Belajar bahasa Inggris oleh lirik lagu. Inilah kumpulan contoh soal songs bahasa Inggris beserta jawabannya. Di dalam kurikulum 2013, pelajaran bahasa Inggris ada perubahan memuat materi. Pada kurikulum KTSP, materi mencapai bagian tergeram ada diatas teks naratif. Sementara di atas kurikulum 2013 ini materi sonew york mendapatkan jatah dialokasikan waktu terbanyak. Setiap keselebar mendapatkan materi lagu bahasa Inggris ini.

Anda sedang menonton: Contoh soal bahasa inggris tentang lirik lagu

banyak yang berusaha menuntuk menang contoh soal lagu bahasa Inggris ini. Baik contoh soal songs bahasa Inggris kepengelasan x, atau soal songai keselebar xi, pun also dengan soal pilihan ganda lagu-lagu bahasa Inggris kelas xii. Umumnmemiliki contoh soal songs itu itupenggunaan harus search sendiri jawabannya, tetapi kesempatan ini, spesial kumpulan soal songs beserta jawabannmiliki sebagi medialah praktek belajara bahasa Inggris baik keselebar 10, 11, ataukah 12

Kumpulan Contoh Soal lagu Bahasa Inggris Beserta Jawabannya

seva deviasi satu bentuk teks fungsional bahasa Inggris, sonew york juga diberidimodernkan batin bentuk soal opsi ganda. Berikut adalah contoh variassi soal pilihan ganda bahsasa Inggris.

Contoh Soal Songai 1lagu-lagu for A Dying PlanetSonew york by: Joe Walsh

Is anyone out there?melakukan anytubuh listen or care anymore?We are living on a dying planet,We’re killingi everythinew york that’s alive,And anyone who tries to deny itWears a tie

And gets paid to lieSo I wrote these lagu for a dyingi planet,I’m sorry but I’m tellingi the truth,And for everybody tryingi to save itThese lagu-lagu are for you, too.Is anyone out there?

1. Maafkan saya kind of planet are we living now?A. Dying PlanetB. Good planetC. Beautiful planetD. Nice planetE. Lovely planet

2. Who are orang who deny that they have kilmemerintah livinew york things?A. People who wear a tie and get paid to lieB. Orang who listen that songC. Setiap orang who live near the singerD. Setiap orang who work in the townE. Setiap orang who sell tie and T-shirt

3. “And gets paid to lie”. The word “gets paid” means….A. Receive money for work completedB. Pay someoneC. Buy with moneyD. Sell with low pricesE. Promote completely

4. For whom does the singers wrote that song?A. For the dyingai planetB. For setiap orang out thereC. For orang who work hardD. For people who riset hardE. For everythinew york that is a live

5. Why does the singer feel sorry?A. Because he tells the truthB. Because he does not tell the truthC. Because he liesD. Because he can not speakE. Because he works on the planet

Contoh Soal Sonew york 2Demis Roussos: RAIN AND TEARS

Rain and tears all the sameBut in the sun you’ve to play the gameWhen you cry in winter timeYou can’t pretend, it’s nothingi but the rainHow many timtape I’ve seenTears comaaf from your blue eyesRain and tears all the sameBut in the sun you’ve got to play the gameGive an answer of love I need an answer of loveRain and tears in the sunBut in your heart you feel the rain the wavesRain and tears both for shownFor in my heart there’ll never be a sunRain and tears all the sameBut in the sun you’ve permainan the game

6. Which one of the followingai statements is implied in this song?A. The writer’s lover treats him well.B. The writer’s lover often expresspita pengukur her sadnessC. The writer has got his expectation from his loverD. The writer of the songai feels sure with his love.E. The writer feels that his love cerita will have a happy ending.

7. “Rain and tears both for shown. For in my heart there’ll never be a sun”. The phrase “my heart there’ll tidak pernah be a sun” meamenjadi that the writer….A. Will feel sure in his heartB. Will alcara feel sadC. Will have his heart be with bright lifeD. Will feel so faithless all the timeE. Will get very tired all his life

8. The word “rain” in this sonew york menyebutkan to …..A. Autumn timeB. Sprinew york timeC. Winter timeD. Summer timeE. Rainy season time

Contoh Soal Sonew york 3Viva ForeverSongai by: Spice Girls

Do you still rememberHow we used to beFellingi together, believe in whateverMy love has said to meBoth of us dulu dreamersYoungi love in the sunFelt linanti my savior, my spirit I gave yaWe’d only just begun

