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Hai guys, gimana kabarnya?! harapan sehat selalu. Milik mereka terbiasa menulis buku harian menggunini adalah bahasa Indonesia?! Kalo their penjenderal lebih dari yangai lain coba penampilan contoh buku harian bahasa Inggris ini.

Anda sedang menonton: Contoh diary dalam bahasa inggris dan artinya

anda bisa pribadi bakat di bidang bahasa, kenapa ga nyoba membiasbecome kehidupan dari mereka mencapai bahasa Inggris?! Caranya pelan-pelan saja distart dengan untuk menulis diary paksai bahasa Inggris.

lumayan buat menambah kosa kata, grammar, dan ilmu. Admin ga cuma meminventaris artikel bahasa Inggris tentangai diary saja, namun ada juga kata-kata romantis, motivasi, mutiara sahabat, bijak, dan contoh surat menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Gokil ga tuh?

Langsungi aja, simak contoh diary bahasa Inggris yangai sanggup milik mereka praktekkan di dalam menjalani hidup. Selamat membaca! Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


1 Contoh buku harian Bahasa Inggris Part 12 diary Bahasa Inggris Part 25 Contoh diary Bahasa Inggris Part 5

Contoh buku harian Bahasa Inggris Part 1


banyak sekian contoh buku harian menggunbecome bahasa Inggris yangai bisa kita praktekdimodernkan batin kehidupan sehari-aku ataukah untuk ngerjain tugas, dan dapat melatih kemampuan bahasa Inggris kita.

Ini ada contoh diary bahasa Inggrisnya. Kalo ga paham ditranslate aja. Catat inskripsi yang sulit! Siwhat tau disetujui pas ulangan. Selamat membaca! Enjoyyyyyyyyy!


Monday, April 4, 2016

Dear dairy, today I feel very sad, sad because it turpagi out that the person I love quietly finally has a boyfriend. This Hrai I was very sad and devastated when I heard from my friend that she finally had a boyfriend.

In my heart I felt very broken, why so far I had not dared to express my feelings towards him. I am afraid of beingai rejected because after all I am hanya a caterpillar from many beautiful butterflitape who admire it.

I’m just a poor and poor girl who is berbeda from the popular onpita and children. Maybe this has indeed menjadi a destiny and a lesson for me. But I alcara believe that if I am a soul mate, God tambahan has a thousand and one ways to unite us.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

The day passed and I was still in a sad state. But behind all that upon arrival at school I was very happy. Why did I suddenly feel very happy?

Yes, because this is an announcemenpen from the center that all high school students in Indonesia pass 100%. Finally thanks to hard work, prayers, enthusiasm and sacrifice duringi this time is not in vain.

Initially I juga felt nervous and scared if I did not pass because when the National Examination aku mengambilnya place I also had difficulty answeringi the main questiomenjadi about mathematics and physics.

And to be honest, when I learned that I graduated, I was very senang and the heartache that I experienced disappeared instantly.


Friday, April 15, 2016

It turned out that my pleasure didn’t hanya stop for a day, because after brearaja up for 5 months with my old girlfriend today I was shot at by a guy and finally I had a new boyfriend.

Indeed, at first I didn’t want to date and wanted to focus on school, but because I saw his seriousness when shootinew york me, I finally melted away and immediately accepted his love.


Friday, April 23, 2016

It turmenjadi out that love is hanya an illusion in this mortal world. One of my victims. I have been destroyed by the name of love, as broken as I am until I’m really digabung up.

apa is my fault until I am played by apa is calpengarahan love? Am I inappropriate to love? it feels very painful when I know that the person who has been sayingi love to me is lying.


Saturday, April 25, 2016

Today, somehow my closest friend seems to ignore me and as if he is like away from me. I do not know why? which jelas I know he was angry at me because of the incident the other day.

I feel guilty for him because I hurt him, it seems liusai I have to apologize to him. But what if he doesn’t want to forgive me? yes, apa matters now is I’m sorry. Do you want to forgive or not later matters.


Sunday, April 26, 2016

For you, my beloved, who until now has become the raja of my heart:

Tonight I miss you so much. Miss you who alcara be raja in my heart. Miss you who until now somewhere, I miss you who have promised to come back to me. I really miss you.

