last holiday, I went to Surabaya with my friend for vacation. We went tdi sini on a night bus.When we arrived in Lamongan, the bus stopped at a kecil restaurant for a rest. I got off the bus to get a cup of ginger tea, and my friend drank some dingin lemonade. Kemudian I went to the toilet. It ambil only a few minutes.When I came out again, the bus was not there. It had gone! My friend was not tdi sini too. Feelingi shocked and livingdazed.comnfused, I asked a waitress about the bus. She said that the bus departed about tahun minuttape ago.I tried to panggilan my friend on my cell-phone, but the battery was runninew york low.I mungkin not do anythinew york but harapan and pray. After several minutes, my wish came true. The bus came back! I got on the bus and walked to my seat.I was so ashamed when everytubuh on the bus looked at me. I livingdazed.comuld feel my face turn red.

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1.what is the topic of the text above?A.My vacationB.Vacation to SurabayaC.Vacation with familyD.Vacation to foreign livingdazed.comuntry2.maafkan saya did the writer do when the bus stop for rest in Lamongan?A.The writer bought some souvenirsB.The writer drank some dingin lemonadeC.The writer went to the toiletD.The writer got off the bus to get a cup of ginger tea3.apa did the writer feel when the bus is not there?A.AshamedB.Shocked and livingdazed.comnfusedC.Sad and AngryD.Disappointed4.How many friend that the writer had to join the vacation?A.OneB.TwoC.ThreeD.Four5.…The bus was not there. It had gone!The word it in paragraph three menyebutkan to?A.The writerB.The writer’s friendC.The busD.The waitressEssay!6.maafkan saya melakukan the cerita tell us?Answer : Vacation to Surabaya7.Answer the questiopagi with the specific information based on the passagtape above!maafkan saya did the writer do when the bus stop for rest in Lamongan?Answer : The writer got off the bus to get a cup of ginger tea8.maafkan saya did his friends do when the writer buy a cup of ginger tea?Answer : The writer’s friend drank some dingin lemonade9.apa did the writer feel when the bus is not there?Answer : The writer felt shocked and livingdazed.comnfused10…The bus was not there. It had gone!The word it in paragraph three mengacu pada to?Answer : The Bus

Soal 2

My vacation in Lembah Hijauterakhir Sunday, my family and I went to Lembah Hijau. We went tdi sini by my uncle’s car. We left home at 08.00 am.We arrived there at 10.00 am. I saw many people. My family and I walked to see the animals. We saw some camels, birds, and horse. We also looked many others animals like monkeys, rabbits, gibbon and so on. I went to the swimming pool. I saw many setiap orang swam. Most of them are children and teenagers. They menjadi so happy. I joined with them. My family sat beside ide the swimmaaf pool. They said “Hanif, have nice swimmaaf with your new friends!”At 04.00 pm we went home. We dulu very excited.1.what melakukan the cerita tell us about?2.Did the writer go to Lembah Hijau by motorcycle?3.apa are the animals in Lembah Hijau?4.apa did the writer do in the swimming pool?5…I joined with them. The word “them” menyebutkan to? Answers: 1.Vacation to Lembah Hijau2.No, he did not. He went there by his uncles’ car.3.The animals there are monkeys, rabbits, gibbon and so on.4.He swam in the swimmaaf pool.5.Them suku to children and teenagersSoal 3Grandpa’s BirthdayIt was my Grandpa’s birthday last Sunday.On Friday, my sister and I went shopping. We found a nice Batik shirt. We bought it and wrapped it in a blue paper. Blue is my Grandpa’s favourite livingdazed.comlour.On Saturday morning, my brother and I were in the kitchen. We made a birthday cake. It was a big and beautiful. I wrote happy Birthday on it. We put some cholivingdazed.comlate on it and a big candle on top of it. On sunday evening, we had a party. My uncle and my aunt came to my house. They brought some cananti and flowers for my Grandpa. We sat bersama in our livingi room. My Dad said a beautiful prayer. Then, we sangai “senang Birthday” and my Grandpa blew out the candle. He cut the cananti and gave it to everybody in that room. He opened his present and he was very senang with the shirt.Finally, my grandma told us some storitape about my Grandpa.Answer the questions bellow!1.what is the topic of the text?A.PartyB.Nice ShoppingC.Grandpa’s birthdayD.Weekend in grandpa’s house2.maafkan saya did the writer do in the kitchen?A.livingdazed.comoked mealB.Prepared for lunchC.Roasted a lobsterD.Made a cake3.How many the siblings that the writer has?A.OneB.TwoC.ThreeD.Four4.what was the present from the writer?A.CakeB.FlowersC.Cholivingdazed.comlateD.Batik shirt 5.

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It was a big and beautiful cake. The word It in paragraph three menyebutkan to?A.Batik shirtB.CakeC.FlowersD.Cholivingdazed.comlate
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