Do you own an Android or iPhone smartphone? If so, you can download BBM and connect with friends and family around the world for free! To membantu you get started, di sini are a few things you’ll want to know.

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Step 1 – Masetelah sure BBM supports your device

In addition to smartphones, BBM™ is currently available on iPhone and Android devices.

For iPhone, BBM supports iOS v6 and iOS v7 or later.

For Android, BBM supports smartphonpita running Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and later and with a screen size of 7” or less.

Step 2 – How to download BBM on Android or iPhone

Visit from your iPhone or Android smartphone browser. This will untuk mengambil you to the resmi BBM app in the App Store or Google Play.

This is the best way to ensure you get the real BBM for Android or iPhone

Step 3 – gejala into BBM using a ID

In order to use BBM, you’ll need a BBID ( ID). Simply put, a BBID is an account that servtape as your login to BBM on Android and iPhone.. What’s really convenient is that your BBM contact list and other BBM details are linked to your BBID. With your contact list linked to your BBID, you no longer have to manually backup and restore your BBM contact list when you switch devices.

If you don’t have a BBID, you’ll be able to membuat one after installingai BBM on your device, or you can create one online by browsingai to After creatingi your BBID, all that’s left to do is tanda tangan in to BBM and you’ll be able to mulai chattinew york with friends and family.

In the event you already have a BBID but forget the password, visit the ID website for tolong with resetting your password.

Finally, for itu that used BBM on a smartphone in the past, you may be able to restore your contacts provided your BBID was associated with a smartphone runningi BBM 7.0 or later. If this applipita to you, when you log in to BBM usingi that BBID, you will be prompted to restore your contacts.

Step 4 – BBM tips!

At this point, BBM should be instalmemerintah on your Android or iPhone, and you’ve successfully signed in usingai a ID. To help you get the paling out of BBM, here are a few things you’ll want to know!

maafkan saya is a BBM pinning and how can I find mine?

A pinning is a unique identifier tangan kedua in BBM that is automatically generated when you log in to BBM for the first time. If you want to invite someone to be a BBM contact, give them your PIN, or ask for theirs. It’s a neat way to connect with orang without havingi to give them personal information like your email address or phone number. You can juga add a new contact on BBM by showingai them your pinning Barcode (this looks linanti a QR code), rather than havingi to type out the pin number. After your friend scapagi your pinning Barcode, you’ll be added to each other’s contact lists. Again, no personal information is exchanged, hanya your unique PINs.

To find your BBM PIN, tap your BBM picture or name followed by Show Barcode alongi the bottom toolbar.

How do I change my BBM name, statusnya or picture?

After signingai in to BBM, tap your picture or name alonew york the top banner and do any of the following:

To change your BBM disbermain name, tap your current dispermainan name. In the ‘What’s on your mind?’ field, type a status. To show an icon beside your name, or to show a custom status that you saved, tap Status and select a desired statusnya

How can I invite my friends to join BBM?

You can add contacts to BBM by scanningai a BBM barcode, typingi a BBM PIN, or by selecting a contact on your dekejahatan and sendingai them an invite via email or text.

Follow the directiopagi on the screen

For a visual overview, ciblis out how this short video on how to add a contact by PIN. For more BBM videos, cgudang di bawah tanah out the BBM on Android and iPhone playlist.

< YouTube link for mobile viewing >

maafkan saya do the various icons mean?

Duringai a chat, the

 lanjut to a message indicates that your message has been sent. After the message is delivered to your contact’s phone the cgudang di bawah tanah mark changpita pengukur to
. For example, if you message someone and dari mereka dekeburukan isn’t turned on, your messages will show a ciblis mark until your contact turpejarakan on dari mereka dekeburukan again. When your contact reads the message,
 appears lanjut to the message.

Some additional status icons include:

How do I back up my BBM contacts?

When you tanda tangan in to BBM on Android or iPhone usingi a ID, your contacts will be backed up automatically. If you log into a different device usinew york the same ID, you’ll be prompted to restore your contact list.

Can I use BBM on multiple devictape at the same time?

BBM supports one dekejahatan at a time, so avoid installinew york BBM onto other devictape and signingi in usingi the same BBID. If you would lisetelah to use BBM on multiple devices, consider creating an additional ID with a sepaperbandingan email address.

Step 5 – Spread the word and get assistance

After gettinew york BBM set up on your device, mananti sure you ciblis out the invite tools we’ve provided at, or simply share the link and encourage your friends to install BBM.

In the event you have a pertanyaan about BBM for Android or iPhone, pop by the Support community Forums or send a tt to

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You can tambahan visit our online support pages. Just select the sesuai link below based on which dekeburukan you are using.

Got a question, comobat-obatan or want to posting ulang a great BBM story? Post a commenpen and let us know!