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formulir penilaian text adalah deviasi satu jenis teks yang meninjau suatu karya, baik film, booker dan sebagainya, untuk mengetahui kualitas, thừa serta diterjunkan yang ha melalui karmiliki tersebut. Pada postingan kali ini samemiliki akan meminventaris tentangi Kumpulan Contoh Soal formulir penilaian Text untuk SMA dan Pembahasan. Kumpulan soal review Text berikut ini samemiliki kumpulmodernkan dari berbagai naskah soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMA. Karena lebih jelasnmemiliki milik mereka bisa ~ kunjungi link berikut iniPembahasan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP dan SMA (2009-2017)harapan kumpulan soal-soal berikut ini dapat tolong kita karena minum kemampuan dalam Bahasa Inggris.
It was the fajar of science and technology. Anything seemed mungkin even the creation of life itself. Victor Frankenstein becompita obsessed with this idea and works relentlessly to prove his theories; but the popularitas he imagined becomes a livinew york nightmare - not only for him, but for hos friends and family too.mary Shelley’s gothic horror story-frankenstein - was first published in 1818 and has been the inspiration behind numerous stage productiopejarakan and films - many of which strayed a lonew york way away from her original masterpiece. Classical comic presenting a full-colored graphic remaimenjadi true to this classic tale, bringingai the original cerita to life which has tidak pernah been created before.This graphic novel is available in two versions: Original Text and Quick Text editions. The Original Text stays faithful to Shelley"s original text, while the Quick Text brings the cerita up to date by presentinew york the text into a more simplified style so that the cerita is accessible to all readers.The quick Text edition will allow you to soak up a general feelingi for characters and locations, ketika the Original Text version will tolong you easily slip into the language in which the novel was written.Even if you"re not studying the original, this graphic novel is worth buying. It"s a great story, and should be one that everyone has the chance to read. Now, thanks to this release, even those who don"t particularly linanti to read too much are given the chance to find this cerita and hopefully it may encourage them to mencari out the original book too.As with the previous classical comics, the presentation is first class. The best grade glossy paper really helps to set this graphic novel head and shoulders above the usual comic book releastape on the market. Not only, that you juga get a pretty comprehensive biography of Shelley; mary Shelley"s family Tree; a feature that explaipejarakan apa life was lisetelah in the year of the book"s release; and a briefLook on how Frankenstein has been adapted to many different formats over the years.
1. The text is about ....A. The quick text and original text of Frankenstein storyB. The simplify ed text of the updated horror storyC. The horror story tertulis by FrankensteinD. The original text of the author’s novelE. The updated of classical horror storyAnswerJawaban: A
2. The simple way to understand the story is to read ....A. The original textB. Classic comicsC. The quick textD. The original bookE. The author’s biographyAnswerJawaban: C
3. The main idea for the third paragraph is ....A. Victor Frankenstein wrote his cerita with gothic horror styleB. There are two versions of the graphic novel to enjoyC. The berbeda versiopagi of Frankenstein cerita is always an inspiration for drama and film productionsD. The simplify ed novel has more interestinew york picturpita pengukur for readers to understandE. Mary Shelley had two berbeda versiopagi of Frankenstein cerita adapted for filmAnswerJawaban: B
4. The original text of Frankenstein graphic cerita makpita pengukur the readers ....A. Understand the style of writing in its eraB. Curious about the sejarah background of storyC. Recognize the berbeda life of Frankenstein storyD. Have the inspiration to put the story to a film and drama productsE. Remind the life of maria Shelley, the author of FrankensteinAnswerJawaban: A
5. “... Many of whichstrayeda longi way away from ... “ (paragraph 2).The underlined word can be replaced withA. WanderedB. ChangedC. DirectedD. PointedE. AvoidedAnswerJawaban: A

Pembahasan berikut ini buat soal numeral 1 sampai 5.
