File hicerita is one alat built in to Windows 8 that allows you to bagian belakang up important files and folders





Windows 8 wasn"t the greatest success for Microsoft, but the much anticipated update, Windows 8.1, is now available either electronically or through traditional physical discs in retail outlets. Here"s a look at how to get your Windows 8 system ready and the process of upgrading to Windows 8.1 through the electronic update now available in the Windows Store.

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Prepare your Windows 8 system

sebelum jumpinew york in to the upgrade there"s a few things you"ll need to do before installing. First, masetelah sure you have all of the latest updatpita for your system via Windows Update. Even if you have your system set up to receive automatic updates, it"s best to run it manually to ensure you have all of the latest ones.

The second thing I strongly recommend is to membuat a kembali up of all important documents, pictures, videos, etc. You don"t necessarily need to membuat a system image, though it wouldn"t hurt, but masetelah sure everythingi important is backed up on an external drive, network location, or DVDs. If you have File Hicerita set up, just run it sebelum proceedinew york with the update. If you have a serragum liusai Crashplan that"s constantly running in the background, you should be good to go.

File history is one tool built in to Windows 8 that allows you to kembali up important filtape and folders
Download and Install Windows 8.1

Now it"s time to update and get your new version of Windows. Hit the Windows Key to get to the mulailah screen and select the Store tile.

lanjut click on the Update to Windows 8.1 for free (you can"t miss it, it"s the first thing you"ll see in the store). The next screen will give you a brief pformulir penilaian of what new features Windows 8.1 provides. Click Install.

Now just wait kapan the update is downloaded and installed. This is a terutama update at around 3.5 GB for the 8.1 Pro edition, so the amount of time it taktape to download will vary dependinew york on your connection speed and how busy Microsoft servers are. However, you can continue to use your system kapan this download it taraja place.

If you have the option of a wired Ethernet connection rather than Wi-Fi, I"d recommend usinew york it to provide ide a much more reliable connection for faster download speeds and to reduce the risk of gettinew york disconnected duringai the install. Tambahan ensure you"re connected to maipejarakan power to avoid potential power problems.

When it"s done, you"ll receive a message that your computer needs to be restarted. Finish up any work you"re doinew york and save it because from this point until it"s done, you can"t user you computer. It will remulailah several timpita pengukur kapan the 8.1 update is beingai installed.

Tdi sini will be a few more screepejarakan displayed letting you know apa Windows is doing, lisetelah the one below, which is gettinew york modernis apps ready that menjadi already installed.

Success! You"re all done. You have the latest version of Windows on your system and you mulailah digginew york into the cool new featurpita it has to offer.

Wrappingi Up

After installingi the 8.1 update, I recommend runninew york Windows Update right away. There"s already updattape for the final version, one of which is the General Availability Rollup.

If you are runningi the 8.1 Ptinjauan version, when you update, you"ll need to reinstall all of your modern apps and desktop programs. One nicety of the upgrade is your modern app tiltape will disbermain on the mulai screen. Kemudian all you need to do is click the tile to download them.

Finally, after you have Windows 8.1 set up and ready to use, check out our article: Coming to grips with Windows 8.1: tips and Tricks which will help introduce some of the new featurpita of the OS.

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what a huge disappointment. I stopped the video when he first says somethinew york about hanya "swiping upwards". I pikiran the whole Windows 8.1 upgrade was to get RID of the stupid requiremenpen to wipe somethingai across your display. I hanya spent $2500 on two new Lenovo laptops, and guess what, they are laptops. Not some teenagers telephone.Apparently, Microsoft has abandoned those who would membuat contend, in favor of squeezing a few bucks out of itu who only consume it.This is worthless to me. Sorry I waited all these months for it.Hello Apple. Meet your newest convert.
I really wish I could downgrade on my laptop from Windows 8 to XP. I agree with Gringo...I will probably go with Apple lanjut time I need a new laptop.
dari you CAN get rid of the swipe, where is the complaint?? You do have to change the settinew york yourself, tdi sini are many articlpita pengukur out there that tell you how. If the upward swipe upsets you that much, kemudian going to Apple would not fix things for you. For that matter, if the upward swipe is your biggest complaint, kemudian you have no problems as it has to be the paling trivial issue of Win8.
You obviously have not seen the classic mulai butnada download you can get from which will masetelah your desktop hanya liusai windows 7. It is great for all the orang too lady to learn a new OS and just give up. Either way, tdi sini is far more security in Windows 8.1 kemudian other versions, so feel free to talk bad about somethinew york you aren"t even trying to learn.
If you have a touch screen, Win 8.1 makes sense, but i still don"t get the 2 environmnet concept???? why not have one environobat-obatan with touch friendly icons? It has to be the paling bizzare release of an OS ever. Stability wise though, it"s batu solid and it boots so fast.
Excellent another great update to improve what is fast becomaaf my favourite OS. My iPad sits in the corner unloved. For all itu who are too lazy to learn how to use Win 8, please go to Apple and stop whingeing, you will find everythingai there that you need, but nothingi that you want. For the turki who complained about havingi to swipe....why don"t you learn to use the right mouse key FFS!! Makpita me think you are nothingai but paid Apple employees tryingi to drum up some business. The kebenaran that this OS provides the best of both worlds for consumers and creators shows that they are actually ahead of the curve. The Surface Pro is a beast and kicks some serious A$$.
Havingi teethed on an IBM 604, with memukul cards and a hand wired papan , kembali in 1956. Then IBM compatible desktops running Win 3.1, working my way up thru Win 95, Win 98, to Win XP-Pro, and now Win 7, I can"t see what all the fuss is about. All of these opsys had milik mereka problems, every body complained when they had to upgrade. They all argued Windows versu Apple, and so on. I found Windows 7 really nice, and would love to see Windows 8. Apa is so damn hard about upgrading from one version to another. Try setingi up a complete system in a hospital. Installingai all the cable for the entire building, settinew york up each terminal, installingai the software and kemudian havingi to maintain the system. I did this mostly by myself, but learned a lot. I still use Win XP-Pro on my 3 main workstatiopejarakan (SOHO), plus one runningai Ubuntu for some work. Come on you people, if it"s too hard for you, you need to have a 10 tahun old show you how. My grandson, learned to use both Mac and Windows by the age of 10. I"m looraja maju to Windows 9.
Gringo - So you are goingai to spend 4 timtape the amount of money on Macbook"s that you spent on your lenovo"s because tdi sini are swipe options?You can enable the feature to boot directly to the Desktop and you don"t need to swipe anything. Windows on the desktop still have the Red X, and you never need to go into the Metro Interface. Beinew york a hardcore Desktop Windows user for so many years I agree about some of the featurpita pengukur but 8.1 allows for us to get our desktop back and never really need to interact with the teenager phone screen UI.. I am looraja depan to installingi the 8.1 Update.
just do maafkan saya i did . Install awal 8 from stardock and 8gadget pack to install your gadgets . I set up my windows 8 to be liusai windows 7 . I know microsoft sucks alot at the moment for not listeningi to tdi sini consumers but you can have the best of both worlds with windows 8 . You hanya need to do some remencari on how to mananti it liusai windows 7 . I hate windows 8 as it is but modified to windows 7 i love it .
This is a funny article. It explains how to upgrade to Windows 8.1....but anytubuh who"s read anything online this week kenal that if you upgrade to 8.1, you stand a chance to brick your precious Windows tablet!Thanks, but no thanks....

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