Coach Reorganization-Foreigner Replacement…Samsung’s ‘Crazy’ Week, Now ‘On-Site’ Is Busy, Too

There were many things that happened to Samsung in a short time. The All-Star break passed like crazy. Now the eyes are on the scene. Of course, the goal is good performance.메이저사이트

The first half of the season is over. He finished fourth. He called it a “propaganda” just by doing so. Prediction before the season is generally at the bottom. He once showed good performance, closely chasing the top spot. Even if he is ranked fourth, he is not far from second place.

On the 5th, Samsung changed its head, pitcher and hitting coach. It is shock therapy. Lee Byung-kyu and Jung Min-tae, recruited by coach Park Jin-man, went down to Futures. Chung Dae-hyun, head coach of Futures, will take charge. This is Lee Jong-yeol’s pick.

Samsung manager Park Jin-man (left) and general manager Lee Jong-yeol during the 2024 Okinawa spring camp. Photograph | Samsung Lions

Changes can be made due to poor performance. However, this is generally the way the teams that are at the bottom take the decision. At least a “question mark” will be given to Samsung, which is competing for the runner-up spot.

On Monday, he replaced him with a foreign hitter. He announced his plan to use waivers to replace David MacKinnon. The new batter is Ruben Cardenas. He made the official announcement on Wednesday. He gave a total of 477,000 U.S. dollars.

General manager Lee Jong-yeol was busy. He went to the U.S. once in mid-June. At that time, he said, “There is no player I like.” He left the country on the 5th and returned on the 8th. It is believed that he went there for a contract.

Now it is the second half of the year. The board was laid at the front desk. Notably, the coaching staff seems to have been conducted in a top-down manner. The coach must be in trouble.

For starters, coach Park Jin-man needs to work with a new coach. A head coach is a coach who is closest to a coach. He also played for the national team when he was an active player. Pitcher coach Kang Young-sik also played for Samsung when he was an active player, and Coporal Chae coach was also with him when he was a coach of Futures.

Foreign hitters are also expected to display stellar performance. He hit 20 home runs in Triple-A this season. His batting average of 0.277 is not bad. He will quench Samsung’s thirst for home runs for foreign hitters. McKinnon hit only four home runs in 72 games.

No matter what the process is, the coach must run the team and lead the victory. Samsung’s performance is good this season. The recent trend is just not good.

As a coach, the process may be regrettable. If a coach gives a good result, he or she will end up contributing to the field. Even if he or she says no, can he be held fully responsible.

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