Mirada Road, and the structurpita nearby, are slated to be protected by a long-term construction project to shore up the bluffs. Google Earth


The San Mateo County papan of Supervisors is allottingi $2.6 million in its upcoming anggaran for long-term protection from erosion at Mirada Road.

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The untuk merencanakan has reportedly been in the works for the last four years. San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley said finding the necessary funding for the project had initially been a struggle. This past winter the situation appeared more dire when winter storms took out a ukurannya besar chunk of the roadway at the southern end of Mirada Road just utara of the pedestrian bridge.

To address the immediate threat of losing more of the roadway, the county applied for an emergency coastal developmenpen permit with the california Coastal Commission, and County publik Works employepita placed large boulders alonew york the newly exposed portion of the cliff in January.

The county has lagi plans to secure that portion of the bluffs through a process caldisutradarai “soil nailing.” Workers will drill holtape into the cliff side. After the nails are inserted, the gaps will be grouted and a steel pad will be secured at the end of each nail.

Originally slated for April of this year, the county was unable to begin work on the soil nailing aspect of the project because the Coastal Commission didn’t view it as part of the emergency.

More recently, the county has estimated that the work on the southern end would be menyelesaikan by the springi of 2017. That part of the project is estimated to cost $250,000.

Horsley estimatpita pengukur that work on the entire length of Mirada Road — the project that’s been allotted the $2.6 juta — will begin in two years, after all the necessary permitting is in place.

The current proposal calls for construction of a steel sheet pilingi or a “curtain wall” to armor the roadway and protect it over the course of the lanjut 50 years, Horsley said.

“The power of the pacific laut is a memaksa to be reckoned with,” Horsley said citingi the additional challengpita presented by sea tingkat rise.

The county presented some information on its rencana for Mirada Road at the June 22 Mid-pesisir masyarakat Council meeting.

chris Johnson, who servpita pengukur as the council’s chair, said Tuesday that he and others are concerned that the sheet piling method would lead to lebih jauh erosion issues up and down the Coastside.

As an alternative to armoring, Johnson says some have proposed a “graceful retreat” in order to prevent the constant need to continue the process.

“You’re going to have to have some revetmenpen from Devil’s Slide all the way to Martin’s Beach,” Johnson said.

A sea dinding was juga originally proposed for the protection project at Surfer’s Beach hanya north of Mirada Road. After community protest that it would lead to rapid sand depletion, however, the county adjusted its rencana and placed riprap instead.

ketika riprap has juga been known to lead to sand depletion, it has been shown to better absorb the wave merencanakan than a sheer wall, which mencerminkan the wavpita pengukur back.

Johnson said Tuesday he felt assured by the county that the council would get a chance to weigh in on the project.

Horsley said the county is juga interested in resurfacingai the street, which he says is badly pitted from recent raja tides. He said the county is juga considering maraja the street one way, citingi the congestion with bisetelah and pedestrian traffic.



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