He hit a grand slam, but ‘LG Young-gun’ praised by Choi Hyung-woo…”Slider is different”. Amazing

LG Twins pitcher Lee Sang-young was praised by KIA Tigers outfielder Choi Hyung-woo. Why.

Lee took the mound as relief pitcher at the top of the sixth inning when LG was dragged 2-5 in the first of three consecutive games during the week against KIA in the “2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League” held at Jamsil Stadium on Sunday. It was clearly not an easy situation. While Kim Young-joon of the previous team set an out count, the team sent out three runners, which was in a crisis with one out and a bases loaded with one out. On top of that, Choi Hyung-woo and Lee Sang-young, the fourth batter, had to bear burden.노래방알바

Lee Sang-young threw the ball bravely. He threw the slider out of the strike zone exquisitely, resulting in Choi’s bat. The ball count of 2 to 2, which was made up of two balls and two swings and misses, and Lee threw the slider once again, which resulted in an error. It was formed in the middle of the strike zone, and was caught by Choi’s bat, leading to a 110-meter grand slam that flew over the right fence. The score was 2-9.

After the home run, Lee grounded out Na Sung-bum and Kim Sun-bin, both of whom were hitters, to ⅔ to end the inning. He turned over the baton to Kim Jin-su at the beginning of the seventh inning. The final result was one hit (one homer) and one run during the shortstop innings.

KIA outfielder Choi Hyung-woo started as the designated hitter at the first of three consecutive games between the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League and LG held at Jamsil Stadium on Sunday. He hit a grand slam in the top of the sixth inning to energize his team’s offense. Choi praised Lee Sang-young’s pitching after the game. Reporter Park Jung-hyun from Jamsil

“I’ve never seen (Lee Sang-young) before,” Choi said in an interview after the game. His slider was bent a lot like Charlie Barnes of the Lotte Giants. I thought about making contact with him in the middle of the game. (The 2nd and 4th pitches) Originally, I needed to cut my hair, but I swung and missed, and felt that (the slider) was different. (The 5th pitches) I was very lucky to have made a mistake coming from the body to the middle. If the previous slider had come, I would have swung and missed again,” he said in a thumbs-up.

In the middle of this season, Lee Sang-young was called to the first team by chance. Two starting pitchers, Lim Chan-kyu and Choi Won-tae, left at the same time, creating a gap in the starting lineup, and they were called up to the first team to fill the spot. The Futures League’s performance was one win, one loss and six ⅔ innings with a 12.15 ERA in five games. In terms of performance alone, it was not the time to be in the first team. He was selected as the first team’s starting pitcher due to the overlapping period of absence from the first team’s starting lineup and the date of the Futures League’s appearance. In his first appearance, his goal was to hold out two to three innings with the least number of runs.

Does heaven help those who help themselves? Lee Sang-young, who will play in his second season after being discharged from military service in Sangmu, achieved the result through constant efforts.

Unlike in the Futures League, he gained recognition by displaying good pitching as if he were a member of the first team. Prior to the game, he displayed stable pitching by pitching in five games, one loss and 14 ⅓ innings with an ERA of 2.51. Notably, he pitched in three or more innings in all three games as substitute starters, earning passing points. Currently, starting pitchers are returning one by one, and he is being tested as bullpen pitchers.

Lee Sang-young’s performance is important to LG. He is the only left-handed bullpen pitcher left in the first division entry. Lee Woo-chan is heading to the Futures League due to his poor ball control, and Kim Yoo-young is heading to the Futures League due to accumulated fatigue in his left elbow. As there is a gap in left-handed pitchers, Lee Sang-young has to fill the vacancy. This is why he took the mound against left-handed batter Choi Hyung-woo.

He hit a grand slam, but it is worth paying attention to Lee Sang-young’s pitching going forward. Will he be able to position himself in the LG bullpen by banking on his slider, which was highly praised by Choi.

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