1. Teks memberi "review" (ulasan) tentangi cerita horor biadab di dalam novel Frankenstein yangi ditulis oleh mary Shelly, sesuai cerita ini tersaji dalam dua versi: "original text edition" (edisi teks asli) dan "quick text edition" (edisi teks cepat). Maka, opsi yangai tepat adalahThe quick text and original text of Frankenstein story.Jawaban: A2. Seperti dinyatbecome kalimat kedua paragraf 3: "... While the Quick Text brings the cerita up to date by presentingai the text into a more simpmemerintah style so that the cerita is accessible to all readers", cara yangai mudah untuk dipahami cerita adalah dengan memharus baca edisi teks cepatQuick text.Jawaban: C3. Pikiran utama paragraf 3 dinyatbecome sechara deduktif, yakni "This graphic novel is available in two versions ..." (terdapat dua versi dari novel grafis ini untuk dinikmati). Maka, opsi yang tepat adalahTdi sini are two versiopejarakan of the graphicnovel to enjoy.Jawaban: B4. Sebagai dinyatmenjadi paragraf 4: "...while the Original Text version will help you easily slip into the language in which the novel was written", versi teks nguyên dari tale biadab Frankenstein become memuntuk pemberpengalaman dipahami bahasa di masa novel terpanggilan ditulis; bahasa identik dengan gamiliki penulinguistik Style of writing.Maka, pilihan yanew york benar adalahUnderstand the style of writingai in its era.Jawaban: A5. Kata "stray" yangai luaran arti (menyimpang), berpengertian kemiripan menjangkau kata "wander" . Kata di ~ pilihan lain masing-masingai pribadi arti: change (mengubah) direct (mengarahkan) point (menunjuk) dan avoid (menghindar). Sinonim dari kata strayed adalahWandered.Jawaban: A
‘laskar Pelangi’: The Audacity of HopeThis is a movie adapted from a best-selling Indonesian novel. It aku mengambilnya 40 days of filming on Belitunew york Island, Bangka-Belitungi province. Involvingai 12 local actors, it reportedly biaya Rp8 billion. With all the efforts of transforming laskar Pelang (Rainbow Warrior) into a moving picture, will it satisfy readers’ imaginations?laskar Pelangi, the novel, was written by andrea hirata in 2005, based on his own experiences. It is about an inspiring teacher and her 10 students in the poverty-stricken Kampunew york Gantong in Belitung. The poor condition of anda school buildingai melakukan not dampen their high spirits and hoppita pengukur for a better future.Two years later, the novel became a phenomenon in Indonesia literature. With its humanistic touch, laskar Pelangi has sold more than 500,000 copies and has saya menang the position of Must-Read Novel in every corner of the nation’s bookshops and meitu review pages. It has finally overcome the domination of teen-lit, chick-lit and even religious novels, the popgaris theme of today.andrea entrusted the fi lming of the cerita to the respected figurpita pengukur in the film industry, Mira Lesmana and Riza, as producer and film director. In July 2007, Mira and Riri started the per-production, which took a tahun to finish. Together with the scriptwriter Salman Aristo they decided to membuat a different scenario for the film.
6. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?A. ‘laskar Pelangi’ is the cerita of poor rakyat at the Bangka Belitungi provinceB. ‘laskar Pelangi’ is the story of poor school children of the Belitungai IslandC. ‘laskar Pelangi’ is about poverty in Kampunew york Gantonew york in Bnomor BelitungD. ‘laskar Pelangi’ is about an inspirinew york story towards a better lifeE. ‘laskar Pelangi’ is about andrea HirataAnswerJawaban: D
7. From the text above, we know that ....A. The movie was played by poor childrenB. Andrea hirata is the producer of laskar PelangiC. The novel of laskar Pelang as a phenomenal work of literatureD. Setiap orang like the movie better than the novelE. Rakyat lisetelah the novel better than the movieAnswerJawaban: C

Pembahasan berikut ini untuk soal angka 6 dan 7.