Day and night I suffer because of this longing. And how long should I sit here waiting for you? Hopefully tdi sini you are fine, can smile and not be sad. I’m alcara prayingai for the best for you.

buku harian Bahasa Inggris Part 2


Ganti tale miliki guys. Tapi, ini masih ada baper-bapernmemiliki gitu kok, hehe. Kalo lu pengene artikel ini ditambah, komenpen aja, Oke?!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Diary

Today I was very disappointed at him, I drew the face of a man I linanti in my gambling book, finished drawinew york I put it in my desk drawer, then I went to the canteen to rest, when he arrived at the cafeteria I saw it turned out he was approaching a beautiful woman.

Is the woman his girlfriend or hanya a friend? I don’t know … but this heart hurts and even tears will fall. I immediately asked permission from a friend to go to the bathroom.

I strengthened myself that he wasn’t mine, so I didn’t deserve to be angry with him. The bell rang, I immediately entered the classroom when I arrived in class I was surprised why my picture was in the tangan of AM even published to classmates.

Apparently AM was suspicious of the results of my drawing, he juga said that the image resembmemerintah someone. But what melakukan he know about it and it seems he doesn’t lisetelah the results.

I komandan he definitely didn’t lisetelah it even he said “Erase!” My heart began to get nervous, the tears flowed. It hurts.

I really don’t deserve to love you, but I’m confdigunakan where melakukan this love come from? If time can be repeated, I will tidak pernah love you if it happens linanti this. I apologized to him and all the friends who witnessed it.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Diary

On this day I want to mulai a beautiful life without hostility. I want to forgive all itu who have hurt me as well as I will apologize to everyone.

At my age of 14 years, not a youngi age anymore, I want to start becoming an adult woman. It’s been alpaling a year dari I and IH cold War, apa kind of conflict started with him.

Whereas we digunakan to be close friends. But at the moment, it seems lisetelah he hates me and I’m uncomfortable with him because he alcara talks about me in front of his gang.

Maybe I’m jealous of me, but apa are you jealous of? Ah tidak pernah mind. God has opened my heart to forgive him. Even today I ventured to apologize to him.

I sat behind him because maybe this was the best (God had arranged it), so that I and he would be peaceful again like in class VII.

Alhamdulillah this problem is over, but I am confused, now it is MN’s turn to be the same as IH.

It seems that she doesn’t like me, I don’t know apa my fault is, but jelas if I accidentally nudge or get involved with her, she immediately goes up. I don’t want this problem to be big, finally I apologized to him.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

For someone who is still a king in my heart:

Tonight I miss him very much. In doing activities, he alcara imagined his face, even though he was not mine, but I wanted him to be my soul mate.

Right in the turn of the day, I inserted a prayer for him so that he was alcara in the protection of Allah SWT Amin.

At that time, I invited my best friend to make a cup of coffee to accompany this quiet night, and I began to tell all of my heart about it. O king, in my heart, I want to see your face. Do you miss me too? Three months we did not meet, not even communikate with each other.

In the end this nostalgia overcame the sense of prestige, I ventured to start chattinew york with him even though this heart beat fast. The lanjut day he replied. Apparently not in vain, finally I and he communicate with each other even though through sosial media.

Bahasa Inggris Part 3


Pringsewu, November 20, 2016

Dear Diary,

Good night you are alcara loyal to accompany me. Today I am very upset with him. How I am not upset, if the work he melakukan is tidak pernah done. Every day satisfied, kemudian maafkan saya about those who have more jobs than they do?

Pringsewu, November 21, 2016

Dear Diary,Diary. I’m happy. Today I met someone who was able to make me happy and comfortable besideas him. I was fascinated by seeing me, talking, acting, all things. Is this what is called Love ??

Pringsewu, November 22, 2016

Dear Diary,Why do you know today why ?? I’m very upset. I have been waitingai for a long time to be disappointed by my best friend, but besidpita you huh, if you are best friend hehe.

We have promised to go watch together, and have promised to meet at the place to watch, but after waiting a longai time, uh he just gave Hear, if you don’t watch it for reasomenjadi that aren’t clear, it’s annoyingi right ??

Anyway, I will tidak pernah miss this incident.

