Don’t show that.” Kkotbumho’s call late at night…Kim Do Young’s reprimand is not the end. It’s the future of KIA and Korean baseball

At Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 2nd, KIA Tigers Kim Do-young (21) was replaced by a reprimand during the game for the first time since his debut. It was a defense with one out and runners on the first and second bases in the bottom of the third inning. After receiving catcher Kim Tae-gun’s throw along with David McKinnon’s swing and miss strikeout, he suddenly threw Koo Ja-wook, who came from second base to third base, to first baseman Seo Geon-chang without tagging out, allowing Koo Ja-wook to occupy third base.퀸알바

Kim Do-young’s main head play allowed Koo to step on the third base and aim for the home run. Koo hit the body of pitcher James Nail who couldn’t get out of the running-down play quickly, and managed to score a run by getting in the way of the base. Kim hit a home run at bat in the top of the fourth inning, but what was caught on the broadcast screen was Lee Bum-ho’s maximus anger. He didn’t congratulate Kim on his home run while telling defense coach Park Ki-nam something. Kim was replaced with a reprimand when the defense started in the bottom of the fourth inning.

At SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Thursday, Kim had to ask Kim about the incident ahead of the All-Star Game. Kim did not comment on the play. Instead, after the game, Lee confessed that he called him in separately. I gave him advice once again and talked with him. Lee said, “It was not just a reprimand, but a sincere message for Kim. It is the present and future of KIA and Korean baseball.

Kim Do-young said, “After the game, the coach called me. Even though I’m in my third year, I told him that it’s better not to be seen in front of the fans and be a sign of the team. He kept thinking about my future going forward. The coach said that, so I made sure to organize my thoughts. I started playing because I thought I should make sure that I can show good performance to the fans so that such play does not come out from the next day.”

In fact, Kim displayed clean defense since then, leading Kia to secure No. 1 ranking in the first half of the season. Above all, he did not hesitate to throw a solo shot at leadoff at the top of the first inning at the game on Saturday, drawing applause from fans. He already has nothing to say about hitting and running base, but he remained calm even after replacement of Bonhead Play and reprimand.

Kim Do-young said, “I had a mental lecture at the beginning of the season. Defense is defense, and hitting is hitting. When you hit, you have to have a separate thought about hitting. It is big that even if your defense is bad, it does not affect your hitting.”

Usually, when a batter makes a mistake in defense, he can’t shake off the afterimage when hitting, which makes him unable to concentrate, and results in absurd results. On the contrary, batters who are in a slump in hitting often make mistakes because they can’t concentrate on hitting even when playing defense. Kim Do-young is in her third year and knows the dangers of this too well.

Kim stressed several times that he is not aware of the possibility of 3-30-30 or even 40-40 season MVP. He does not try too hard to steal, but his recent aggressive bid is to fill up 30 stolen bases quickly and not care anymore. Now that he has come this far, he thinks he should do 3-30-30.

“2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League All-Star Game” held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on July 6, 2024. Nanum All-Star Kim Do-young appears at the batter’s box wearing an umbrella and a headband./Incheon = Reporter Kwak Kyung-hoon

Kim Do-young said, “My dream was to become a player that all fans would like since I started playing baseball. Managing physical strength is important from now on. I need to eat well and sleep well. I have no experience in full-time yet, so I think I will have to get a lot of tips from my seniors and plan well next year.”

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