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For You Alone– Don Harris. G ChordWhen I look into Your holiness–Kent Henry. C ChordWhen I look into Your holiness–Kent Henry. G Chord
You Are Holy– Darlene Zschech (Hillsong). E ChordBe Exalyed, O God– Hosanna Music. G ChordGive Thanks– Don Moen. G ChordI Exalt Thee– Jesus Culture. G ChordI Exalt Thee– Jesus Culture. D Chord
1983. C ChordLamb Of God– Nelman, Carl. R. D ChordAs We Gather / The Steadfast Love Of The Lord– Maranatha. D ChordThe Steadfast Love Of The Lord– Maranatha. D Chord
1923. D ChordHow Great Thou Art– Charlie Hall. G ChordMajesty– mendongkrak William Hayford. G ChordIt"sYour Blood– Vineyard
Jesus Is Alive– Hillsonew york (Ron Kenoly). C ChordLord I Lift Your Name On High– Hillsong. G ChordYou Have dimenangkannya The Victors Crown– Robert Gay. D ChordVia Dolorosa– Sandi Patty. G ChordBecause He Lives– Gloria Gaither, William J. Gaither. G ChordMy Redeemer Lives– Hillsong. E ChordIn The Presence– Kent Henry. G ChordIsn’t He– John Wimber. G ChordForever Greteful– Mark Altrogge. G ChordThank You For The Cross–Mark Altrogge. G Chord
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