Pringsewu, November 23, 2016

Dear Diary,My diary. Today I met my old friend. He was my elementary school friend a few years ago, and you know? Her appearance is very cool. Ahh. I’m captivated by it

Pringsewu, November 24, 2016

Dear Diary,Today is very boring. There are no interestingi things happening today and it feels linanti today is not as usual.

Contoh buku harian Bahasa Inggris Part 4


Thursday, january 17, 2013

The first lesson in the islam Religious pendidikan school was the teacher, Bu Muizah. I think he has a soul to akan Stand Up Comedian, because he often laughs rather than teaching.

But I agree with the method of learning, Mrs. Muizah, the problem is so that it doesn’t mausai me tense and who certainly understands everything.

After he finished teaching, surely my friends would often singai not clear in class. Dari mereka voices are very shrill. But I am proud of them, they have the potential as singers, even though they hurt the ears of many people.

Friday, januari 18, 2013

In the morninew york at 9 am I was told to go to the Slunanti diberkatilah anda Center, when I arrived at the Puskesmas, we were successfully expelled, because the invitation was wrong.

maafkan saya should be next week is that we are leavingi today. But when we departed, we dulu raised by Tosa, and there was a tragedy in Tosa. At that time, Crystal and Alex sat face to face.

At that time Dewi brought her cellphone and Dewi to capture the moment. And when they menjadi both in the photo, Alex looked down, it meant Alex looked dibawah at Crystal.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Actually, I’m really annoyed, because my mother told me to keep learning. Actually, it’s good to ask to learn it’s a good thing, but at that time I was playinew york electronic piano again.

hanya playing, told to study. I juga need entertainment, I’m not a robot man who is alcara ordered to do things as perfect as possible. If this continues, how can I be at home.

Contoh diary Bahasa Inggris Part 5


Dari kawanan ini semoga judul bermanfaat. Part 5 ini menyiapmodern 3 subheading, one, two, and three. Semangat terus bacanya!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love story. Finally, I am very happy to see the elder brother who I consider to be my own classmate, finally I can meet with his crush, I don’t know whether it’s a cburu-buru or not, which they must have been dating.

Yes, his name is Syarifa, he met with the cburu-buru Aas. At that time Aas was told to promote his University, in his high school first, Al-Yaqin High School, in grade 3 and incidentally at that time Syarifa was in grade 3.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Tonight is my worst night. I hanya want entertainmenpen from all my fatigue studying. They tidak pernah know my feelings, I have a destiny that can change that hanya me and God, not someone else.


Monday, February 25, 2013

In class, it was my group’s turn for the presentation. And we choose the theme of Stand Up Comedy.

And the question session arrived, the teacher told me to initiate Stand Up Comedy, but my friends who had read my first short cerita “human Half Alay” wanted to be read by the original author, I, so I didn’t do Stand Up Comedy indirectly.

After I read the short story, 25% of my friends said it was good, creative. But 75% of my friends say it’s ugly, bitter, venomous, even though they don’t speak directly, but I know because their tubuh manusia language speaks.

anda body language is like in soap operas whose eytape glare, kemudian close up and zoom in, zoom out, ketika mumbling lisetelah a rakyat holdinew york a pee for 3 hours, ‘whats up, bro as cool as that’ said in his heart “hanya watch out You rul, wait for retaliation from me.

“Which is 75% linanti that because it’s dari mereka disgrace. I think after that I will be gebugin one class, apparently not, they know if it’s hanya a joke.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Early in the morning, I want to see the movie on the computer that has been downloaded. Suddenly the computer turpagi off, when I restart there is a message if windows / system32 / config / system, is lost or corrupt.

I was really menekankan at that time, so I downloaded it from the night until dawn again.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Make an appointmenpen with your friend to go to WG (Watu Gede: batu Besar) very early in the morning.

Walking from home to the highway, continue to enter the village. Very tired. Returningai through the elementary school, good views, rice fields, cool.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

For the second time I went to WG, but I was upset. But when I went to elementary school, at 05.48, I was a little upset. Stomach is hungry, the road is muddy.

Lihat lainnya: Bagai Langit Dan Bumi Chord Lagu Bagai Langit Dan Bumi Chord

At 6:17 a.m., I feel GAAALLLAAAUUUU. Already arrived but hungry stomach.

Alhamdulillah selesai, yangi pengen lebih komenpen aja, bipenyimpangan nanti tak tambah. Selamat belajar! Enjoyyyyyy!