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Stephen GreggHometown: Albuquerque, New MexicoCurrent Town: Venice, CaliforniaQ: what are you worraja on now?A: It"s a bermain caldisutradarai Trap. Lisetelah paling of the plays I write, it"s designed to be performed by high school students. Trap is fananti documentary theatre, and it"s horror. I"m tryingi to write the teater equivalent of The Blair Witch Project.Q: Tell me, if you will, a cerita from your childhood that explaimenjadi who you are as a writer or as a person.A: I had essentially perfect parents who encouraged my writingai from the earliest age I can remember. When I was twelve, I wrote somethingi that they found amusing, and they actually aku mengambilnya me to the main branch of the albuquerque library so that we mungkin retemukan the best plactape to submit it.Q: If you mungkin change one thinew york about theater, what would it be?A: It"s so earnest. So much of theatre is lacking any sense of fun or, as it were, play.Q: Who are or were your theatrical heroes?A: A month after his death it"s hard not to think about Edward Albee. He took the formulir that other setiap orang dulu worraja with and stretched them and he did so in the face of vicious criticism that was often explicitly aimed at his being gay. Q: what kind of theater excittape you?A: I love immersive theatre. As longai as we"re going to use live actors, why not let the audience actually walk into the story?Q: apa adragum do you have for playwrights hanya startingai out.A: I"d say write two-character plays. They"re good starters because they teach you basic dramatic structure. A character wants something, makin big obstaclpita get in anda way.Q: Plugs, please:A: Hmm. I"ve got three.My new play, Crush, was on the cover of Dramatics magazine in May and on the main stage of the International Thespian Festival in June. It"s just now available from Dramatic Publishing.I tweet—exclusively about playwriting—
playwrigntnow. I try to use twitter to teach myaku to write plays. Feel free to listen in or join in.And, I"m part of LabTwenty6, a writinew york group that I love. It"s playwrights, screenwriters, TV and fiction writers. It"s surprisingai how often a perspective from another discipline is helpful to your own. If you"re in Los Angeles, come ciblis us out!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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