‘Defending champion’ LG perfectly silenced the total 40 holds 1 round, and the director is also the first to compliment

I’m currently in the best condition to play baseball because you paid a lot of attention in the training part.”

Professional baseball Samsung Lions pitcher Choi Ji-kwang’s perfect pitching shone. With the best pitching this season, he contributed to producing a 5-4 reversal drama.

Choi Ji-kwang, who was drafted by Samsung in the second round in 2017 after graduating from Busan High School, has 40 holds in total in the first division. In particular, he has been a key member of the Samsung lineup, recording double-digit holds for three consecutive years since 2019.먹튀검증

At a home game against the LG Twins held at Daegu Samsung Lions Park on Sunday, Choi silenced the opponent team’s lineup by striking out one and throwing no points in two ⅓ innings. He threw a mixture of sliders and curves, with a maximum speed of 147 kilometers per hour. Of the total 28 pitchers, 19 were strikes.

Taking the mound instead of Yang Hyun with two outs in the fifth inning when his team was losing 2-4, Choi struck out the first batter, Park Hae-min, with three pitches. He guided Shin Min-jae and Hong Chang-ki to fly to the outfield in the sixth inning, and then grounded out Moon Sung-joo to the first base. Choi Ji-kwang, who grounded out LG’s key batters including Kim Hyun-soo, Austin Dean and Park Dong-won with infield grounder in the seventh inning, handed over the mound to Lim Chang-min after meeting the requirement to become a winning pitcher in the eighth inning when his team was leading 5-4.

Lim Chang-min, Kim Tae-hoon, and Oh Seung-hwan pitched two scoreless innings to secure a 5-4 victory. This marks Samsung’s third consecutive win since the game against Kiwoom in Gocheok on the 9th.

Choi Ji-kwang, who showed his best pitching this season, said, “He is in the best condition to play baseball because he paid a lot of attention in the training part. I wanted to come to the first team as soon as possible because the team’s performance was good, but I prepared well according to my condition so as not to be in a hurry as much as possible.”

“I think it’s my role to take responsibility for a lot of innings without giving them as many points as possible as today’s situation,” he said, adding, “It was a game where I was able to do what I could do best in my position.”

Koo Ja-wook hit a superior solo arch as the leadoff hitter in the sixth inning when his team was trailing 2-4, and led the 5-4 reversal by hitting a double to left-center in the seventh inning with two outs and runners on first and second base. Choi Ji-kwang, who reported his first win of the season thanks to Koo Ja-wook’s performance, said, “I’m grateful to (former) Ja-wook because I think he got a good result with his hit, rather than throwing well.”

Meanwhile, coach Park Jin-man said after the game, “Choi Ji-kwang showed good pitching in the middle and threw well. Kim Tae-hoon defended well from the crisis, and Oh Seung-hwan showed solid performance again today.”

“All the RBIs that Koo produced played a crucial role in the team’s victory. I want to compliment Ahn Joo-hyung who was in charge of the infield by showing his great defense,” he added.

“We were losing 0-4 in the beginning of the game, but the players who came from behind to make a come-from-behind 5-4 showed good concentration. I would also like to thank the fans for their support.”

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