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1 cerita Bahasa Inggris Tentanew york Pengalaman Liburan1.1 Travel to Bajul mati Beach during School Holidays2 cerita Pengalaman Bahasa Inggris setelah Rumah Nenek2.1 First Day of Vacation at Grandpa and Grandma’s House in the Village3 tale Bahasa Inggris Tentangai Hobi Main Game3.1 Playing bola Gampita with Friends at Home4 tale hari libur Pas Imlek4.1 See Grebeg Sudiro durinew york Chinese New Year5 tale Bahasa Inggris cerita orang Dongeng5.2 cerita Bahasa Inggris Jaka Tarub6 cerita rakyat Dongengi Cindelaras

cerita Bahasa Inggris Tentangi Pengalaman Liburan


times hari libur tentunmemiliki saat accordingly itupenggunaan bisa ~ bersenang-senang bersama keluarga dan teman-teman. Could their saya baik-baik saja kesulitan saat mau menulis pengalaman pribadi.

Pasti cari temanmemiliki yanew york gampang, memiliki tentanew york liburan. Kalo pananti bahasa Indonesia dah biasa, namun maafkan saya jadinmemiliki bila disusuh membuat cerita dengan bahasa Inggris?! Simak ceritanya, oke!!

Travel to Bajul sekarat Beach duringai School Holidays

pexels.comPart One

It’s been a week sejak my parents planned to go to the beach, considering that my sister and I menjadi on a school holiday, as well as a gift because yesterday my sister celebrated her birthday.

The clock still showed at 4:06 a.m., but my family and I menjadi gettingai ready to go to Bajul dies beach.

We left this morningi because the distance from the house to the beach was around 3 hours. To block our stomach, my mother has prepared my favorite egg sandwich.

Our journey aku mengambilnya a car. In the car there is me, my sister, father and mother.

My sister and I were prohibited from carryingai cellphones by mothers and fathers to enjoy the trip and the holiday itself. To spend my time playinew york “guess namtape based on letters” with my sister who is only 2 years away from me.

The first step in this game is to determine the theme first, this time the theme we chose was animals. Next, we ask for membantu from the mother to mention the front letter of the animal name that we will guess.

If the mother says the letter “M” kemudian my sister and I fight quickly and compete a lot in mentioning the namtape of animals that have the prefix “M”, kemudian as monkeys, peacocks, pigeopagi etc.

After our animal thempita pengukur began to change themes to fruit names, comic character names, country names, etc.

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Part Two

Not infrequently the father suddenly joined in answeringai even though he was not the resmi participant of the game. I didn’t expect if this simple game turned out to be so fun and entertaining.

It didn’t feel lisetelah two hours had passed. We began to enter the hilly area. My sister and I began to pay close attention to the scenery. We dulu fascinated by seeinew york the beautiful stretch of rice fields below.

Unfortunately I bisa only enjoy the scenery for a while, because after that I was dizzy and nauseous due to the windingi road, up and down. Mother gave me eucalyptus oil. The errol can really reduce the nausea that I experience.

Finally, our family arrived at Bajul sekarat Beach. This beach is located in Mapanjang Regency, East Java. We immediately headed to a kecil gazebo in several coastal locations.

kapan enjoying the sea breeze, we eat together first. Our menu at that time was fried chicken and sausage. Indeed, my mother’s food tastes very good.

I can’t stop being amazed at the beauty of this beach. Pantai Bajul dies is indeed not too famous, so there are not many visitors who come. But the beach is still very clean which makpita our family comfortable.

My sister and I couldn’t wait to play, so we immediately ran towards the beach. We did not heed the words of the mother who told us to use sunblock first. It feels fresh when sea water hits our feet.

Part Threepexels.com

On the beach I found a lonew york wooden branch. Finally I ambil and dragged it along the way. After walking for a kapan we arrived at the estuary, which is a meetinew york place for river water and sea water.

We stopped and looked back, seen a lonew york line in the sand from the wooden branches that I dragged from it. Somehow my sister and I felt the line was very cool. Next we decided to swim first in the estuary. Because the current is calm unlike in the sea.

We swam for about 15 minutes, sebelum our parents called, told us to go to the waterfront. We all bermain water. Father invited us to sit cross-legged against the sea.

