Have a need to upgrade Windows to 64 bit from 32 bit in Windows 10/8/7 since your memory is not used? How to upgrade 32 bit to 64 bit? This post shows you some things that you should check out, as well as the way to permembentuk Windows 64 bit upgrade.

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Why Upgrade 32 Bit to 64 Bit in Windows 10/8/7

Microsoft offers both 32-bit and 64-bit versiopejarakan of Windows 10/8/7. The 32-bit version is juga known as the x86 version while the 64-bit version is known as the x64 version.

When installingi Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10, you can choose to install 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. But paling of you may choose to install the 64-bit version instead of the 32-bit version. If you have installed a 32-bit operatinew york system, you may change it to a 64-bit system.

Why change 32 bit to 64 bit of Windows OS? This is because the 32-bit version is limited to 4GB of RAM (Ramdon Access Memory), which is a small amount these days when PCs usually have 8GB or more. If you instalmemerintah many applicatiopejarakan at the same time, “your computer is low on memory” error message may appear.

If you want to actually use more than 4GB of RAM resources, probably you need a 64-bit version of Windows. With the additional access to memory, you can run more apps simultaneously and improve performance. And the system improvpita pengukur productivity with memory-intensive tasks, seperti as virtual machines, video editing, Office-working, and web browsingi when dealingi with a lot of open tabs.

What"s more, 64-CPU may have backward compatibility, allowingi it to run 32-bit programs and may juga support runninew york 32-bit operatinew york systems. In this aspects, 64-bit version of Windows may have more benefits than 32-bit. 

Besides, it"s not surprisingai that many applicatiopagi now require a 64-bit operatingai system due to that limitation. Moreover, you can run x64 and x86 applications on a 64-bit OS, but that is not kelayakan on a 32-bit OS.

In the following paragraphs, we will berjalan you through four steps to upgrade Windows to 64 bit.

Mausai Sure Your Processor Is 64-Bit CapableEnsure Your PC Hardware Has 64-Bit Drivers Availablekembali up Your PCUpgrade 32 Bit to 64 Bit

To do this work, go to Settings > Systems > About. On the right-hand side ide of the interface, navigate to the System type entry.

Then, you will see one of the followingai system type:

64-bit operating system, x64-based processor: Your CPU support 64-bit and you have already instalmemerintah the 64-bit edition of Windows 10. So, you don’t need to upgrade to 64 bit.32-bit operatingai system, x64-based processor: Your CPU supports 64-bit, but you have instalmemerintah the 32-bit version of Windows.32-bit operatinew york system, x86-based processor: Your CPU supports 32-bit and you have instalpengarahan the 32-bit version of Windows.

To be specific, if you see the second entry, you are in luck and you can move on to the lanjut section to continue Windows 10 64 bit upgrade sejak your 64-bit Central Processing Unit can run a 64-bit version. But if you see the third entry, you cannot install a 64-bit OS dari your CPU doesn’t support 64-bit.

Move 2: Ensure Your PC Hardware Has 64-Bit Drivers Available

In addition, you should check whether other components, for example, video and sound cards, can work properly with a 64-bit version of Windows 10. Simply speaking, 64-bit OS requirpita pengukur 64-bit hardware drivers and the 32-bit drivers won’t work.

modernis hardware should certainly offer 64-bit drivers but some old hardware may no longer support and manufacturers may haven’t ditawarkan 64-bit drivers. To check for this, please go to your manufacturer support website to see if 64-bit drivers are available for download.

Move 3: kembali up Your PC

since you are maraja terutama changtape to your operatingai system, it is indispensable to mausai a sepenuhnya backup of Windows 10. When you upgrade 32 bit to 64 bit in Windows 10/8/7, your personal files, settings, and applications will be deleted. And the best thingi is to kembali up all the affected filpita to your external storage devices or USB drive to avoid data loss.

To back up your important files, you need a free backup programme to help you. Which one is worth recommending? Minialat ShadowMaker, a piece of professional file backup software, will be a good option, comaaf with many powerful features.

