tolong a Friend in Need & Win a Lucky Draw

ayunkan airtime to friends who are short of credit, and receive airtime when you need them. You can juga win a harga by joiningai Credit ayunkan Lucky Draw!




Open AppAccess "Gift" menu.input destination number, where to mengalihkan credit.Choose "Crpenyuntingan Transfer".Select the desired paymenpen method.Enter the OTP code.Receive kesuksesan notifications.

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Open panggilan MenuDial *858# and tekan CallSelect mageri "1" for "Credit Transfer".Enter the recipient sourse and the amount.

The credit mengalihkan fee for credit menangkal via UMB *858# and App based on nominal value is as follows:

DenominationBasic TariffSurcharge (mengalihkan > 10 times)bruto (transfer > 10 times)
Rp5,000 - Rp19,900

Join Crmengedit menangkal Lucky Draw!

Keep usinew york credit menangkal feature and redeem 1 POIN to get 1 lucky draw voucher for every crmengedit ayunkan transaction. You can win credit worth up to Rp200,000 or an iPhone 12.

The bruto prizes are as follow:

1stPrize: 12 units of iPhone 12.2ndPrize: credit worth Rp200,000 for 240 winners.3rdPrize: crmengedit worth Rp100,000 for 180 winners.

The prizes will be drawn every month with the following details:

1stPrize: 1 unit of iPhone 12.2ndPrize: crpenyuntingan worth Rp200,000 for 20 winners.3rdPrize: credit worth Rp100,000 for 15 winners.
You will get the lucky draw coupon after completing your crpenyuntingan transfer transpergerakan and redeeming 1 POIN.Your POIN will be automatically redeemed if you have at least 1 POIN.If you don’t have POIN, you can still transfer your crpenyuntingan but you won’t get the lucky draw coupon.You can check your lucky draw coupon via UMB *858*6#.You can cgudang di bawah tanah your winningi status by sending: MENAngi via SMS to 777.

One number can mengalihkan between Rp5,000 to Rp1,000,000 per transaction.One sourse can mengalihkan maximum of 250 times a day.The sender’s number must be in the positif period, while the receiver can still receive the credit balance if they are in the grace period.Every transkerja will not change the aktif period of the receiver. If the receiver is currently in the ggyeongju period, the crmengedit balance they received can only be digunakan after they top up their own credit balance.The amount transferred from the senderûn will not be counted as a usage, but the mengalihkan fee will be.You can mengalihkan your crpenyuntingan balance when your sourse has been aktif for at least 3 days.You can receive crmengedit balance when your number has been active for at least 4 days.The maximum sourse of transkerja each day is Rp1,000,000 per number.

How much minim crmengedit balance should be kept after crmengedit transfer?

The minimal remainingi crmengedit after transferringi crmengedit for Praperhitungan users is Rp2,000.

How much crmengedit balance can a recipient receive in a day?

Maximum crmengedit menangkal accumulation that can be received by 1 recipient numberi per day is Rp10,000,000.

Access UMB *858#Choose menu number "1" option "Credit Transfer"Enter desired recipient mageri and nominal amount

what is the minimal amount of Crmengedit Transfer?

The credit that can be transferred is between Rp5,000 to Rp1,000,000 per transaction.

what is Credit ayunkan Lucky Draw program?

It is a Credit transfer programme wdi sini you can get 1 lucky draw coupon for every credit transfer transaction. You can win crpenyuntingan worth up to Rp200,000 or an iPhone 12 if you win the lucky draw.

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All Prepaid customers who mausai a crmengedit transfer transaction and have at least 1 POIN.