When the wavtape came we were dragged to the beach. It feels very exciting, because we don’t see when the wavpita pengukur come. Kapan the mother just played water on the beach and photographed us through her camera.

After beingi satisfied playinew york water, my father invited us to write on the sand. The writing that we made at that time was “happy Family.” When looking at the mother’s potret in the camera, it turned out to be good too.

It didn’t feel like it was 12 noon, the sun was very hot. Father and mother invited us to cleanse ourselves.

After beingai clean, we pray dhuhur in congregation at the mosque near where we bathed.

The event continued with enjoying warm meatballs in a warung on the beach, it was delicious to eat kapan looraja at the beauty of the beach.

On the way home my sister and I dulu fast asleep. When we wake up, we suddenly are at home.

It’s a fun holiday this time. I can’t wait to go to the beach with my father, mother and sister. I went kembali to sleep until morningi because I was tired.

cerita Pengalaman Bahasa Inggris nanti Rumah Nenek


anda sanggup menuangdimodernkan tinta untuk menulis tale milik mereka saat berlibur kemana saja termajor selagi siur ke rumah nenek.

Kepertemuan nenek kakek serta sanak saudara memuntuk liburan bermanfaatnya dan berfaedah.

First Day of Vacation at Grandpa and Grandma’s House in the Village

pexels.comPart One

I am very senang because this semester my gradpita pengukur are good and the next semester I have gone up to grade IX of junior high school. My pleasure increased because during the lanjut week I was on vacation at my grandparents’ house in Wlingi.

I arrived at anda home minggu morning at around 9:00. Traveling from my house in batu to the house of grandparents takes 2.5 hours by bus. Until my grandmother’s house was starvingi because she didn’t have time to have breakfast sebelum leaving.

My grandmother was the best, she had finished preparing chicken rendangi when I was hanya at her house. Seeing chicken rendang which is the terakhir dish from my grandmother, of course I was immediately excited.

Yes, grandma usually only cooks chicken rendang when tdi sini is a large family reunion and the moobat-obatan of Eid. Maybe grandma cooked chicken rendang because I was happy with my untuk merencanakan to spend the holiday here, considering we had not met for nearly 8 months.

I hugged my grandfather and grandmother and asked how they were. Thank God they are all healthy. We juga ate bersama on the floor, because we were not tangan kedua to eatingi at the dinner table.

Part Two

while eating, I told him about my experiences at school. They were happy when they found out the value of my report card was good.

I did not feel my plate was clean, I did not hesitate to add. Indeed, when eating grandmother’s chicken rendangai will not be enough if you only eat one serving.

After adding two more timtape I finally satiated. Grandfather and grandmother hanya laughed seeinew york me who couldn’t move. I decided to move towards my favorite place in Grandma’s house, the bale on the terrace of the house.

sejak a lonew york time ago, tdi sini was not much change in the village wdi sini my grandparents lived. In front of Grandma’s house tdi sini are still football fields and large banyan trees.

Around him tdi sini are still many fields, not eroded in time. In contrast to the area in which I live, the rice fields are makin depleted for housing.

Beautiful scenery plus the breeze that blew caused me to feel sleepy. I don’t know darimana when I have fallen asleep in Bale.

Coincidinew york with the Dhuhur adhan I was awakened by my grandfather. He invited me to pray in congregation at the mosque near the house.

Part Threepexels.com

After returningi from the mosque, grandpa bought me ice with me. It feels so fresh. In the afternoon I only watched television because my grandfather and grandmother dulu taking a nap.

After Asr I went to the family’s rice bidang with my grandfather and grandmother, which was located about 400 meters from the house.

I was so amazed to see that our yellow rice daerah was very beautiful. Grandpa said, the possibility of our day after tomorrow’s rice fields can be harvested.

He promised to invite me to see the harvest of rice in the fields. Of course I agree with Grandpa’s invitation, it feels like I can’t wait tomorrow tomorrow.

It was imagined how fun this kerja was. In fact, I have guessed how many sacks of rice we will get after the harvest.

Vacation time really feels very fast, it doesn’t feel lisetelah it’s night. We stayed at home because it was outsideas heavy rain. The atmospdi sini became warm when grandma prepared STMJ which was my grandfather’s and juga mine’s favorite drink.

kapan drinraja STMJ, grandma began to open a photo album neatly stored in the closet. Look at my photos with grandparents. I smidisutradarai myaku seeinew york mydiri sendiri in childhood, still innocent and funny.

