Doosan picks Shirakawa as ‘temporary foreign player’

Doosan, a professional baseball team, has selected Shirakawa, who played for SSG as a “temporary foreign player” to fill the void of Brandon, a pitcher who left due to injury.고소득알바

Yokishi, who played for Kiwoom until last year, and Doosan, who struggled over Shirakawa, already received a work visa and chose Shirakawa, who played as a starting pitcher for SSG until last week and had no problem with his sense of practice.

Shirakawa is currently “weaver disclosure,” and Doosan, currently ranked fourth, will confirm its recruitment today (9th) unless the six teams in the lower rankings nominate Shirakawa as expected.

Meanwhile, ahead of the start of the second half of professional baseball, Hanwha encountered a bad news that No. 4 hitter Noh Si-hwan left the All-Star game due to a left shoulder injury, and NC was on alert after Son Ah-seop’s cruciate ligament was found.

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