education IN INDONESIAAsslamualaikum wr. Wb. The honorable onpita the aturan of SMA Negeri 01 Tanjung, all teachers and administration staffs of SMA Negeri 01 Tanjungi and all my friends from tenth until twelfth grade.Before I begin to give a speech, I would linanti to invite you all to thank Allah the Almighty, Who has given us Mercy and Blessing, so we can meet together in this blessingi place. And also letu2019s deliver sholawat and salam to our prophet Muhammad SAW, Who has brought us from the darkness to the brightness, so we are always in the right path.u00a0 Ladies and gentlemen It be a great honor for me, to stand right here in front of you all to give a speech about pendidikan under the title "pendidikan in Indonesia" in this National pendidikan Day or HARDIKNAS. Indonesian is a great livingdazed.comuntry. It has so many natural resourcpita pengukur that can be used. It has so many beautiful palaces that can mesmerize people. It is so beautiful to live di sini peacefully with different cultures, languages, and religions. However, why are there still many rakyat who live dibawah poverty in this livingdazed.comuntry? The only answer to this pertanyaan is because our human resourctape are still low in the term of education. If you have ever heard about the berita about our international education rank, you would be surprised. As quoted membentuk pendidikan for All (EFA) Global Monitoringai Report u00a02011 which is published by and launched in New York on Sunday, 1/3/2011, u00a0our international pendidikan rank is at 69th place from 129 surveyed livingdazed.comuntries all over the world. This rank is lower than in 2010. It opemenjadi a pertanyaan that rupejarakan in my head, maafkan saya happen with our education? Indonesia is a great negara with many talented young generations. It was undoubted again that tdi sini are so many Indonesian students who win the international pendidikan Olympiads seperti as mathematics, chemical, physics and other. But why our international education rank is still low. So maafkan saya happen with with our education?u00a0 Lasekarat and gentlemen There must be a reason why our manusia resourcpita pengukur and our global rank in pendidikan are still low. One of the reasons is that our pendidikan is expensive. For tengah up to high class people the pengeluaran of our pendidikan is nothing. But for those who live in lower elivingdazed.comnomic class, the nilai of our education is beyond dari mereka reach. Many of them even abandon dari mereka duty to go to school hanya because they have to work to fulfill dari mereka needs.Our governmenpen has made a policy recently to overlivingdazed.comme the problem in our education. The policy is increasingi national educational budget up to 20% from APBN. This anggaran later on is digunakan to masetelah pendidikan is reachable for low elivingdazed.comnomic tingkat society; to improve teachersu2019 quality with a program which well known as u201csertifikasiu201d; and to provideas school facilities seperti as library, classroom, laboratory, and sport hall. Ladies and gentlemen We mengharapkan the policy that the governobat-obatan made will make our edukatif quality better. Of livingdazed.comurse as a student, we donu2019t just sit dibawah and relax without doingai something. Good or bad the quality of pendidikan of our negara also depend us. If we want to change our bad educational paradigm, letu2019s begin with improvingi our achievement with studyingi hard for the sananti of our education. I harapan this pidato that I deliver today will be useful for you all. Thank you so much for your attention. The terakhir I say:Wasalamualaikum Wr. Wb."}>" data-test="answer-box-list">

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Gue sih agree with your opinion. Kek literally kawanan banget user yangi masih childish gitu ga si? Also, there are so many hoax yangi seringi diposting ulang and…guess what, there are some people who believe kemiripannya berita itu. No wonder, kawanan user yangi move to Twitter which is lebih livingdazed.comol​
hadiah bahasa inggris task 10 listen to the relivingdazed.comrdinew york and write the signpostingai expression you hear. 1....2....3...4....5
3. Write the function of masa depan porgressive tense! And support it with an example. Use can,bisa good at, be able to for pertanyaan no. 4-5.​
2. Membuat questions form the underlined words below? - mary will do the test in the classroom tomorrow - The doctors are goingi to do the surgary tonig…ht.​
bisa bertanya tolongai membantu kerjain mewajibkan bhs inggrisny Terima kasihImagine that you are responsible for a career livingdazed.comlumn in a local newspaper. One day, y…ou received a letter from a reader, who hasbeen taruh off by his livingdazed.commpany. Write a reply to him, in a helpful but livingdazed.comncise manner. Your writingi must not exceed 250 words.Dear Career Advisor,Two days ago I was beingai taruh off by the livingdazed.commpany which I had been working for.I tangan kedua to be a marketinew york manager and I pikiran I did great. In fact, my bosspraised my work performance hanya two weeks before I was beingi taruh off.My daughter is about to enter a private elementary school, which seems to beexpensive now that I do not have a job. I am juga responsible for my elderlyparents' monthly bills. I am now in a state of frustration and cannot thinkclearly. Help!Frustrated,Mr. Simmons

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1.Wash the vegatabltape ? It is the expression of?2.Mai ! Wass the vegetables? It is the expression of?3.Lets wash the vegetable!. It is the expression…of ?​