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Infant, I understand that best concerning currently you may thinkThat we ain'& #x 27; t mosting likely to make it however'#x & wear 27; t worryBelieve in me and also call my name whenever you require meI'& #x 27; ll constantly be there for you whatever my dad claimsDad I'& #x 27; m crazy with a thugDaddy I'& #x 27; m crazy with a gangstaDaddy I'& #x 27; m crazy with a thugDon & #x 27; t seethe reason I & #x 27; m crazy with a gangsta I never ever believed that I would certainly fulfill the girlThat would certainly linger although you informed meThat your moms and dads make use of to claim I informed you soHe'& #x 27; s a hairless headed gangsterAnd via his eyes I see insanityBut lady that never ever quit youAnd to today I rock youYou'& #x 27; re my girlAnd you'& #x 27; re the one that & #x 27; s constantly been aroundWhen I required love you held me tightYou kissed me via the nightPeople informed you that I was violentPeople informed you that I was crazyBut still we both continue to be as oneWhen you really feel discomfort, I really feel the painYou never ever left my sideWhen you seethed you maintained all of it insideYou never ever informed me matter truth you make use of to hold meAnd that was much like nothingLike the globe was produced me as well as youYou'& #x 27; re so damn strongI commit to you this songCause you'& #x 27; re the lady that'& #x 27; s seen the wayI & #x 27; ve currently came to be a peanut currently earn money off my rapsDon'& #x 27; t demand to take fools off the mapBut I will certainly if I need to wear'& #x 27; t assume that I went softAll points be the sameI'& #x 27; ll placed an opening inside your mind
I'& #x 27; m gon na thanks for those timesYou placed an encourage my faceYou'& #x 27; ve constantly had the ability to make me seeThat life be harsh yet I be toughI obtained ta continue fightingAll them tests and also tribulationsLife ain'& #x 27; t never ever been fairBut I obtained ta remain on leading to make it throughI obtained ta make it can'& #x 27; t allowed no muthafucker take itI constantly maintain it actual with the spunk that I revealI can'& #x 27; t allow all them bad thoughtsThat approach all inside meI obtained ta keep composureCause the evil one strolls close to meGot negative as well as great upon my shouldersBut I really feel one heavyI'& #x 27; m so derangedMy mind & #x 27; s insaneI'& #x 27; m cursedI & #x 27; m dead alreadyNow what am I to do when deathKeeps calling out my nameI really feel the discomfort however I won'& #x 27; t complainI & #x 27; ll view the rainstart as well as rest thinkingReminiscing round them times we make use of to haveAll them times we still be havingCause it'& #x 27; s you that & #x 27; s obtained the maninThoughts that make me see just how much I enjoy youI placed no person over youAnd I'& #x 27; m constantly thinking about you
I wished to sweat youSince the really initial day that I satisfied youBut lady you made me waitDo you remember our initial dateI attempted to order your handYou pressed me back as well as informed me to stopWhen all that I wished to do was holdAnd attempt to make you mineWhoever assumed that me and also youWould reach be what we currently beTwo collaborated as one foreverYou and also I will certainly stick togetherBaby you'& #x 27; re the one that & #x 27; s made me realizeThat life is what you make itAnd without you I won & #x 27; t make it That & #x 27; s right I recognize yous in loveWith this gangsta an actual GComing out that SD babyIt'& #x 27; s simply you as well as me for eternityKnow what I'& #x 27;
m sayin This is going outTo the one that'& #x 27; s made my life completeFor you have actually reached be an angelSent from up aboveCause ain'& #x 27; t nothing else girlWould have actually tolerated the kinda spunk I doI'& #x 27; m a criminal, I & #x 27; m a ganstaAnd I do all that crap that wicked fools doBut you'& #x 27; ve upheld me no matterWhat occurs as well as I enjoy youMuch regard