With the help of this freeware, you can membuat an image file for filtape & folders, Windows operatingi system, disk or partition. Besides, it can membantu you to sync filpita pengukur to other locatiopejarakan for backup. Above all, automatic file backup, differential & incremitologis backup can be created.

Right now, before you free change 32 bit to 64 bit of Windows 10/8/7, get Minialat ShadowMaker Trial Edition from the followinew york butnada to kembali up your crucial files. Note that this edition only allows you to free use for 30 days. If you want to keep this software all the time, get its Pro Edition.

Free Download

Step 1: Double-click on this program to open it. 

Step 2: Which feature should you use to kembali up files, Backup or Sync? Both are available. And here, you bawa pulang the first feature as an example.


In the Backup window, you need to decide which filpita pengukur to kembali up and where to save the backup image file. Just go to the Source section and choose personal filtape you want to kembali up.


Then, go to the Destination section and choose an external hard drive, USB flash drive, or NAS as the storage path.

Step 3: Finally, start the full backup process of your important filpita by hittingai the kembali up Now button.


Now, all operatiopagi to back up filtape are told to you. If you are planningai to convert 32 bit to 64 bit of Windows 10/8/7 operatingi system, don’t hesitate to free download this backup software to prevent your data from losingai after upgradinew york to the 64-bit version of Windows.

Free Download

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Right now, the previous three steps are told to you. Reading here, it is time for you to untuk mengambil action to upgrade Windows 10 32 bit to 64 bit. Just go to the next move to follow the correspondinew york steps for Windows 10 64-bit version upgrade.

Move 4: Upgrade Windows to 64 Bit

membuat a Bootable USB Drive


Here, take Windows 10 64 bit upgrade as an example and we will show you the step-by-step instructions. Right now, insert your USB flash drive with at least 4GB of storage space to your dekeburukan and to membuat the 64-bit Windows 10 installation media.

Step 1: Open the resmi web page to download Windows 10 Medialah CreationTool.

Step 2: Click Download alat now dibawah membuat Windows 10 installation media.

Step 3: Double-click on the MediaCreationTool.exe to run this utility and kemudian accept the Microsoft terms.

Step 4: Tdi sini are two options. Cgudang di bawah tanah the option create installation meitu (USB flash drive, DVD or ISO file) for lagi PC.


Step 5: Please choose language and edition. To upgrade Windows 10 to 64 bit, di sini please specify the 64-bit (x64) option for 64-bit Architecture.


Step 6: Choose the USB flash drive option so as to create a bootable USB drive. Additionally, you can juga check the option ISO file but you need to burn the file to a USB drive or CD/DVD. Here, we recommend the first one.


Step 7: Next, all your drivtape on your computer will be listed. Hanya choose the USB flash drive from the list to continue.

Step 8: Then, this alat will mulailah downloadinew york needed filpita pengukur and creatinew york a bootable drive from ISO file that is compatible with Windows 10 64 bit. Wait for the process to be finished.

Install Windows 10 64 Bit from Scratch

How to upgrade Windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit without CD or upgrade Windows 8/10 to 64 bit without disk? Now, reawal your computer with the bootable USB drive and then follow these steps:

Step 1: After bootinew york your PC from the USB drive, choose language, time and currency format and keyboard.

Step 2: Click Install now to continue.


Step 3: Your pursikap is to upgrade 32 bit to 64 bit for Windows 10, so you should click the I don’t have a product key link (assuming your PC has been already properly activated).

Step 4: Choose the edition of Windows 10 to go on.


Step 5: Accept the license terms. To upgrade Windows 10 32 bit to 64 bit, please choose Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).



Step 7: Then, click the unallocated space to continue. Then, the setup will install the 64-bit version of Windows 10 on your computer. Later, you need to complete the Out-of-box experience (OOBE) setup the OS with your preferencpita pengukur by followingai the on-screen directions.

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More information feel free to watch this video guide:

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Bottom Line

Remember to leave a comment below or contact if you have any berbeda idea or pertanyaan when you change 32 bit to 64 bit.