Grandma and grandfather aku mengambilnya turns tellingi stories in the photos, they looked so excited. Not infrequently they laugh when talraja about my behavior in childhood.

It’s nice to see them so exkutipan when they tell stories. But tdi sini is juga a sense of sadness because now we rarely meet, considering our hompita pengukur are berbeda regions.

Three hours passed, when it was 11:00 a.m., grandfather and grandmother stopped the story and told me to sleep.

The first day’s vacation is over, there are still six more hari I am here. Hopefully my holiday will be more enjoyable every day.

I juga mengharapkan this week can be closer to grandparents again so that they tambahan feel the same pleasure as me. I finally fell asleep on the bed in front of the television.

cerita Bahasa Inggris Tentanew york Hobi Main Game


Hobi main game?! Coba tulis membuangnya perasaanmu saat their sedangai asyik play game. Untuk sekarang main game merumemberi makan salah satu cabangi melakukan latihan di acara Sea games.

Playing bola Gampita with Friends at Home

Part One

All grade 1 and 2 students at SMP 39 Madiun get 3 days off because third graders are undergoingai UAN. I have no rencana to go anywdi sini during the holidays, so I choose to relax at home.

At home I bermain my favorite bola video game, Ppita 2016. I feel very senang because I can permainan games all day lonew york duringi the holidays. Of course if I go to school I can only bermain on Sundays.

I think playing bola gampita pengukur against A.I. It’s challenging, but it feels more excitinew york when playingi with friends. So I decided to invite 2 of my neighbors who dulu juga playmates to go home.

The two friends I invited were, Tomi and Warso. They are my age so we are on holiday, but all three of us come from different schools.

For business playingai ball games, we are balanced. We have defeated and defeated each other. Indeed, the three of us are the best Ppita players in the village. Not infrequently, children from other villages also try to compete with us.

It is no coincidence that we are good at playing this bola game, because we have played darimana elementary school, both in our persewaan and home.

Today’s first match is me against Tomi. I chose the Bayern Munich club while Tomi used Real Madrid. The game went very exciting, both me and Tomy both had many opportunities.

Part Two

Unfortunately until the first half ended there menjadi no sasaran we could create.

The second half is juga still in balance. When the second half was alpaling gone, my defenderûn made a misuntuk mengambil in bait so the bola landed on the opponent’s foot, precisely at the foot of Ronaldo.

Tomi did not waste the opportunity, Ronaldo quickly broke through to the penalty box.

My defenderûn is unable to catch Ronaldo. Finally Tomi decided to place the bola to the near pole, the result was a goal.

Tomi shouted happily celebratingi the goal, while I regretted beingi not careful in giving feedback. Until the final whistle sounded I was unable to equalize. In the first match I lost 1-0.

The direct game kelanjutan to the second match between Tomi and Warso. While waitingai for them to permainan I read my favorite soccer manga, Giant Killing.

When I wait for my turn to play it feels so long, very different when I’m playing, it feels liusai the time is runninew york so fast.

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Part Threepexels.com

After waitinew york for a while, finally the second match ended with a score of 3-1 to win Warso.

As before, the match immediately continued. This time I fight Warso. Warso still uses his flagship team, Barcelona. Whereas I tried another team, Chelsea.

In this match I was lucky because Messi and Neymar dulu in a poor mental state (blue arrow), ketika my players menjadi in a better sungkyung state, even Hazard and Costa dulu in the best condition (red arrow).

I dominated the match so much that Warso survived. After experiencinew york attacks alpaling half the first half, finally the goalkeeper Warso went through too.

In the second half I managed to add 3 more goals, kapan Warso puldisutradarai one back. So the final score was 4-1 for my victory.

The fourth match immediately rolled between me and Tomi. I decided to keep usinew york Chelsea because I didn’t want to lose momentum, kapan Tomi used Manchester City.

My match was fierce with Tomi, but I managed to win narrowly with a score of 3-2.

Until the afternoon we continued to bermain in turpagi and ended until sebelum sunset. For today, the most wipagi are me with 8 wins. Followed by Warso with 7 wipejarakan and lastly Tomi with 6 wins.

Why can I remember?

Because it is customary for the three of us to record the results of the matchpita pengukur every time we permainan together.

