Check Imei Mobile BM, for owners of Semartphone through BM Line certainly feel concerned with the decree of the Minister of Industry. Because all BM (hitam market) smartphones will be blocked by the government and certainly cannot be used.

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Customers or owners of smartphones can now check if milik mereka mobile is BM or official. The International Mobile Equipobat-obatan Identification mageri (IMEI) provided by the Ministry of industri (Kemenperin) is now accessible to the public, through

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those sebelum the Ministry of industri had previously stated that the IMEI mageri check was dibawah repair.


Ciblis the IMEI Ministry of Industry

The IMEI ciblis Platmembentuk used by the Governmenpen is the developmenpen of DIRBS (Dekeburukan Recognition, Registration and Blocking System), an open source platform provided by Qualcomm.

Well, if you have a Xiaomi phone to check the IMEI can be physically. Tdi sini are two places the IMEI number, behind the casingai or near the smartphone battery.

Check IMEI Mobile Xiaomi

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For Xiaomi Bida Mobile users followinew york the way below, the IMEI of Xiomi mobile phone can be seen on your smartphone.

Here’s how:

Enter the Settings menutekan about phoneSelect and tekan the statusnya menutekan IMEI information, you will find IMEI HP Xiomi. Rewrite no IMEI because it can not copy.After that, you can ciblis the HP Aslian maafkan saya is resmi from Xiaomi.You can also by pressingai 8 # 06 #And cgudang di bawah tanah the IMEI mobile on the site

what is the risk if our mobile BM

On the website of the Ministry of industri explained 3 important things for smartphone users in Indonesia.

Tdi sini is a possibility that the owner of HP BM Batentu saja can not be digunakan anymore, carried this 3 provisions of the Indonesian Government, Yan I quote directly from the website

Is HP hitam market (BM) purchased sebelum 17 August 2019 will be immediately blocked?

Not directly blocked, but the provisiomenjadi of the life will be determined later in accordance with the prevailinew york laws and regulations.

maafkan saya if buyinew york HP from alebar after August 17, 2019? Can later be used in Indonesia?

Still can be used, duringai the importation followinew york the provisiopagi of the prevailingai legislation.

maafkan saya is the role of the Ministry of industri in this regulation?

The Ministry of industri collects IMEI data obtained from the registration process of mobile phones, handheld computers, and tablet computers, as stipulated in regulation of the Minister of industri RI No. 108/M-IND/PER/11/2012.


Ciblis your Smartphone Now maafkan saya is the one from the resmi distributor that pays taxpita to the government. By typingi the IMEI code that is on your mobile phone to the website that has the link above this article.

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If your phone BM aka warna hitam pasar will paling likely be blocked by the government.