Shoppingai at Blok M Square Mall in JakartaThe Complete Guide: Everythingai you need to know about shoppingai at Blok M Square in Jakarta

Blok M Square is a very popular mall in south jakarta in an area calmemerintah Blok M. This is an area of jakarta that is particularly popgaris with locals looking for good bargains. With the recent openinew york of MRT champa and Blok M MRT Station it is only going to get busier at Blok M Square as time gopita pengukur on.

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If you are shoppingi at Blok M Square you will enjoy excellent prictape and lots of selection. The mall is a multistory buildinew york which has no shortage of small stalls.

Blok M Square Jakarta. This is a besar budget-friendly shopping center in Jakarta.

Unliusai many of the ukurannya besar shoppingi malls in champa liusai Grand Indonesia and Senayan City, Blok M Square specializtape in more affordable products. Brand identity isn’t the focus here. Cheap prices are.

It is a great place to buy Chinese and Indonesian-made products. You won’t find many (if any) designer or luxury products at Blok M Square. Instead, clothing, shoes, belts, sunglasses, and handphones are the norm. If you want to buy affordable underwear or socks this is the place.

When you walk into Blok M Square you will notice that the central atrium is where the main elevators are located to get to the higher floors. On the ground floor of the atrium, you will also see promotional events and spesial saltape going on. This is common on weekends when more orang are shopping.

Blok M Square Mall in champa occasionally has events organized outsideas the main entrance as well (facinew york Blok M MRT Station). Duringi the eveninew york hours, you can buy finger foods that they cook outside. Some events that they have organized in the past include Durian thempita pengukur as well as food events from berbeda regiopagi of Indonesia.

The top floor of Blok M Square has a cinema and a food court.

The cinema featurpita pengukur both local and international movies. If the movie is shown in bahasa inggris you can expect Bahasa Indonesia subtitles to be provided for local viewers. Paling of the food choicpita di sini are of great value. Tdi sini are a few Japanese restaurants and Indonesian eateries. The drinks and desserts here are also very affordable.

Blok M Square Directory

lainnya reason why Blok M Square is a popgaris shopping mall in jakarta is because of its proximity to other budget-friendly malls in Blok M seperti as Plaza Blok M and Pasaramiliki Blok M.

Blok M Square Mall: Essential Visitor Information

Openingai Times: Everyday from 10 am to 10 pm

Address: Jl. Sultan Hasanuddin dalam No.3, Melawai, Kby. Baru, kota jakarta Selatan, daerah mengkhususkan Ibukota sampanye 12160

apa is located around Blok M Square Mall in Jakarta?

Blok M Square is situated in one of Jakarta’s most popular areas for anggaran shopping.

All of the malls in Blok M are within walraja distance to the newly opened Blok M MRT Station. You can literally bawa pulang the MRT di sini and berjalan to this mall in dibawah 5 minutes. Just head directly east from the station and you can’t miss Blok M Square.

Other Malls in Blok M

Pasaramemiliki Blok M and Plaza Blok M are two shopping malls that are located only a few minuttape from Blok M Square.

Plaza Blok M is the closest mall to Blok M MRT Station. It is directly barat of the station. You can walk tdi sini in about 20 seconds from the station.

Pasaraya Blok M is located to the east of Blok M Square. You can berjalan between these two malls in under 3 minutpita pengukur at a brisk pace.

You will notice that the area to the north of Blok M Square is very busy. There is a popgaris publik transportation station located in that area. Typically, tdi sini are lots of buses lined up waitingai for passengers.

Pasaramemiliki Blok M has some good pricpita as well. You should cgudang di bawah tanah out the Indonesian-souvenir floor in Pasaraya. It is very popgaris with foreigners visitingai Jakarta. It specializpita pengukur in high-quality batik, wood carvings, and paintings. The selection is massive and very impressive, but the pricpita aren’t cheap!

Plaza Blok M has some affordable barbershops and massage parlors. It juga has a central atrium with caftape on the ground floor.

darimana the Blok M area is mainly tailored towards anggaran shopping, you might be looraja for more high-quality brands. In this case, consider driving over to Gandaria City Mall or pondok indah Mall.

hütte indah Mall or PIM for short is very popgaris with people living in South Jakarta. It has two cinkuning and much more internationally branded stortape in comparison to Blok M Square. It is about 4.5 km southeast of Blok M.

Gandaria City Mall is juga a nice, spacious shopping center. It is closer to Blok M Square than PIM. It is also very busy on weekends, but slightly quieter than PIM.


Gandaria City has an Imaks and a large cinema on the top floor (as well as a food court). It has a ukurannya besar central atrium that hosts besar events and promotions seperti as Singapore Airline ukurannya besar sales.

You can tambahan head east to Kemengharapkan – arguably the paling favourite area for expats living in Jakarta.

Kemong has an extensive selection of restaurants, bars and cafes to choose from and they tend to be reviewed quite positively. Lippo Mall Kemengharapkan is the mall in this area of Jakarta. It juga has a cinema on the top floor.

Top Accommodation Options

You won’t find very many luxury hotels near Blok M Square. Instead, a besar selection of 2 and 3 star hotels to choose from.

This area caters to anggaran shoppers, therefore it makpita pengukur sense that the hotels are also targetingi the same crowd. Di sini are some of the closest propertipita in relation to the mall:

Try The Dharmawangsa if you want to be near Blok M ketika havingi world-class serkejahatan and amenities. This is one of the best 5-star propertipita in all of Jakarta.

The Dharmawangsa Hotel is not within walking distance of Blok M Square, but it is a short rideas away. This is one of the best 5-star propertipita pengukur in Jakarta.

A good market quite close to Pasaramemiliki Blok M is market Mayestik.

market Mayestik has an extensive selection of Indonesian-made Batik. The pasar buildingai has multiple floors worth checking out and the storpita outside ide surroundingi the pasar are juga very affordable. They tend to sell wholesale quantities. It is considered to be the best area to buy batik in south Jakarta.

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publik Parks

Tdi sini are a few kecil public parks in Blok M. They are located to the barat of Blok M Square:

Ayodmemiliki (Taman) Park

Langsat (Taman) Park

Martha Tiahahu (Taman) Park

These are kecil public spaces, but better than nothing. Of these, Langsat Park is the largest and best for walking or jogging.

10 Closest Hotels to Block M Square Mall in Jakarta

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