Don’t care about trade rumors, ‘ERA 0 after June’ Cho Sang-woo “just trying to focus on what I’m going to do”

Kiwoom Heroes closer Cho Sang-woo is playing his first season since being discharged from the military.

In 40 games in the first half, Cho recorded 35 ⅔ innings with one loss, eight holds, five saves and an earned run average of 3.03. As far as June is concerned, he played 12 games, 10 ⅔ and one hold, five saves, which was close to perfection. After changing his position to the final position in mid-April, Cho continued the trend.토토사이트

However, Cho gave himself a poor score. His poor performance in the early days of the season left him regrettable. “I think he scored 3 to 40 points (out of 100 points in the first half),” Cho said ahead of the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO All-Star Game held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 6th. “I worked hard during my military career, but I don’t think I prepared well for that. I should have started the season in good condition, but I personally felt sorry that I had to fix it little by little.”

“It wasn’t very good in the beginning, but I think it’s getting better little by little as I go to the balance,” he said. “I’m not particularly burdened (with the pitching in tight situations). If you take the mound in a winning situation, you have to block it as well as you can, and you have to do well. The team lost a lot in the beginning, so everyone is trying to go high. It’s only half the season, so we’ll be able to go higher.”

How do you feel about being assigned to the closing position after a long time? “The manager told me on the day I came to the closing position, so I prepared right after hearing about it,” Cho said. “Nothing much has changed. It’s the same to throw in the middle anyway, but I think the process has become much easier since we can prepare the closing pitcher in the ninth inning.”

As Cho’s condition has improved, his ball power, which is his strength, is also gradually recovering. “I think his speed has increased to 153 kilometers per hour. I think he has increased to a certain extent. It would be nice if he could increase his speed, but he doesn’t really care. What he cares about the most is his balance,” Cho said.

Jo Sang-woo, who lost more than 10 kilograms ahead of this year’s spring camp, is continuing to manage his weight during the season. “The weather is getting hotter, but I think it’s okay so far,” he said. “I’m trying to keep it going this season.”

Cho Sang-woo was also asked about trade rumors by reporters. As the trade deadline (July 31) is approaching, the name of Cho Sang-woo is often mentioned. In the meantime, Kiwoom has made a trade to receive rookie nominations and prospects, and Cho Sang-woo’s value has increased as fierce competition continued throughout the first half of the year.

The player himself tries not to care too much. “As articles keep coming out, I get a lot of calls asking, ‘Will you be traded?'” Cho said. “I say, ‘How do I know?'” Cho said, “I don’t care at all. (Trading) is not something I can do. I will focus more on what I can and do well on the mound.”

Jo Sang-woo, who wants to focus only on the present, said, “My biggest goal is to finish the second half without getting hurt,” adding, “I want all the players to go up. (Players) are going to work hard together.”

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