From literature to Jamsil, Japanese independent league continuing ‘Korean Dream’… Will it be possible to fill the gap in ‘left-hand foreigners’

Shirakawa Keisho, who drew the attention of many baseball fans for a short period of time, is expected to continue his “Korean Dream.” The Doosan Bears, struggling with Brandon Waddell’s absence, reached out to Shirakawa.여우알바

Doosan club said on the 8th, “We delivered our intention to recruit (Shirakawa) after the announcement of waivers, and when our turn comes, we will recruit Shirakawa,” adding, “We chose Shirakawa (alternative foreign player) considering various factors such as visa issues, practical sense, and the number of alternative foreign players.”

Each club can nominate Shirakawa in the reverse order of the team when the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced waivers, and as of Thursday, when Shirakawa’s waivers were announced, Doosan ranked fourth. Of the six teams that are lower than Doosan, all five teams, except for SSG Landers, who belonged to Shirakawa, do not need to change foreign pitchers. Although no official announcement has been made yet, this is why Shirakawa is likely to go to Doosan.

Brandon, who pitched well in 18 games, 104 ⅔ innings with 11 wins, 3 losses and an earned run average of 2.49, renewed his contract with Doosan for a total of 1.13 million U.S. dollars ahead of this season. Brandon has gained trust from his team in that he is a pitcher who has already been proven in the league.

However, an unexpected variable has occurred. Brandon felt ill while playing as a starter at the Daegu Samsung match (DH Game 1) on April 23, and left the mound without completing three innings. Brandon, who was replaced due to discomfort in the back of his left shoulder, was diagnosed with injury in the sub-scapular region of his left shoulder after hospital examination. He has to leave the mound for a long time.

Doosan, which moved quickly to minimize Brandon’s gap, was interested in the “alternative foreign player system” introduced in the KBO League ahead of this season. SSG, KIA and Hanwha utilized this system, and all three teams had a lot of fun.

However, the team did not have many options. The team needed players that it could use right away. Meanwhile, SSG, which chose to accompany Roenis Elias, terminated its contract with Shirakawa, who was caught by Doosan’s radar. On top of that, Erik Yokishi, who built himself through individual training for one year, was one of the candidates. After arriving in Korea at the end of last month, Yokishi conducted a test at Icheon Bears Park, Doosan’s second-tier training center.

Doosan, which had to choose between Shirakawa and Yokishi, had a more positive view of Shirakawa, who had played until recently. Shirakawa, who had only played in the Japanese independent league before joining SSG, overcame concerns that he had no overseas league experience and smoothly adapted to the KBO league. He had a record of 2-2 with a 5.09 ERA in 23 innings during five games in June, and played more than five innings in four out of five games.

It was also encouraging that his pitching performance improved as time passed. Shirakawa became a losing pitcher at the game against Lotte on Sunday, his second game, by allowing seven hits, three strikeouts and eight runs (seven earned runs) in one ⅓ inning. However, he displayed stable pitching in three games since then. At the game against NC Dinosaurs in Munhak on Sunday, he had seven hits (two homers) in six ⅓ innings, one strikeout and 10 runs, achieving his first quality start (more than six innings and three earned runs or less) since his debut in the KBO league.

SSG, which had to choose between Elias and Shirakawa, also agonized over this issue. A source at SSG said, “We could not ignore the fact that we were getting better as time goes by. We were not lagging at all in competition to meet foreign players as starters. I also thought highly of that.”

Another factor is that he decided to use the pitcher-friendly Jamsil Baseball Stadium as his home ground, apart from the batter-friendly Incheon SSG Landers Field. Shirakawa played three out of five games at Incheon SSG Landers Field, where he showed good performance with one win, one loss and an earned run average of 3.24 in 16 ⅔ innings in three games. The number of homers he hit was also three, which was not that high. Doosan believes that Shirakawa, who has shown potential at a stadium that is unfavorable to pitchers, will be able to show more confidence at Jamsil Baseball Stadium.

Of course, there is a variable called a physical fitness problem as Shirakawa is not familiar with the rotation on the 5th. Both the team and the players are well aware of this. Attention is focusing on whether Shirakawa, who was called by Doosan, will be able to fill Brandon’s gap.

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