“Don’t be sorry, do it with confidence” I gave it a 19 year old rookie finish, but…2.45 Billion FA Showing Off Great Dignity

The story of Hong Gun-hee (Doosan Bears), who gave up his position as a closer to a 19-year-old rookie due to repeated sluggishness, has been revealed.

Kim Taek-yeon, a new closer of the Doosan Bears in professional baseball, pitched as a relief pitcher in Game 9 of the season against the Hanwha Eagles in the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 13th and earned his third save of the season with no runs in the ⅓ innings. He won a save from the first day of being assigned the finishing position, shining the decision of manager Lee Seung-yeop to change his position.먹튀검증

Doosan Bears entered the top of the ninth inning with a 9-3 lead, but left-hander Lee Kyo-hoon, who needed experience in the first division, was substituted after being hit by Moon Hyun-bin’s two-run double in the crisis of first and second bases with one out and two walks. Even Kim Myung-shin allowed a timely hit against Lee Won-seok, allowing the team to trail him by 9-6.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop took the mound with rookie Kim Taek-yeon, who suddenly chose Kim as his team’s new closer before the game. Kim struck out Kim Tae-yeon with four pitches, signaling the birth of Doosan’s “New Closer.”

Kim Taek-yeon, whom I met after the game, said, “I didn’t know if I would throw in today’s game, but I feel good because I went up to the save situation and blocked it neatly without much trouble. I feel good to be able to make saves from the first day after the game.”

Coach Lee Seung-yeop delivered the news on replacement of the closing pitcher before the game. “Hong Kun-hee is waiting in front of me. And Kim Taek-yeon is preparing behind me,” Lee said. “I thought a lot about it. The closing pitcher changed twice last year as well as early this year. It’s a little strange that the team changes twice in a season, but the mood of the team is a little down, and if the team gives a game in the end, it will have a big impact. Kun-hee will probably have mental burden, too. To change the atmosphere, he has come to make changes to save both Gun-hee and the team.”

As for the reason for entrusting the 19-year-old rookie to the position of closure, he said, “He has the best pitching and stability. Until now, (Kim) Taekyeon blocked him and looked behind him, but now he has to safely take the road to Taekyeon. I think an important situation will come sooner than the ninth inning, but the number of bullpen sessions is considerable. There are many good players, too. If he keeps his win and goes to Taekyeon, I think his team’s chances of winning will increase.”

“In the case of Kim Taek-yeon, he had a contraction when he failed in the opening game. He struggled on his own as the ball hit him, which should not have been hit on the professional stage. At the same time, he had a lot of balls and four balls, but he gained a lot of confidence as he produced the result after returning from the second division. The failure against KIA was bigger than the failure of the opening game, but he has overcome it well and is coming well. I think he has fully adapted to the professional stage,” he added.

When I asked Kim how he felt about finishing the game, he said, “I didn’t know it would be the end of the game, but the coach said he would assign me more important tasks, so I felt a sense of responsibility. However, I was going to throw the ball as I was doing in the 7th and 8th innings. I just need more responsibility as I am a pitcher who will play in the 9th inning. The coach told me to think that there is no pitcher behind me. I will take responsibility when I go to the end of each game.”

Kim Taek-yeon, who made his first save as a closing pitcher, made his first save. Was it different from the past two saves? “It was a bit different as I went up as a real closing pitcher. However, I threw with the same mindset. I thought I still had one point left even when I got a big hit because I was only three points behind. I tried to throw boldly from the first pitch as it was two outs,” he said.

He also revealed his conversation with the ending Hong Kun-hee. It was an episode that showed the dignity of a senior artist’s grandfather. “Many seniors congratulated me, but (Hong) Geon-hee talked a lot. He told me not to be sorry and to be confident. If I had any questions, I would ask them comfortably, and they told me everything, so there was no problem,” Kim Taek-yeon said.

Finally, Kim Taek-yeon said, “The title of closing is an important position. This is where the team can win for three hours and lose in just one minute. That’s why I need to take responsibility,” and added, “There may be days when you lose because of me, but you have to prepare well for such a difficult time.”

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