It was a theoretical concern that ended up being a lengthy online conversation as well as currently a flick in advancement: Could a little team of greatly armed modern Militaries remove the Roman Realm at its elevation?


When a string ignited his rate of interest, James Erwin was searching Reddit on his lunch break. A customer called The_Quiet_Earth had postured the concern: "Could I damage the whole Roman Realm throughout the power of Augustus if I took a trip back in time with a contemporary united state Marine infantry squadron or MEU?"

The inquiry struck home with the 37-year-old Erwin, a technological author from Des Moines, Iowa, that occurred to be completing a publication called The Encyclopedia of United State Armed Force Activities (Via Truths on Documents) Erwin informs PM that he wasn"t pleased by various other customers" very early efforts to address this concern, therefore, uploading under the username Prufrock451, he developed his very own action. Erwin composed a 350-word narrative narrating the make believe 35th Marine Expeditionary Device (MEU), which unexpectedly vanishes from modern Kabul as well as re-emerges on the Tiber River in 23 B.C. Erwin published the item, completed his dish, and also returned to function.

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After job, Erwin inspected reddit. Hundreds of individuals had actually reviewed his blog post and also they required a lot more. Thrilled as well as bewildered, Erwin proceeded sending items of this expanding Web sensation. The following day, Los Angeles–-- based administration company Madhouse Enjoyment called him concerning depiction. Within the week, after Erwin had actually placed simply greater than 3500 words to display, Detector Brothers Studios acquired the flick civil liberties.

Erwin"s tale, which he entitled Rome, Dessert Rome , has a cult adhering to amongst reddit participants, its very own subreddit on the website, as well as has actually motivated follower songs as well as art. Yet from the get go, his blog posts got remarks critiquing the precision of his conjured story. Various other redditors commented. Chroniclers commented. Militaries commented. "You can absolutely inform that the tale was something that I rushed out on my lunch hr without doing a great deal of research study in advance," claims Erwin, an encyclopedia author and also two-time Risk! champ. "Any type of Marine is visiting blunders in it, as well as I"m certain if there were Romans about, they"d state the exact same point." He intends on doing extensive technological research study throughout the screenwriting procedure.

So—-- overlooking uncomfortable concerns regarding time traveling as well as simply why some temporally displaced Militaries would certainly really feel urged to damage a realm——---- might a solitary MEU damage the Roman Realm? To arrange via the flooding of on-line reactions, PM talked with a Roman armed forces specialist as well as figured out just how both sides would certainly align.


An MEU commonly has regarding 2200 soldiers, in addition to their weapons as well as automobiles. According to Erwin"s initial reddit tale (which will certainly be modified for the flick), the Militaries are delivered back in time with what they have with them, consisting of M1 Abrams fight storage tanks, armors, M4 rifles, as well as explosives.

The year Erwin selected (23 B.C.) drops in the regime of Augustus, great-nephew of Julius Caesar as well as taken into consideration the very first Roman emperor. His myriads phoned number almost 330,000 males. They put on hefty natural leather as well as steel shield, brought javelins as well as swords, and also ran propels. They would certainly have never ever listened to the audio of a surge prior to. "Clearly, there is a substantial distinction in firepower," states Roman army professional and also writer Adrian Goldsworthy. "Not just would Roman shield be pointless versus a rifle round—-- not to mention a grenade launcher or a. 50 quality gatling gun—-- it would most likely misshape the bullet"s form and also make the injury even worse."

In the reddit tale, nonetheless, Erwin stated the Militaries would certainly not be resupplied with bullets, batteries, or gas from the modern-day globe. "There would certainly be no other way of getting substitutes for these materials in the old globe," Goldsworthy states. "A typical system of Militaries is not most likely to be able to make an oil refinery, begin creating electrical power, or develop device devices to make extra components for devices." And also if they can figure it out, it would certainly take lots of months and even years. So, as quickly as the Militaries lost ground, their containers would certainly end up being little bit greater than chunks of steel.

"In the short-term as well as outdoors, contemporary infantry might carnage any kind of old soldiers at little threat to themselves," Goldsworthy states. "Yet you can not sustain contemporary infantry. So every one of these cars as well as tools might make a short, remarkable, and also damaging look, yet would certainly extremely rapidly spoil. Most likely in an issue of days."


Erwin"s reddit tale states that say goodbye to Militaries will certainly return in time, although they might hire in the old globe. The Militaries would certainly need to; also at their most affordable durations, the Roman Realm might conscript numerous countless soldiers whenever it desired.

"A Roman centurion would certainly state "Allow"s take 1000 of these men. 5 hundred of them wear"t return? Obtain one more 500 people,"" Erwin claims. "Americans have actually never ever been excellent at sending out individuals out as cannon straw. Militaries are much better educated and also are much more difficult to change. No Marine sees himself as a gear, and also no Marine is."

Both sides satisfaction themselves on having experienced leaders to the tiniest device degree. Goldsworthy states the fight would certainly depend upon that had the far better policemans. Erwin thinks it would certainly be shock and also awe versus numbers.

"Militaries are the most effective warriors ever before educated," he states. "Yet they can"t battle a limitless wave of soldiers. Nobody can."


The Roman myriads and also Militaries are both very educated with a clear system framework as well as power structure of command. They highlight aggressiveness, controling the challenger, system communication, as well as being adaptable on the ground. "It"s simple to set up individuals like chess items and also march them in an instructions," Erwin states. "However when you"ve obtained essentially significant gangs of individuals approaching each various other at knifepoint, it"s extremely hard to preserve a strategy. So they need to improvisate."

Romans relied on scare tactics to upset out their challengers. They marched together as well as showed up obvious as well as huge as feasible, overlapping guards to secure each various other from strike. However lining and also using intense shades up straight isn"t mosting likely to do a lot excellent versus a system of Militaries, that would certainly be finest off assaulting guerilla-style while the Romans marched.

One benefit for the Militaries: an understanding of army background. The Militaries would certainly recognize from Rome"s background that its myriads can be at risk to ambushes, such as the one that brought about their squashing loss at the Fight of the Teutoburg Woodland. The Militaries would certainly have severe negative aspects such as navigating, Goldsworthy states. Besides shedding all satellite navigating, their contemporary maps would certainly be almost worthless—-- every little thing from the training course of rivers to the positioning of woodlands would certainly be various. Yet, at the very least in their initial experiences with the Militaries, the Romans possibly wouldn"t recognize that.

The trick for the Militaries would certainly be to remain on the relocation and also stay clear of obtaining slowed down in one area. If they stalled, Goldsworthy states, the Romans might conveniently border them and after that capitalize on their substantial numbers benefit. The Romans would possibly utilize a range of unpleasant siege tools on the Militaries, such as the scorpion, a big weapon that swiftly discharged lengthy screws. Romans were additionally recognized to remove challengers from water as well as food materials, compeling them to pass away or give up.

That Would certainly Win?

Chronicler Goldsworthy states the MEU would most likely shed in the long-term—-- without the capability to resupply their contemporary tools, they just wouldn"t have the ability to conquer the Roman numbers. Nevertheless, he claims, they can undercut the Roman Realm, urge civil battle, and also start local fracturing." could reject the Emperor by beating the closest military to Rome," he states. "Yet they would certainly do not have the numbers to manage Rome itself—-- with a populace of a million or two—-- not to mention the broader realm."

What around in the movie? Erwin claims he recognizes the finishing, however won"t disclose it anytime quickly. He"s presently off duty from his technological composing work to deal with the movie script full time. A launch day for the movie variation of Rome, Sugary food Rome, or what it will certainly be called, is still unidentified.

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