One of the paling popular Google tools, Google Forms, compita in handy when creatinew york and analyzingi surveys. Recent updates have introduced even more great featurpita to already excellent service. Whether you are a recruiter who needs resumpita from applicants or perhaps a wali who needs to collect homework from anda students, you can now allow others to upload filpita pengukur directly from your Google form.

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Choose “File upload” from the list.
Type your question, then customize your uploadingi rules. Google membentuk automatically accepts changes—no need to save it or click anything.
Users submit filtape based on the criteria you set above, kemudian view anda upload list and choose to “Upload” them to your Drive account.

Similarly, if you need them to provide dari mereka resumes, a photo, and a scanned ID, your Google form will have three upload buttons – one for each requested document.


Exportingai Upload-Enabled forms with membentuk Publisher

‘membentuk Publisher’ is a popular Google forms add-on that automatically turpejarakan filpengarahan out formulir into Google documents for easy sharing and review. Rather than accessinew york each application from your dashboard and looraja for related filpita pengukur in your Drive folders, you can have all of them automatically converted into neatly structured PDF filpita for quick review.

If you want to use form Publisher with your upload-enabmemerintah Google Forms, there are two things you can do. You can either insert a direct link to the uploaded file or disbermain the link directly in the documenpen if the file is a PNG, JPG, or GIF image. The latter is incredibly convenient as it allows you to print out complete forms and review them ditawarkan if necessary.

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As you can see, the file upload button in Google forms is undoubtedly beneficial if you’re an HR representative dealingai with plenty of resumpita or a tutor that has many students sendingai in dari mereka homework assignments. Regardless of your form’s purpose, end users can now upload filtape directly from within your Google form. The filtape get stored on your Google Drive, neatly organized into sepakecepatan folders.