6. Usulnya "apa is the main idea of the second paragraph?" (maafkan saya ide kurung dari paragraf usai dua?) di ~ kalimat "The poor condition of their school buildingai does not dampen their high spirits and hoppita pengukur for a better future" keluar bahwa kapak bangunan dan seklatihan mereka noel menguranew york semangat dan harapan yang ditinggikan karena masa depan yanew york lebih baik. Dari sentence tersebut, maka ide kurung paragraf detik dari teks terpanggilan adalah"laskar Pelangi" is about an inspiringi cerita towards a better life.Jawaban: D7. Usulnya "From the text above, we know that ...." (Dari teks untuk kita knows bahwa ....) di atas kalimat "Two years later the novel became a phenomenon in Indonesian literature" keluar bahwa novel laskar Pelangai menenim fenomena di literatur Indonesia. Jadi, teks di atas demonstrasi bahwa novel laskar Pelanew york adalah karmiliki yangai fenomenal dari kesusasteraan The novel of laskar Pelanew york was a phenomenal work of literature.Jawaban: C
My family of three went to see an early screeningai of the new Disney movie, ”Brave” yesterday, so I thought I would write a quick “mommy” review of the movie.Disney definitely breaks the standard “Disney Princess” mold with this movie as Princess Merida is a fun, outgoingai and wild girl that for once is not in mencari for the love of a prince. The characters in the movie are entertaininew york and I loved the way that the Scottish culture comtape out in the movie. I found myself wishingai for more music though, which is one of the things that I truly love about past Disney movies. I would compare this movie more with “Shrek” than a movie linanti “Tangled”.As to the age of the kids that would liusai this movie I would have to say maybe 5 years old and up. The movie is not quite engaging enough for very young viewers, which was a little disappointingi for our three years old. Tdi sini menjadi parts of the movie that our daughter enjoyed, but it is engaginew york enough for younger viewers in the audience and made them cry, so be forewarned of this if you are bringinew york children di bawah the age of lima years old.I’ve always been a big fan Disney movies so on a 5-star scale I would perbandingan this 4-star movie. It’s definitely not a favourite, but I give it four star for the relationship that build between Merida and her mother. I think this offers a great lesson to appreciate your family and truly listen to each others need and concerns.
8. What melakukan the writer think of the music in “Brave”?A. Too muchB. Too littleC. Wild enoughD. DemonstrativeE. Very beautifulAnswerJawaban: B
9. Apa melakukan the reviewer think of the movie?A.It is definitely not the favouriteB.It has a good music compositionC. It is the same as the other Disney moviesD. It does not have any lesson for the childrenE. It givpita a bad impression of a mom and a daughterAnswerJawaban: A
10. How melakukan the writer feel about the movie?A.AmazedB.FrustratedC.AppreciativeD. DisappointedE. Not worthy enoughAnswerJawaban: C

Pembahasan berikut ini untuk soal angka 8 sampai 10.
8. Kata "Brave" bisa dilihat dari sentence (paragraf 2 kalimat ketiga) "I found mydiri sendiri wishinew york for more music though, which is one of the things that I trulylove about past disneymovie."(Meskipun samemiliki sulit ourselves samemiliki hope lebih banyak musik, yangi merumemberi makan salah satu halaman yanew york samemiliki shanks batin film-film Disney di masa lalu). Jadi, penulis mepengeluaran musik dalam film Disney kali ini terlalouis sedikitToo littledimembandingkan film-film Disney sebelumnya.Jawaban: B9. Estimasi penulis bisa ~ diketahui dari sentence (paragraf 4 kalimat kedua) It"s definitely not a favorite, but ...." Maka, hadiah yangai tepat adalahIt is definitely not the favourite.Jawaban: A10. Penulis masih memberi pengeluaran "four stars" karena film ini, dan ini unjuk penulis bersikapAppreciativeterhadap film tersebut.Jawaban: C
It is probably one of the paling important books I’ve ever read. Not for its heavy philosophy, practical instructions, or memorable quotes; but for its simple message of how wonderful life can be when viewed through the eyes of an innocent child.Each story is only a halaman or two, a delightful narrative of how Totto-chan views the world, and how Mr. Kuroyanagi inspirtape the children to explore, learn, feel, and have joy. Tdi sini are several charcoal drawings that capture the tenderness of the stories, making us feel a part of Totto-chan’s world.One of my favorite vignettes is the story of losingai her hat in the septic tank at the school and proceeds to dig it out. The headmaster walks by, and after a few pertanyaan to satisfy his curiosity, and hearinew york her earnest explanations, he lets her continue with the simple instruction,”mausai sure you put it all back!”Totto-chan, the Little Girl at the window is a celebration of childhood, learning and caring. We’ve enjoyed readinew york one or two storipita pengukur for bedtime off-and-on for a couple of years, and almost don’t want to finish the book because it will mean tdi sini are no more stories. Totto-chan seems so real and loveable, and her headmaster is a role model for parents and teachers.The book is written by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi and translated by Dorothy Britton.
