jeon Mir to recover well both physically and mentally in the second-team and come back. Lotte has to overcome that period well.

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