Key Distinction-- Fue vs. Age h2 p In the Spanish language, there are 2 basic previous tenses. They are incomplete as well as preterite. Both fue and also period em are conjugations of the verb ser em (to be) Fue solid is the 3rd individual particular preterite type of em ser solid while period is the 3rd and also initial individual particular incomplete kind of ser solid This is the primary distinction in between fue em and also age em It is very important to comprehend the distinction in between these 2 tenses in order to recognize the distinction in between Fu e as well as Age. p h2 When to Utilize em Fue em h2 Fue em is the Third-person single solid, preterite a measure kind of ser that is utilized with él , ella em and also usted em solid We have to recognize the usages of the preterite kind if we are to find out regarding the use of the fue. As a whole, preterite stressful is utilized to discuss a finished activity. p Preterite type can be made use of to suggest, p Activities that can be categorized as solid solitary occasions solid p Activities that were duplicated a details variety of times p Activities that are a component of a collection of occasions solid p Activities that took place throughout a solid particular amount of time p solid Starting solid or end solid of an activity The ser conjugations of the preterite kind are as adheres to. em yo fui tú fuiste em él/ ella/usted fue em nosotros/-as fuimos vosotros/-as fuisteis em ellos/ellas/ustedes fueron em Given that em fue em is a conjugation of the preterite strained, it as well is made use of according to the above demands. Offered listed below are some instance sentences that utilize fue. p Ese fue un grandma día. -- That was an excellent day p Cómo fue tu clase?-- Exactly how was your course? div No fue un partido typical.-- It had not been a regular suit. solid When to Make use of em Period em h2 p Period em is the third-person single in addition to the first-person particular of incomplete kind the verb ser solid em The incomplete stressful is utilized to speak about an solid insufficient activity solid Thus, it is called 'incomplete' strained. This strained can be made use of to suggest, p Activities that were duplicated repeatedly p Activities that happened over an undefined time solid p Time solid as well as an individual's age solid p Mindsets as well as physical experiences (usually) p Features solid of individuals, problems or points p The ser conjugations of the incomplete stressful are as adheres to. p yo age p em tú ages em p él/ ella/usted age em p nosotros/-as éramos vosotros/-as erais em p ellos/ellas/ustedes eran For that reason, em period em is additionally utilized to suggest an insufficient activity that comes under the above standards. Some instances consist of, p Age la em una de la em tarde -- it was 1 p.m. Yo period genius -I made use of to be an instructor. solid La librera solid age de mi abuelita solid -- The cabinet was my granny's. br Age em When we are defining the history or the setup of an occasion or a tale, is specifically made use of. Consequently, em Age em and also em Fue em can be seen in the very same sentence also. Additionally, The incomplete stressful is regularly related to expressions that explain the regularity of previous activities. As an example, expressions like con frecuencia em (often), a veces (often), cada día (everyday) and so on. h2 Distinction In Between Fue as well as Period h2 Indicating Fue solid is a conjugation of the preterite strained. Age solid is a conjugation of the incomplete stressful. p Sort of Activity solid Fue is made use of with a finished activity. Age is utilized with an insufficient activity. Details Fue solid informs us especially when an activity happened. p Age solid informs us as a whole when an activity happened. Usage Fue is just utilized as the 3rd individual single of em ser. p Age is utilized as the very first individual single as well as the 3rd individual of the particular type of ser. em p