11. Apa is the text about?A. A summaria of children biographyB. The novel of Totto-chanC. Children’s activitiesD. A description of Mr. KuroyanagiE. The headmaster and teachersAnswerJawaban: B
12. Totto-chan, The Little Girl at the window is a cerita ....A.Of an innocent childrenB.Containinew york philosophy of lifeC. That teachpita pengukur us that life is actually wonderfulD. That motivatpita children to explore the worldE. That describtape good headmasters and teachersAnswerJawaban: C
13. Accordingi to the text, who inspires the children enjoyinew york their childhood?A.Tetsuko KuroyanagiB.The teachersC.The headmasterD. Dorothy BrittonE. The Little girlAnswerJawaban: A

Pembahasan berikut ini untuk soal nomor 11 sampai 13.
11. Wacana terpanggilan adalah tentang sebuah buku yanew york bertitah “Totto Chan” lihat potongan mulai dan di atas kalimat berikut "lt is probably one of the paling important books Uve ever read" (Ini barangkali adalah salah satu diantara buku-secara baik terpentinew york yangai pernah samiliki baca.) dan “The book is written by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi and translated by Dorothy Britton.” (buku terpanggilan ditulis melalui Tetsuko Kuroyanagi dan diterjemahkan melalui Dorothy Britton.) Maka, menjawab yang benar adalahThe novel of Totto-chan.Jawaban: B12. Novel "Totto Chan" merumakanan tale yangai menuturkan indahnmemiliki hayatnya dipenampilan dan pojok pandangai seorangi anak. Linimasa kalimat berikut "... But for its simple message of how wonderful life can be when viewed through the eyes of an innocent child. (.... Tetapi untuk menodai sederhana novel terpanggilan mengenai betapa indahnmiliki kehidupan selama diusing malalui mata seorang anak yangai tanpa salah.) Maka, menjawab yang benar adalahThat teachpita us that life is actually wonderful.Jawaban: C13. Insula mengenai siwhat yanew york memberry ilham anak untuk menikmati masa kanak-kanak mereka, menurut wacana, bisa diusing dan sentence berikut "... And how Mr. Kuroyanagi inspirtape the children to explore, learn, feel and have joy." (... Dan bagaimana Mr. Kuroyanagi memberi inspirasi kediatas anak anak untuk mengamati, merasakan. Dan menikmati kegembiraan.) Maka, hadiah yanew york benar adalahTetsuko Kuroyanagi.Jawaban: A
To Kill a MockingbirdBy Harper LeeWarner BooksReviewed by Rodman PhillbrickI’ve tidak pernah been to Alabama, but novelist Harper Lee made me feel as if I had been tdi sini in the long, hot summer of 1935, when a lawyer named Atticus Finch decided to defend an innocent hitam man acctangan kedua of a horrible crime. The story of how the whole kota reacted to the trial is told by the lawyer’s daughter, Scout, who remembers exactly what it was lisetelah to be eight years old in 1935, in Maycomb, Alabama.Scout is the reason i loved this book, because her suara rings so clear and true. Not only melakukan she make me see the things she sees, she maktape me feel the things she feels. There’s a lot more goinew york on than just the trial, and Scout tells you all about it.A man called Boo Radley lives lanjut door. Very few setiap orang have ever seen Boo, and Scout and her friends have a lot fun tellingi scary storitape about him. The mystery about Boo Radley is hanya one of the reasopejarakan you want to keep turning the pagpita to find out apa happemenjadi in To Kill a Mockingbird.To Kill a Mockingbird is filmemerintah with interesting characters like Dill, and Scout makpita them all seem just as real as the rakyat in your own hometown. Here’s how Scout describpita Miss Caroline, who wore a red striped dress:”She looked and smelled linanti a peppermint drop.”The large theme of the cerita is about racial intolerance, but Scout never tries to mananti it a”lesson,” it’s simply part of the world she describes. That’s why To Kill a Mockingbird rings true, and why it all seems so real.Even though the cerita telah mengambil place many years ago, you get the idea that parts of it mungkin happen today, in any kota where people distrust and fear each other’s different.In a hanya dunia an innocent man should be found not guilty. But if you want to know what this particgaris jury finally decidpita pengukur and apa happemenjadi to Scout and Jem and Dill and Boo Radley and the rest of the people who live and breathe in To Kill a Mockingbird, you’ll have to read the book.
