That obtains one of the most out of the Exalt Brand Name in Fire Symbol Fates Revelations? I understand this subject has actually been uploaded various times, yet none truly offer a strong solution. I"ve currently utilized my Hero"s Brand name (Lodestar) on Xander, as well as simply wish to obtain the Exalt Brand name out of my supply because there"s just one of each currently.


Preferred FE: Stiring up

It"s practically a concern of that you wish to abuse vantage + stiring up on imo.

2 selections I typically choose is dreadfighter/master ninja FCorrin, or witch Ophilia equipped with Mjolnir with her energetic individual ability.

I"d choose FCorrin to have amusing arrangements like vantage, awakening, nohrian trust fund + 2 breakers, and also couple with jakob.

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Its tied with gay.Member
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Ophelia or Scarlet.Scarlet might appear a strange selection, however if it holds true you can strike her with Tankumi (Ballistician Takumi), you can conveniently turn on Vantage, her individual, as well as Stiring up all with uniformity as well as convenience. With this configuration, as well as an excellent 1-2 crit" tool (Barb Shuriken?), you can quickly get to 85% crit". Include Wager as well as it ends up being 95%. Thinking Master Ninja for the S-Rank, you struck 100% crit" without determining for ability, pair-ups, or needing to utilize Fatality Strike. Food for thought.Ophelia is comparable. She doesn"t have the absurd individual Scarlet has for the construct, yet she doesn"t need to go through pleasant fire to begin crit"ing either.Another suggestion can be Midori. While not as effective as the abovementioned 2, with something like Quixotic/Hoshidan Unity/Nohrian Trust/Vantage/Awakening, a crit" tool, and also Kaze sustaining with Wonder/(Favorite/Four/Proc/ Abilities) you obtain rather the stunning light program.

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Preferred FE: Fates
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The most effective feature of the Great Lord course, without a doubt, is the Awakening ability.

When HP is under fifty percent, Struck price, Prevent, Essential price and also Vital Escape +30 In my Due playthrough, I conserved this for a Trueblade Hinoka!Matoi, although it might have mosted likely to somebody much better.

Her capability was Awakening, Life and also Fatality, Duelist"s Blow, Astra, and also Vantage. She is paired with Gurei, an Elite Ninja that has Double Guardsman and also various other points that wear"t issue, since that bad child never ever sees the light of day.

Matoi holds a Dawn Katana, Hagakure, as well as Revenge Katana. The technique is for her to hold the Revenge Katana till she goes to