Experience, Yang Hyun-jong, Kim Kwang-hyun, and Ryu Hyun-jin can grow into the national team”…Yeom Ga-ryang encouraged Son Joo-young despite allowing six runs and four runs in 4.1 innings

“Ju Young-gee is all experience. He is a pitcher who can grow up as a member of the national team along with Kia Tigers following the generations of Yang Hyun-jong (KIA Tigers), Kim Kwang-hyun (SSG Landers) and Ryu Hyun-jin (Hanwha Eagles).”노래방알바

Unfortunately, he suffered defeat in the match against KIA in Gwangju on the 18th, but the head coach spared no encouragement to Son Joo-young (LG Twins). The most important thing for him is experience, and he has the qualifications to grow into a national team pitcher in the future.

Son Joo-young, who was called by LG as the second overall No. 2 in the second first round in 2017, is a left-handed pitcher who plays fastballs in the mid-140km range and breaking balls such as sliders, curves, and forks. He completed his active military service between 2018 and 2020, and recorded 2-6 losses and a 6.99 ERA in 22 games (65.2 innings) until last year.

Son Joo-young displayed disappointing pitching in the match against KIA in Gwangju on the 18th. Photo = Reporter Chun Jung-hwan

Notably, Son is enjoying a meaningful period this year. He has secured the starting lineup for LG by securing the starting lineup for the fifth time. Until Tuesday, his performance in 13 games (65.2 innings) was 5 wins, 3 losses and 3.56 ERA.

However, he had a bad performance recently. He started the match against Kia Tigers in Gwangju on Tuesday, but allowed only six runs and four earned runs in 4.1 innings, taking his fourth loss of this season. Unfortunately, he also had bad luck. He threw three fastballs with a ball count of 0-2 against Lee with two outs and runners on the first and second bases in the bottom of the first inning. Lee hurriedly stopped while trying to swing the bat.

A scene of KIA Lee Woo-sung’s swing at the match against LG in Gwangju on the 18th. The bat clearly turned, but the first base umpire Choi Soo-won declared north wing. Photo = Television broadcast screen capture
On the broadcast screen, Lee Woo-sung’s bat was clearly turned more than half, but the first base umpire Choi Soo-won judged that it was not. Since the check swing is not subject to video review, LG could not even apply for video review. In addition, in the situation immediately after, he made an error in checking the second base.

Of course, it is hard to say that it is a simple misfortune. He displayed such poor ball control that he allowed seven hits along with five walks. The head coach also pointed this out.

“Yesterday (on the 18th) was the worst overall since the opening of the season,” LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop told reporters ahead of the match against Kia Tigers in Gwangju on Wednesday. “The strike-ball ratio also declined. I had the worst pitching performance,” he said. “I had good pitching to the point where I shot 150 kilometers even though I had more than 100 pitches, but I lost control.”

At the same time, Yeom encouraged Son. “It’s all experience for (Son) Joo-young. I talked with my head coach about why my ball control was shaky. I analyzed that part,” he said. “For Joo, each game is a big experience and an important time. He should serve as the pillar of our starting lineup throughout this year and next year. Only then will a team that we think of be formed.”

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop then praised (Son Joo-young) by saying, “(Son Joo-young) is a pitcher who can grow into the national team with Lee Eui-ri following the generations of Yang Hyun-jong, Kim Kwang-hyun, and Ryu Hyun-jin.”

Son Joo-young, who is considered to have a good pitching form with a good reception. Photo = Reporter Chun Jung-hwan

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop predicted that Son Joo-young could grow into a starting pitcher for the national team. Photo = Reporter Kim Young-gu
Then, what is the strength of Son Joo-young that Yeom sees? “I can throw a fastball of 150 kilometers and I like deception (technology that hides the ball well during pitching or makes it difficult for batters to set the timing with release points). Batters rarely attack fastballs. It is because the deception makes the batter look faster.”

Yeom went on to say, “I have strengths in the Mecanic side as well. I also have good thoughts about my physical, mental and baseball. I am a pitcher who has a lot of qualifications to grow.”

He also left homework. That is to supplement fork ball. “I like (Son Joo-young’s) fork, but there are good days and days when it is rolled in. If you adjust a little more, your strikeout ratio will increase. He has a good RBI, and his fork is very shaky. If he gets better at both top and bottom, he will be able to garner more strikeouts,” he predicted. Will Son be able to grow further in the future by living up to his coach’s expectations.

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