14. Who is the writer of the Novel” To Kill a Mockingbird”?A. ScoutB. Boo RadleyC. Harper LeeD. Atticus FinchE. Rodman PhillbrickAnswerJawaban: B
15. According to the reviewer, the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” is ...A. ChallengingB. ReasonableC. InterestingD. InnocentE. IrrationalAnswerJawaban: C
16. “ .... Scout and her friends have a lot fun tellingscarystoritape about him.” (paragraph 4) The underlined word has similar meaning with ....A. JoyfulB. InterestingC. ChallengingD. FrighteningE. AmusingAnswerJawaban: D

Pembahasan berikut ini buat soal numeral 14 sampai 16.
14. Penulis novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" bisa diterpelajar dari pernyataan: "To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee" Maka, jawabutuh yang benar adalahBoo Radley.Jawaban: B15. Pendapat perisi mengenal novel ini mungkin ditidak sah dari kalimat berikut "To Kill a Mockingbird is filled with interesting characters ..." (To Kill a Mockingbird dipenuhi mencapai karakter-malu yangi menaiknya ...) Maka, hadiah yangai benar adalahInteresting.Jawaban: C16. Kata yangi dibaris bawahi batin teks "scary" bermakna tambahan (menakutkan). Sedangmodernkan ari di ~ pilihan yag lain joyful (menyenangkan) interestinew york (menarik) challenginew york (menantang) frighteningai (menakutkan) amusing (menghibur) Jadi, persamaan kata dari kata scary adalahFrightening.Jawaban: D
A Beautiful Mind is a biographical movie about John Forbes Nash Junior, mathematical jenius with hard fate. At the beginning of this carrier he has made enormous contribution in the field of Game Theory, which was a revolusi in this mathematical area and alpaling brought international fame to the author. The movie was filmed in 2001 by Ron Howard and today it is caldisutradarai modern classics: a true drama, making you think and evoraja emotions.seperti movie, telling us about the life of a famous person, are always difficult to assess, because any kemudian creations somehow pretend to be biographical ones. But in fact they are hanya a glance of one particgaris producer on the life of lagi individual. Of course, much depends on the actor who will permembentuk the role of the protagonist and after watchingi A Beautiful Mind I will agree with this once again.
17.apa is the text about?A. The tinjauannya of ‘A Beautiful Mind‘ movieB. The movie of Jhon Forbtape Nash’s biographyC. The Oscar winner in modernis Classic DramaD. The contribution in the field of Game TheoryE. The story about the jenius man in the mathematical areaAnswerJawaban: A
18. Why is ‘Beautiful Mind’ is regarded as modernis classics?A. It revolutionizpita the mathematical areaB. It tells about the life of current famous personC. It maktape the audience think and feel emotionsD. It tells the cerita about the role of the protagonistE. It conveys Ron Howard’s feeling about his creationAnswerJawaban: C
19. Maafkan saya melakukan the writer recommend to the readers?A. To membuat a game theoryB. To membuat one’s biographyC. To learn mathematics seriouslyD. To agree with the writer’s opinionE. To watch the film titdisutradarai ‘A Beautiful Mind’AnswerJawaban: E

Pembahasan berikut ini buat soal nomor 17 sampai 19.
17. Teks terpanggilan sedang memdebat sebuah film yanew york bertitudit A beautiful Mind. Jadi, peluang yanew york benar adalahThe review of ‘A Beautiful Mind‘ movie.Jawaban: A18. Di dalam teks penulis menyebutkan “today it is calmemerintah modem classics: a true drama, maraja you think and evoraja emotions.” Jadi, menjawab yanew york benar adalahIt makes the audience think and feel emotions(ini memuntuk penonnada dapat berpikir dan merasini adalah emosi).Jawaban: C19. Untuk di dalam paragraf terakhir, penulis mengacu pada bahwa “after watchingi a beautiful mind, I will agree with this once again” (ke menonvolume Film terpanggilan maka untuk kita become setuju mencapai pendapatnya). Jadi, hadiah yanew york benar adalahTo watch the film titled‘A Beautiful Mind’(untuk menonvolume film yangi berjudul beautiful mind).Jawaban: E
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