This is the thrill of playingi nol gamtape with friends, even though they win or lose but it still feels good.

Besidpita pengukur that, there are always joktape that come out ketika playing. Countless times our laughter bronanti out all day. Fillinew york a vacation by playingai gamtape with friends is fun.

cerita hari libur Pas Imlek


Saat tanggal merah hari tahun baru cina days rayanmemiliki orang Tianghoa merupakan days dimana orang-oranew york ramai menyaksimodernkan barongsai tampil dan sedekah angpao.

See Grebeg Sudiro duringai Chinese New Year

Part One

This year’s Lunar Holiday, my father and mother will go to see Grebeg Sudiro.

I was interested in going tdi sini after hearingai my friends tell me about the excitement of Grebeg Sudiro duringai Chinese New Year.

We left early in the morningai to get the best place to watch the caravan that was goingi to take place.

The distance of the location is not far hanya a 15 minute walk, our family has arrived at Jl. Sudiroprajan, one of the roads that will be passed by Grebeg Sudiro participants.

That morninew york tdi sini was a besar crowd, but my father was agile in the kawanan to look for a good spot.

Father’s efforts dulu not in vain, he managed to find an empty place. My mother and I clapped to praise my father, my father responded with a laugh.

Although Grebeg Sudiro has been goingai on for 7 years, this is the first time I have had the opportunity to come directly to the location of the event. Of course I can’t wait to see this festival.

When I looked kembali I was surprised because the place was full of people. They were very enthusiastic about welcomaaf the tradition telah terorganisir durinew york this Chinese New tahun holiday.

Part Two

Finally the caravan began, it was seen the Surakarta Kasunanan palace forces in the front row. Not far behind him was a dragon attrmerencanakan carried out by members of the Army.

I and the other audience cheered when I saw the Kera Sakti jumpingi agile to and fro with the magic bat he was carrying. Of course Sun Go Kongi is not alone, tdi sini are Monk Tong, Pat Kay and Wu Jing.

Wow, they played a total role, just like the TV seripita that I and my father watched terakhir week.

After they passed, tdi sini was a line of Javanese dancers who entertained the audience. Followed by rakyat dressed in batik and typical Surakarta clothing, Lurik.

This is the unique Grebeg Sudiro, there is a buntuk meminjamkan of Javanese and Chinese culture. No wonder that every hari tahun baru cina festival is always flooded with spectators.

Part Threewego.co.id

Even though it has been running for a while, it turpejarakan out the procession is still long.

Mother and I were shocked when my father shouted. Apparently he was so exmengutip when the Wushu and Taichi lines crossed the road.

Seeingi a father lisetelah that, mom then said, “Deck, daddy linanti a kid?” I just answered, “Ypita pengukur ma’am.” while smiling.

Barongsai performance followed later. The audience applause was so boisterous when they saw the Barongsai acting, not my exception. The Barongsai movement is so flexible and agile, and very entertaining.

The atmospdi sini of the audience became more crowded when the Gunungan paraded was seen. Yes, you bisa say this is the core of the show.

The contents of Gunungan at Grebeg Sudiro are very unique because they consist of buns, basket cakes, bakpia, and other typical Chinese cakes, along with fruits and vegetables.

Very fittinew york to be presented during Chinese New tahun like today. Later the contents of Gunungan will be contested by the audience present.

Not longi after the procession arrived at the peri Kok Sie Temple. The audience immediately jostpengarahan towards Gunungan to fight for food.

Father told me and my mother to stay in place, kemudian he joined the crowd. Not in vain, the father managed to brinew york three cup cakes. The three of us kemudian ate heartily.

After that, we took a berjalan to see the beautiful lanterpejarakan and the beautiful Chinese ornaments.

We did not forget to ambil a picture bersama as a reminder that we had witnessed Grebeg Sudiro firsthand. After eating around the market, the three of us went home happily.

It was a very pleasant Chinese holiday experience. Besidpita pengukur that I was also amazed to see this cross-cultural march going so peacefully.

I will not forget this vacation. Hopefully, duringai the Lunar New tahun holiday, I can return to seeingi Grebeg Sudiro or if I can akan a participant in the procession.

