Exhausted SSG bullpen, savior is coming back… Confidence in the later years of Sgt. “Anxiety? I don’t have any. I know the fans’ expectations”

Although he was not a member of the club, he did not feel anything out of place. Kim Taek-hyung (28) was busy visiting various facilities to greet his former teammates and coaching staff. He was full of smiles. “The military service is coming up soon and time really flies,” Kim joked.업소알바

Kim Taek-hyung is one of the key players who led his team to win the wire-to-wire title in 2022 (a championship that never missed No. 1 ranking from the opening day of the regular season to the closing day of the season). He performed brilliantly in the bullpen as well. In the Korean Series, he also showed his best performance by intercepting Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants), the opponent team’s key batter, at every critical juncture. However, he joined the military after the 2022 season. Considering his age, it was difficult to postpone his military service any longer.

Having passed the military athletic unit (Sangju Sangmu), Kim played in 20 games last year and 25 games this year. He was not particularly sick while serving in the military. And he is about to be discharged from the military. Kim will become a civilian after fulfilling his military duty on July 15. It must be in everyone’s heart that he wants to take a break after being discharged from the military, but the situation surrounding Kim is not so leisurely. Kim is aware of this. That’s why he is looking forward to the second half of his year without letting go of his tension.

Kim said he did not make any special changes while serving in the military. “We haven’t changed much,” Kim said after the SSG and Futures League games ended. “As the games continue to play, I don’t think there are any problems with my senses. There is nothing particularly difficult. Still, I think I have reached about 80 percent. Now that I go out and play night games, and if I get immersed in the games, I think I will come up completely.”

He is Kim Taek-hyung, who is already in control of his mind and mind in the first division match. “I don’t have any anxiety about what to do when I go out. Rather, I’m confident,” Kim Taek-hyung said. “I think fans are waiting for me a lot. I know the expectations. So there are things that I feel proud of and there are things that I look forward to more. I have a systematic lifestyle and my body has become better. I will do my best until the end.”

Currently, the SSG is composed of Cho Byung-hyun, Roh Kyung-eun, and Moon Seung-won. However, the left-hander is losing strength. Veteran Ko Hyo-joon, who started the season as a left-hander No. 1 setup man at the opening of the season, is somewhat sluggish, and it is difficult to say that Han Doo-sol, who has played a considerable number of innings since the opening of the season, is also at his peak. Some people pay attention to Baek Seung-gun and Park Si-hoo, but Kim Taek-hyung is also the most proven player in the first division.

Kim Taek-hyung has already been a well-proven resource in the first team, with a 2.39 ERA in 59 games in 2021, and 17 saves-10 holds in 64 games in 2022. Since he maintained his sense by playing consistently in Sangmu and stockpiled his physical strength with proper innings management, he is likely to become a first-team player immediately after his discharge. Strong supporters who shoot fiery fastballs are getting ready to join the SSG mound.

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