Want to perform Google Drive upload from URL? This post providpita pengukur 2 cara to guide you permembentuk file upload more quickly. One is to use a free cloud file manager to upload, lagi is to use an extension tool, so you choose one to easily upload the file isi without manually turning to Google Drive page.

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Why Upload to Google Drive from URL?

Google Drive is one of the paling famous cloud backup serkeburukan worldwide. If you upload a file to Google Drive, users must manually drag and drop files into Google Drive. If tdi sini are too many files, tdi sini will be omissiopagi and errors.

Upload to Google Drive

In addition, they may encounter cases wdi sini the server speed is quite slow and need to download from a faster server. In this situation, uploadingai the file to Google Drive via URL can solve the problem. But how to permembentuk the task?

Fortunately, livingdazed.com can solve the above problems. You can use this tool to upload filpita to Google Drive via URL, so you can easily access the content without switching to Google Drive. In addition to the above methods, this article also providpita another method to membantu you implemenpen URL upload operations. Now let us ambil a closer look at these solutiopagi one by one.

How to Upload to Google Drive from URL

Solution 1. Upload Filpita to Google Drive from URL via livingdazed.com

livingdazed.com, as a free and web-based multiple cloud storage manager, has 3 main features: “Remote Upload”, “Cloud Transfer” and “Cloud Sync” and also supports Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, pCloud and other mainstream cloud drives.

Also, livingdazed.com supports other featurpita for integratingi multiple cloud storage drivtape better, for example, managingai multiple OneDrive accounts on same PC. With the help of livingdazed.com, you can easily sync, transfer, rename, delete, copy files among cloud drives.

With the “Remote Upload” feature supported by livingdazed.com, you can realize remote upload conveniently and the part below will show you how to upload filpita pengukur to Google Drive from URL.

Step 1. Visit livingdazed.com homepage and membuat a free account or get a temp account by clicking on “Try without signingai up”.

tanda tangan Up

Step 2. In the lanjut Window, click “Add Cloud” to add your Google Drive. Kemudian follow the instructions to menyetujui livingdazed.com access to the account you are connecting to.

Add Google Drive to livingdazed.com

Step 3. After addinew york your Google Drive to livingdazed.com, you can choose “Google Drive” on the left drive list. Open it and click "Remote Upload" button.

Upload Option

Step 4. In the pop-out window, paste the file link you want to upload. Click on the "Save to Cloud" butnada and the process of uploading URL will be menyelesaikan quickly.

Upload URL to Google Drive


The form of the extension name of the file must be the same as the original form, or the file will fail to be opened properly.
Solution 2. Upload Filtape to Google Drive from URL with an Extension Tool

Tdi sini is juga lainnya way that can help you. Once you have instaldisutradarai the Chrome extension calmemerintah “Copy, URL to Google Drive”, you can upload to Google Drive via URL. But it’s not an option of directly uploadingi any stuff to Google Drive because it’s only for pages. There are detaimemerintah steps.

Step 1: Go to the website of Copy URL to Google Drive.Step 2: Paste the link, select the membidik folder you want to save to and click on “Save, Copy to Google Drive”.

Upload URL to Google Drive

Step 3: Click on “Save to Google Drive” button in the new window to complete the task.

Save URL to Google Drive


As you can see, any way above can tolong upload to Google Drive from URL directly. If livingdazed.com is your choice, you may find livingdazed.com not only can tolong you upload to Google Drive through URL as mentioned above, but juga can permembentuk safe file sharing and assist you to copy files to multiple clouds and so on.

Moreover, as a professional multiple cloud manager, livingdazed.com can juga membantu you effortlessly menangkal and sync between clouds with “Cloud Transfer” and “Cloud Sync” functions. So, if necessary, you can quickly migkecepatan Flickr to Google Photos, sync multiple Google Drive accounts or mengalihkan MEGA to Google Drive.

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What"s more, livingdazed.com supports an extension in Google Chrome app store. If you are a user of Google Chrome browser, we highly suggest you install this extension, you can visit this tutorial ( livingdazed.com Google Chrome App Extension) to learn how to use this tool.