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cerita Bahasa Inggris cerita orang Dongeng

Dongengai Lutunew york Kasarung

Lutunew york Kasarungai Folk cerita Lutungai Kasarung

Lutung Kasarunew york Folk Story

In ancient timpita tdi sini were lutung rudeungai folklore. The story can be found in the Pasundan area. At that time there was a raja named prabu Tapak Agung. He is a raja who is very opposed and loved by the rakyat he leads. This raja has two children named Purbararangai and Purbasari.

One day the father ordered two at the end of the trip. In this message the raja wanted to abdicate and Purbasari to support him as a leader in his kingdom. Hearingi the berita became his brother did not accept because he was a child who agreed with it.

Purbararangi is furious to rencana to menyakiti his grandfather by asking a witch. This kelanjutan with the skin beingai filled with hitam spots so that it was needed lisetelah this to use to isolate the base from the forest.

Purbasari was not satisfied because he had more friends than animals who lived there. One of them is apes. These monkeys always bring fruit and flowers to greet them.

One night this monkey meditated, after which suddenly tdi sini appeared air forming the lake. The lake is clear and fragrant. Kera asks Purbasari to untuk mengambil a bak mandi in the lake. It immediately changpita pengukur as sebelum lisetelah a beautiful princess.

One day Purbararanew york intends to visit his sister. At first he faidisutradarai to see his sister return beautiful. He did not stop and asked his sister for longer hair, shorter Purbasari hair.

Not enough to get here, Purbararang asked to fight handsome with his fiance. At that time Purbasari telah mengambil the monkey who had accompanied him to live in the forest and spend it.

A miracle happened to the ape. This ape turned out to be a very handsome man and more handsome than Purbararang’s fiancé so Purbasarilah won.

At that time Purbararangai apologized and admitted his misambil and Purbasari became the queen who debated him by questioningai the inheritance inheritance with monkeys or langurs who had now turned into a handsome man.

Purbasari also forgave his brother and did not intend to punish his brother. Not even the slightest bit of words said revenge against his brother. Now Purbasari has lived happily bersama with the idol of peace.

cerita Bahasa Inggris Jaka Tarub

Legend of Jaka Tarub is one of the folklore that is enshrined in the popular manuscript of New Javanese Literature, Babad negara Jawi.

The Jaka Tarub legend has many versions, but the “standard” version, applied to the Babad tanah Jawi, has the followingi plot.

Jaka Tarub is a handsome young man who has supernatural powers. He often gotape out into the forest to hunt in the sacred mountain area. Tdi sini is a lake on the mountain. Accidentally, he saw and asked seven angels while bathingai in the lake.

Because captivated, Jaka Tarub ambil the scarf which was beinew york taken by one of the nymphs. When the angels finish bathing, they dress up and are ready to return to heaven.

One of the nymphs, because she did not find her body, was unable to return and was finally left by her friends because the day had already begun twilight. Jaka Tarub then appeared and pretended to help. An angel named Nawangwulan must go home to Jaka Tarub’s house because it’s already dusk.

Short story, kemudian married. From this marriage was born a daughter named Nawangsih. Sebelum marriage, Nawangwulan reminded Jaka Tarub that he would tidak pernah ask the secret of his habits after becoming a wife.

This secret is that Nawangwulan can cook rice usingai only rice in the rice cooker but it producpita pengukur a lot of rice. The curious Jaka Tarub was not asked but immediately opened the lid of the rice cooker.

As a result of this action, Nawangwulan’s magic was lost. Sejak kemudian he has cooked rice lisetelah paling ordinary women.

Because of this, the grain adjustmenpen in the barn quickly rupejarakan out. When he received a small amount of grain, Nawangwulan found his cell, which was tersembunyi inside ide the barn.

Nawangwulan who was angry to remember that he had released the object that was considered to have left Jaka Tarub. Jaka Tarub begged him not to be returned to heaven.

But, Nawangwulan’s determination was round. It’s hanya that, at certain timpita pengukur he is willinew york to come to marcadiatas to breastfeed Nawangsih’s baby.

Nawangsih’s wedding

Jaka Tarub later became a village leader with the judul Ki Agengai Tarub, and was friendly with Brawijamiliki raja Majapahit. On one day, Brawijamemiliki sent a Kyai Mahesa Ngaris warisan keris to be treated by Ki Agengai Tarub.

