ERA 5.36′ Park Se-woong’s self-reflection and ‘self-diagnosis’…We just need to fix this in the second half of the year

Lotte’s “native ace” Park Se-woong took a cool look at himself. The result of self-diagnosis was simple. The team should reduce its morale. This is an essential part for Lotte, which aims to advance to the second half of the year.고수익알바

Park had 94 innings, six wins and six losses and an earned run average of 5.36 in 17 games in the first half. This is not what Lotte expected. Over the past three years, Park has pitched more than 150 innings in a three-point range.

He is expected to throw innings this year as before. He has 169 innings in this season. The problem is the content. Just eating a lot of innings does not mean he is an ace.

Park Se-woong is also aware of this. “Looking back, I didn’t get good results because of bad performance in every game. There was a huge difference between when I threw well and when I didn’t. In the meantime, I think there are many areas that stand out as if I was in a bad mood throughout the season. I want to play without any ups and downs as much as possible.”

Indeed, it was. It has been a series of “pong-pong-pong-pong-pong” games since the beginning of the season. He also made QS in three consecutive games from the game against LG on April 18 to the game against Kiwoom on May 1. Excluding this, the situation of “one player who is good at it once cannot do it next” continues.

In June, he allowed more than four runs in four consecutive games. At the game against Doosan on Saturday, his last game in the first half, he slowed down by allowing six runs in four innings. His team also lost.

Park Se-woong said, “I also look at a lot of data. It doesn’t make much difference when it’s good or not. There are also missed hits. There are parts I can’t do anything about, but I’ll prepare well to overcome that.”

“I’m not thinking too much about the automatic ball determination system (ABS). Data teams are constantly receiving data. The coach also talks a lot about how to mix balls. He will also teach me how to play the game. I want to do better on the mound than anyone else.”

In addition, Park Se-woong said, “The first half was a bit frustrating. We have to do well now. Our team also had a bad start in the beginning but continues to improve. We can do better in the second half of the year. We can finish the season with good results. I must work harder first.”

Aaron Wilkerson is showing off his prowess as the first starter. Charlie Barnes will return in the second half. He is likely to play in the match against SSG on the 8th. Park Se-woong’s role becomes more important. Teams with certain 1st to 3rd starters do not sag much. We need Park Se-woong’s strength to aim for fall.

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