Honorius(produced 395-402 CE)Mint: Mediolanum (Milan)4.4 g gold, 21 mmRIC X 1206; Sear 20916Provenance: James H Cohen (NOLA)Coppola Collection

"I ask yourself if the Emperor Honorius, viewing the Visigoths coming the 7th hillside, can genuinely understand that the Roman Realm will drop. This is truly simply one more web page of background, isn't it? Will this be completion of our human being?" (Captain Jean-Luc Picard, to Guinan, preparing for the Borg strike in Celebrity Expedition: The Future Generation "The most effective of Both Globes I," the 3rd period's ending, program June 18, 1990)

Honorius (Flavius Honorius Augustus; 9 September 384-- 15 August 423 CE) was Western Roman Emperor from 393 to 423 (age 9-39). He was the more youthful child of emperor Theodosius I as well as his very first spouse Aelia Flaccilla, as well as sibling of Arcadius (b. 377), that was the Eastern Emperor from 395 up until his fatality in 408 (age 18-31).

One of the most noteworthy occasion of Honorius's power was the attack as well as Sack of Rome on August 24, 410 by the Visigoths under Alaric. Rome had actually not been assaulted in virtually 800 years. During that time, Rome was no more the resources of the Western Roman Realm, having actually been changed because placement initially by Mediolanum in 286, where this coin was produced, and after that by Ravenna in 402, where various other variations of the Honorius coin were minted.Stilicho, Honorius's

major basic, was both Honorius's guardian (throughout his childhood years)as well as his father-in-law( after the emperor came to be a grown-up). Stilicho's generalship assisted maintain some degree of security, however with his implementation in 408, the Western Roman Realm relocated more detailed to collapse.Rome was under siege by the Visigoths soon after Stilicho

's deposition as well as implementation. Lacking his solid basic to regulate the by-now mainly barbaric Roman Military, the unclear Honorius might do little to strike Alaric's pressures straight, and also obviously took on the only approach he can in the circumstance: wait passively for the Visigoths to burn out as well as invest the moment mustering what pressures he could.Honorius passed away of edema on 15 August 423, leaving no heir.The Western Realm dropped in 476 CE after the 1 year regime of Honorius's nine follower,

Romulus Augustus. His deposition by Odoacer, a soldier that came to be

the initial king of Italy, normally notes completion of old Rome as well as the beginning of the Dark/Middle Ages.The Oriental Realm, additionally described as the Eastern Roman Realm as well as Byzantium, was the extension of the Roman Realm in the East, beginning with ca. 300 CE, as well as via the Dark/Middle Ages and also the Crusades, when its resources city, Constantinople(Istanbul), was up to the Turks in 1453, adhering to the increase of the Footrest Realm, which started in 1300. This is actually simply one more web page of background, isn't it? Will this be completion of our human being? — transform the web page.

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