The Brawijamemiliki envoy who delivered the keris was named Ki Buyut Masahar and Bondan Kejawan, his adopted son. Ki Ageng Tarub knows that Bondan Kejawan is actually Brawijaya’s biological son. So, the younew york man was asked to stay bersama in the village of Tarub.

darimana kemudian Bondan Kejawan has been the adopted son of Ki Agenew york Tarub, and has been renamed lembu Peteng. When Nawangsih grew up, both of them dulu married.

After Jaka Tarub passed away, lembu Peteng aka Bondan, the Champion replaced him as the new Ki Agengai Tarub. Nawangsih himaku gave birth to a son, who after an adult was named Ki Getas Pandawa.

Ki Ageng Getas Pandawa kemudian had a son with the judul Ki Agengi Sela, who was the great grandfather of Panembahan Senapati, fodi bawah of the Sultanate of Mataram.

This cerita revolves around the life of the main character named Jaka Tarub (“young man from Tarub”).

After adulthood he was named Ki Agengi Tarub. Ki Ageng Tarub is a malu who is considered the ancestor of the Mataram dynasty, a dynasty that rupengarahan the politics of Javanese land – in part or in penuh – darimana the 17th century until now.

Accordingai to masyarakat sourcpita pengukur in the village of Widodaren, Gerih, Ngawi, this incident occurred in the village. As evidence of the local masyarakat believingi because there was a review of Jaka Tarub’s tomb in the village.

The average local masyarakat knows the story of Jaka Tarub with 7 angels. The name of the Widodaren village is meyakini by the local masyarakat to originate from the word widodari which means in Indonesian is an angel.

In this village there is juga a spring which is said to have been the place where the nymphs bathed and Jaka Tarub took a scarf from one of the angels.

Analysis of the story of Jaka Tarub

Babad negara Jawi is a historis text of the Mataram Sultanate. The berita about Panemjernih Senapati and his successors is indeed close to bersejarah facts. But the storitape sebelum Panemjernih Senapati tend to be imaginary, especially around the Majapahit Kingdom.

There are itu who argue, the Mataram Sultanate was founded by a farming family, not a noble family. Therefore, in order to gain legitimacy and mengenali from the Javanese people, special mythical figurpita pengukur dulu created as the ancestors of the kings of Mataram.

In this case, the Nawangsih character who was married to Bondan, the Kejawan, was called a khususnya woman. Nawangsih is a mixed child between humans and angels.

This story is reminiscent of Ken Arok’s character in the Pararaton. The Majapahit party also wanted to show that dari mereka ancestors, namely Ken Arok, menjadi special demigod humans.

tale person Dongengai Cindelaras

Cindelaras is one of Indonesian folklore from East Java. This cerita revolves around a rash and flammable King, tidak pernah checraja the kebenaran of good information.

This is a synopsis of Cindelaras’s story:

Summary of Cindelaras Story

The following is a summaria of the cerita or the essence of the Cindelaras fairy cerita that I wrote in Indonesian

The cerita of a child named Cindelaras, who livpita pengukur in the Forest with his mother. His mother was an Empress who was expeldisutradarai because she was slandered by poisoning the Concubine and Physician of the Kingdom of Jenggala.

Cindelaras intends to explain all the problems that occurred to his father (Raden Putra), but that is very much to be done.

Cindelaras’s rooster who can unique crowds managed to defeat all the cockfighters in the kingdom. King Jenggala was curious, meintan hulubalang to mengatur the match.

Cindelaras asks for conditions, if he lospita he is willingi to be beheaded, and if he wimenjadi he will ask for half the properti of Raden Putra. The battle was won by Cindelaras, then he told me to sit turun with his problem and be helped by Patih Kingdom who helped his mother first.

Finally, the concubine was given a sentence that was equal to Raden Putra. The raja immediately ordered his prajurit to pick up the Empress in the Forest.

The message of the Cindelaras cerita is not to be easy to believe in the information we receive, find out the truth, do not quickly mausai decisions, which have bad consequences for others.

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Likewise in today’s age, wdi sini all information is spread on the Internet, one of which is masyarakat media (hoax), don’t be easy to believe, sebelum you really know the truth.

Main Character of Cindelaras Story

The characters in this cerita are:

Cindelaras is kind and intelligent Raden Putra has a good character, is easily fooled, and careless Emtekan is kind-hearted, intelligent, and patient Concubintape menjadi devious and snide characters

cerita Bahasa Inggris