Coach Yang Sang-moon, a former general manager, said, “I will do everything at the baseball stadium and quit.”

SPOTV commentator Yang Sang-moon made the remarks after being appointed as the pitching coach of the Hanwha Eagles in the professional baseball league on Wednesday. Yang is a veteran player who has been active in both wild and mid-air battles in the professional baseball community. Born in Busan High School, Yang joined Lotte in 1985 as the first designated player (third overall pick) and started his career as a coach at Lotte in 1994.토토사이트

Yang took the helm as the 11th coach in late 2003, and led the team for two seasons. He was ousted after ranking eighth in 2004 and fifth in 2005. Yang, who served as a commentator and coach for LG, served as a coach for the national team and a commentator for baseball. After taking the helm of LG’s first team from May 2014 to 2017, Yang served as the team’s general manager in 2018. Last year, he took the helm of the women’s baseball team.

Yang received a call from manager Kim Kyung-moon. “Kim Kyung-moon called me when he took office and asked me to take good care of our pitchers,” said Yang, a leading pitching expert in the Korean baseball league. “At the time, I thought he was asking me to play the role of an advisor, but I got a call recently and he asked me to join him.”

It is unusual for a former general manager and manager to be appointed as a coach. “I think it’s cool,” Yang said. “I’ve been thinking that I want to contribute to the development of Korean baseball. This year, Hanwha is at the center of baseball’s boom. With fans’ enthusiastic support, I have a role to play in the development of Hanwha. There is nothing better than this.”

Yang is always crowded with people around him. He has a special relationship with Kim. Yang has been close to Kim since he was a senior and junior at Dongseong Middle School in Busan and Korea University. “Kim Kyung-moon is close to each other. I think I can take instructions comfortably and give him advice,” Yang said. “I tried everything on the baseball field before quitting,” Yang said. “Since I came back to the field after a long time, I will do my best to help him.”

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