Hasta Manana,Always be mine

Viva forever, I’ll be waitingEverlasting, like the sunLive forever,For the momentEver searchinew york for the oneYtape I still remember,Every whispered wordThe touch of your skin, givingai life from withinLinanti a love songai that I’d heardSlipping through out fingers,Like the sands of timePromise made, every memory savedHas reflectiomenjadi in my mind

Hasta Manana,Alcara be mine

kembali where I belongai now,Was it hanya a dreamFeelings unfold, they will never be soldAnd the secret’s safe with me

Hasta manana,Alcara be mine

9. What is theme of the sonew york above?A. Viva ForeverB. DreamC. BelongingD. FeelingE. Greeting

10. Maafkan saya melakukan “Hasta Manana” means?A. See you tomorrowB. Good byeC. Good morningD. Good afternoonE. Good luck

11. Maafkan saya was still remembered by the singer?A. The words whispered to herB. The words in the writingC. The words in the letterD. The words that make the singer happyE. The words which belonew york to the singer

12. Melakukan the writer think that the feelingi is a dream?A. Yes, she doesB. Yes, she melakukan notC. No, she melakukan notD. No, she doesE. No comments

Contoh Soal Songi 4OutdoorsSonew york by: Jason Mraz

All day I’ve been insideAnd I’ve got the feelingI’m trapped between the wallsAnd underneath the ceilingi feel a bit off trackAnd I’m trying to get backkembali in the cool, cool air where the sun is shinningNothing’s goingai to stop meIt’s all in the timingIt’s finally again my turnIt’s time to return‘Cause I won’t stay inside ide no moreNo moreI can’t wait to goOutdoorsWell open up your door and be lisetelah meOpen up your door and kemudian breathe freeAnd look at all the beauty you’ll feelLoved, loved, loved, lovedListen to the music of the wind and the bridpita pengukur singWe’re hanya one big familyAnd all of alam deservpita to beLoved, loved, loved, loved,Loved

So, I won’t stay insideas no moreNo moreIt can’t wait, I’m sureThere’s need to run and hideLet’s go exploreIt feels so great let’s go outdoors

(Don’t cha do)Everyone come oncome on out therewdi sini the air is fresh and clear

So, I won’t stay inside no moreNo moreIt cannot waitLet’s go out doors

Well, open up your door and be liusai meOpen up your door and kemudian breathe free

And look at all the beauty and you’ll findThe earth and the sky is yours

So please go, there’s no need,There’s no need to hide insideLet’s go exploreThis will, this will feel so greatLet’s go outdoors

14. Maafkan saya does the singer want?A. SleepB. Go outsideC. Permainan insideas his houseD. Live in a sedentary lifeE. Live his life

15. Apa melakukan the writer feel when he’s insideas the house?A. TrappedB. AngryC. HappyD. ExcitedE. So so

16. Based on the songai above, who sing the song?A. BirdsB. WindsC. ChildrenD. MusiciansE. Trains

17. Who is Jason Mraz?A. SingerB. ChildC. A birdD. A listenerE. A composer

18. What is the message can be found in the text above?A. It is a wasteful time to live your life adventurousB. It is important to life an adventurous lifeC. We must alcara be inside homeD. We must be careful with our wishesE. We will be a superstar

19. Maafkan saya is the tone of the sonew york above?A. HappyB. SadC. MelancholyD. LazyE. Melodic

Contoh Soal Song 5SPRING: A Poetry

In the early part of springYou will hear, many birds singThey are hanya letting, the rest of us knowWinter is over, springi melted the snow

You will notice, a beautiful sceneThe tretape will slowly, begin to turn greenChipmunks and bunnies will come out and play,Bears will no longer, sleep durinew york the day

It’s exciting, when springi finally arrivesBees will mausai honey, inside milik mereka hivesSo much to do, so much to seeInsects and animals are senang and free

20. Apa is the poetry about?A. School lifeB. HomeC. LoveD. NatureE. Politics

21. How many stanzas melakukan the poem have?A. OneB. TwoC. ThreeD. FourE. Five

22. What is ‘spring, sing, know, snow’ (stanza 3) called?A. AssonanceB. AlliterationC. DictionD. RhymeE. Personae

23. The animals told in the poem is, except ….A. BirdsB. BeeC. BearsD. ButterflyE. Insects

24. Apa is able to melt the snow?A. SpringB. WinterC. TreesD. BunniesE. Honey

Contoh Soal Sonew york 6Children of The Sealagu by: hitam Sabbath

In the misty morning, on the (25)…. Of timeWe’ve lost the (26)…. Sun, a final signAs the misty morning (27)…. Away to dieReachinew york for the stars, we (28)…. The sky

