Goseong-gun 2 Baseball Stadium Opens, Attends 14 Youth Baseball Teams Nationwide…5.1 billion won of investment

Goseong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do (Governor Lee Sang-geun) held an opening ceremony of “Goseong-gun 2 Baseball Stadium” in Giwol-ri, Goseong-eup on the 29th.룸알바

The opening ceremony was attended by more than 280 teams from 14 youth baseball teams nationwide, including Goseong County Governor Lee Sang-geun and Goseong County Council Chairman Choi Eul-seok, provincial and county councilors, Choi Eun-cheol, chairman and members of the Goseong County Baseball Association, Kim Seung-hyun, head coach of Goseong County Youth Baseball Team.

Starting with the opening declaration, the opening ceremony was held in the order of ▲ guest introduction ▲ national protocol ▲ progress report ▲ commemorative speech ▲ color line cutting (tape cutting) ▲ commemorative photography ▲ pitch and sitta.

In addition, the “Goseong County Association’s Long-Term Little Baseball Tournament” commemorating the opening of the second baseball stadium in Goseong-gun was held successfully with 14 teams and 280 people from youth baseball teams nationwide attending.

In Goseong-gun, many baseball clubs are active, including the social baseball team and the youth baseball team 1 team.

The county built the first baseball stadium in Goseong-gun in May 2022, secured a total of 5.1 billion won in provincial expenses and 3.4 billion won in military expenses to build the second baseball stadium in Goseong-gun, and began construction of the facility in April 2023.

During this period, Goseong-gun Lee Sang-geun conducted on-site inspections five times to compensate for the shortcomings in order to carry out the project without a hitch.

The second baseball stadium is expected to play a strong role in expanding the base of sports in Goseong-gun, including one artificial turf stadium, one headquarters seat, two locker rooms, an electronic board, and six lighting towers.

In addition, it is expected that the opening of the second baseball stadium will help the youth baseball team develop its dream by holding youth baseball competitions every weekend.

“We are happy to finally open Goseong-gun’s 2nd Baseball Stadium, which was created as part of the KBO’s southern coast baseball belt construction project,” said Lee Sang-geun, head of Goseong-gun. “We will not stay here, but spend 1.6 billion won on the project near the site of the baseball stadium to create an indoor baseball practice field of 1,000 square meters to help Goseong-gun become a true center of baseball by helping the baseball team train and attract various baseball-related events.”

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