Even in the ‘Dismantling of Haitai’, the rivalry remains… Why Lotte was excluded from the ‘limited edition’ of the home run ball

Since Lotte Well Food (formerly Lotte Confectionery) is in the Lotte affiliate

Haitai Confectionary will release a local limited-edition home run ball for baseball fans.

Haitai Confectionary announced on the 8th that it will join hands with the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) to launch a local limited-edition home run ball for baseball fans.핑크알바

In the limited edition of the Home Run Ball, the mascot of the professional baseball team was put in the product packaging alone. Haitai Confectionary emphasized, “It is the first regional product that introduces different packaging for each region, not only in the snack industry but also in the food and distribution industry.”

The front of the product packaging is decorated with each club’s mascot, team logo and team symbol color. Only 50,000 bags of the limited edition will be sold in each region until September, when each team’s passion for autumn baseball is hot.

However, the Lotte Giants are not included in the limited edition. Lotte Group reportedly did not participate in the limited edition of the Home Run Ball because it owns Lotte Well Food (formerly Lotte Confectionary), a rival of Haitai Confectionery.

In particular, Haitai and Lotte staged a “Jegwa Daejeon” at the baseball stadium as the Haitai Tigers (now KIA Tigers) and Lotte Giants, which were disbanded at the beginning of the professional baseball in the 1980s, formed a rivalry.

“As Lotte is a competitor, I think I was excluded. This limited edition of the Home Run Ball is not an agreement with each club, but an agreement with the KBO,” Haitai Confectionary said in a telephone interview with MHN Sports on Tuesday. “I feel sorry (for Lotte’s absence), but I think it is a cautious part. Therefore, when Lotte announced its intention not to participate in the KBO, it was fully understood.”

A KBO official explained, “When a company collaborates with the KBO, it asks the club about its intention to participate. Whether or not to participate depends on the club’s self-determination.”

A Lotte source said, “(Haitai Confectionery) is a competitor to Lotte Well Food. As Lotte Well Food is our sponsor and affiliate, he refused to participate.”

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