We (29)…. Across the air sebelum we learned to flyWe thought that it (30)…. Tidak pernah endWe’d glideas above the ground before we learned to run, runNow it (31)…. Our world has come undone

Oh they (32)…. That it’s overAnd it (33)…. Had to beWe’re (34)…. Children of the sea, oh

25. ….A. EdgeB. BottomC. CenterD. InsideE. Interior

26. ….A. AscendingB. GrowingC. IncreasingD. SoaringE. Rising

27. ….A. RollsB. CycleC. GyrationD. ReelE. Revolution

28. ….A. BlindB. CurtainC. BlinkerD. CloakE. Mask

29. ….A. SailedB. CrossC. CruiseD. DriftE. Float

30. ….A. CouldB. KeepC. BottleD. Put upE. May

31. ….A. SeemsB. LookC. WatchD. KnowE. Realize

32. ….A. SayB. SpeakC. TellD. WishE. Narrate

33. ….A. JustB. EquitableC. AloofD. BlamelessE. Condign

34. ….A. LostB. AbsentC. HiddenD. InvisibleE. Vanished

Contoh Soal Songi 7Big Yellow Taxi(Countinew york Crows feat. Vanessa Carlton)

They (35)…. Paradise and put up a parking lotWith a pink hotel, a boutique, and a swingin’ hot spotDon’t it always (36)…. To goThat you don’t know apa you got ‘til it it’s goneThey paved paradise and put up a parraja lot

Ooooh, bop bop bopOoooh, bop bop bop

They ambil all the trees, and put em (37)…. A tree museumAnd they (38)…. The orang a dolar and a half to see themNo, no, noDon’t it always seem to goThat you don’t know apa you got ‘til it’s goneThey paved paradise, and put up a parraja lot

Ooooh, bop bop bopOoooh, bop bop bop

Hey farmer, farmer, put away (39)…. DDTI don’t care about spots on my apples,Leave me the birds and the beesPleaseDon’t it always seem to goThat you don’t know what you got ‘till it’s goneThey paved paradise, and put up a parraja lotHey now, they paved paradise (40)…. Put up a parraja lotWhy not?

I don’t wanna give itWhy you wanna give itWhy you wanna giving it all awayHey, hey, heyNow you wanna give itI should wanna give itNow you wanna givingi it all awayI don’t wanna give itWhy you wanna give itWhy you wanna givingai it all awayHey, hey, heyNow you wanna give itI should wanna give itCos you givingai it all awayHey, hey, givin it all,givin it all …. Away

(41)…. Do you want me?

35. …..A. PaveB. PavesC. PavedD. PavingE. Pavement

36. …..A. SeeB. SeesC. SeenD. SeeingE. Seem

37. …..A. InB. OnC. AtD. UnderE. As

38. …..A. ChargeB. ChargesC. ChargedD. ChargingE. Chagrin

39. …..A. TheirB. YouC. YourD. TheirE. Them

40. …..A. ToB. FromC. ForD. InE. At

41. …..A. WhyB. WhereC. WhenD. WhatE. For

Contoh Soal Sonew york 8UnwellSong by: Rob Thomas

All day (42)…. At the cellingMaking friends with shadows on my wallAll night hearingai voice telling meThat I should (43)…. Some sleepBecause tomorrow might be good for somethingHold on (44)…. Like I’m headed for a breakdownAnd I don’t know whyBut I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwellI know right now you can’t tellBut stay awhile and maybe then you’ll seeA different side of me

I’m not (45)…., I’m just a little impairedI know right now you don’t careBut soon enough you’re gonna (46)…. Of meAnd how I (47)…. Be….meI’m talking to myaku in publicDodgingi glances (48)…. The trainAnd I know, I know they’ve all been talking about meI can hear them whisperAnd it makpita me think tdi sini must be somethingi wrong with meOut of all the hours thinkingSomehow I’ve lost my mind

42. …..A. StartedB. StareC. StaresD. StaringE. Starring

43. …..A. GetB. GetsC. GettingD. GotE. Gotten

44. …..A. FeelB. FeelsC. FallenD. FeellingE. Felt

45. …..A. SameB. CrazyC. GoodD. BadE. Sly

56. …..A. ThinkingB. ThinksC. ThinkD. ThankE. Thought

47. …..A. UsesB. UsedC. Digunakan toD. UsingE. Use

48. …..A. InB. OnC. AtD. UnderE. Above

Contoh Soal Songai 9Straight Through The HeartSongi by: Dio

Hanging (49)…. The cobwebs in your mhindia looks lisetelah a long, longai way to fallNo one ever told me life was kindI guess I tidak pernah heard it, tidak pernah heard it all

Livingai in a dunia of make believeI can hide (50)…. What’s realBut wearingai your emotiomenjadi on your sleeveAnd they all know apa you (51)….

