Director Kim Tae-hyung visited the mound in person and tapped Kim Sang-soo’s buttocks to overcome the 8th inning, which was like a nightmare… “You’re working hard.”

Manager Kim Tae-hyung, who visited the mound in person in the eighth inning, gave strength by tapping the butt of a veteran pitcher who was struggling for the team.

Kim Sang-soo, who had been shaken since manager Kim Tae-hyung’s visit, quickly regained stability and finished the eighth inning without losing a point. Kim Sang-soo, who collapsed by himself by making a throwing error on the mound in the eighth inning when the game was tied the previous day, overcame the nightmare of the eighth inning.고수익알바

The game between the SSG Landers and the Lotte Giants took place at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Sunday. The game was tight the previous day, but the game was overturned in no time due to Lotte’s must-winner Kim Sang-soo’s throwing error to the first base in the eighth inning.

Kim Sang-soo, who gave up a straight walk to leadoff hitter Park Sung-han in the eighth inning when the score was 4-4, made a critical throwing error when Kim Min-sik, a first baseman, bunt. While Kim Sang-soo’s throw passed the key of the first baseman and fell back, he ran first baseman Park Sung-han to the home plate to succeed in turning the tables. Afterwards, Kim Sang-soo, a must-winner, collapsed due to a timely hit by Ko Myung-joon and an RBI sacrifice fly by Jihoon Choi. With one out count left, manager Kim Tae-hyung lowered Kim Sang-soo and put Lee Min-seok on the mound to wrap up the eighth inning.

Lotte, which lost three consecutive games, escaped the losing streak with a 6-1 victory with six scoreless innings of ace Barnes, who returned from injury the next day, and veteran Jung Hoon’s final hit.

Kim Sang-soo is disappointed after giving up a straight walk to Ha Jae-hoon after one out in the eighth inning

Manager Kim Tae-hyung, who visited the mound in person, encouraged Kim Sang-soo
Although it was not a noticeable performance like starting pitcher Barnes’ good pitching and Jung Hoon’s final hit, there was also the pitching of veteran Kim Sang-soo, who was silently responsible for the eighth inning with consecutive pitching for the team.

Kim Sang-soo, who took the mound as the third pitcher in the eighth inning with a 5-0 lead, took a deep breath before entering pitching. Kim Sang-soo, who collapsed by making a throwing error to the first base in the eighth inning when Kim Min-sik’s bunt hit was tied at 4-4 the previous day, focused more on the match with the batter as if he had changed his mind.

Kim Sang-soo, who started pitching with some room by five points, threw a fastball, slider, and change-up against leadoff hitter Ko Myung-joon to take away the timing completely and strike out his first out count in a good mood.

Kim Sang-soo, who suddenly lost control of his ball in a match with Ha Jae-hoon after one out, gave up a straight walk. At that time, Kim Tae-hyung, not coach Joo Hyung-won, ran towards the mound himself.

On the previous day, Kim Tae-hyung, who came to the mound in person for Kim Sang-soo, who made a throwing error after a straight walk, encouraged a veteran who was struggling for two consecutive days. After a short meeting, Kim Tae-hyung gave strength to Kim Sang-soo by tapping his hip right before coming off the mound.

Kim Sang-soo, who regained stability after head coach Kim’s visit to the mound, completely overcame the nightmarish eighth inning by turning his follow-up hitters Jihoon Choi and Park Ji-hwan into misfires.

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