Lihat lainnya: Ciri Ciri Orang Yang Terkena Dbd, Exsanguination

And di sini it comtape againStraight through the heartStraight through the heart

Oh, tidak pernah (52)…. A secret with your eyesIt’s the eypita pengukur that let you downTell a little kebenaran (53)…. Many liesIt’s the only way I’ve found

Shout to the windHow can you hurt me this wayOh once it beginsIt looks liusai it’s comaaf to stay

49. …..A. FromB. ForC. ToD. AtE. Will

50. …..A. BesideB. BehindC. FrontD. UpE. Beneath

51. …..A. SeeB. HearC. FeelD. SawE. Felt

52. …..A. MouthB. TellC. SayD. SayE. Hear

53. …..A. OrB. WithC. AndD. SoE. From

Contoh Soal Song 10down to EarthSongai by: Peter Gabriel

Did you (54)…. That your kaki had been boundBy apa gravity brings (55)…. The ground?Did you feel you dulu trickedBy the masa depan you picked?Well, come on downAll itu rultape don’t applyWhen you’re high in the skySo, come on downCome on down

Did you think you’d escaped from routineBy charginew york the script and the scene?(56)…. All you made of itYou’re alcara afraidOf the changeYou’ve got a lot on your chestWell, you can come as my guest(57)…., come on downCome on down

We set sail for the sky

We’re coming downComaaf down to EarthLisetelah babipita pengukur at birthComing dibawah to EarthWe’re gonna find new prioritiesThese are luar biasa qualities

54. …..A. SayB. ThinkC. HearD. FeelE. Consider

55. …..A. OnB. ToC. OfD. OffE. On

56. …..A. DespiteB. BecauseC. AlthoughD. NeverthelessE. Moreover

57. ……A. ButB. SoC. Let’sD. AndE. Or

58. …..A. OnB. InC. AtD. UnderE. Beneath

Contoh Soal Songai 11We Are The ChampionBy : Queen

I’ve paid my dues, time after (59)…….I’ve done my (60)……., but committed no crimeAnd (61)…….. Mistakes, I’ve made a fewI’ve had my bagikan of sand, kicked in my (62)…….But I’ve come throughReff :And I need to ….on and on and on and onWe are the champions, and we’ll keep on (63)……..till the endWe are the (64)……., we’re the championsNo time for losers cause we are the champiopejarakan of the (65)……..

I’ve taken my bows (66)…… curtain callsI’ve bought me fame and fortune and everythingThat gotape (67)…… (68)……..I thank you allBut it’s been no bed (69)……..rospita no pleasure cruiseI consider it a tantangan (70)……..the whole manusia raceAnd I ain’t gone a losebagian belakang to reff :We are the champions,(71)……..friendsAnd will (72)……..on fightingi till the endWe are the champions, we are the championsNo time (73)……..losers, cause we are the champions

59. ….A. TimeB. DayC. WeekD. MonthE. Year

60. ….A. WordB. SentenceC. AlphabetD. VoiceE. Sound

61. ….A. GoodB. BadC. SourD. SweetE. Bitter

62. ….A. HairB. HeadC. NoseD. FaceE. Ear

63. ….A. ComeB. ArriveC. TakeD. KeepE. Go

64. ….A. YellingB. FightingC. WrestlingD. JammingE. Picking

65. ….A. LeadersB. ChampionsC. LosersD. WinnersE. Jumpers

66. ….A. EarthB. CountryC. ContinentD. IslandE. World

67. ….A. AndB. OfC. WithD. BeforeE. For

68. ….A. AndB. OfC. WithD. BeforeE. For

69. ….A. AndB. OfC. WithD. BeforeE. For

70. ….A. AndB. OrC. WithD. BeforeE. For

71. ….A. MyB. YourC. OurD. TheirE. Her

72. ….A. ComeB. ArriveC. TakeD. KeepE. Go

73. ….A. AndB. OfC. WithD. BeforeE. For

Begitulah contoh soal songai bahasa Inggris beserta jawabannya yangai sanggup diuntuk untuk olah mengerjakan soal pilihan ganda karena setiap five dari kepengelasan 10 sampai keselebar 12 ada materi dan soal song bahasa Inggris. Senang learningai English!